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Sam Rede
« on: April 04, 2010, 04:11:26 PM »
Name: Samantha Rede
Sam or Sammy
Age (Appearance): 21 (Age 24 when sired.)
Age (Actual): 4 yrs 10 months (Neonate)
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire (Ventrue) 7th Generation
Sired By: Jake McCloud
Hair: Sam is highly hygienic. How she looks to other people is considered low maintenance, she tries to go for that all natural look. She really doesn't like make-up or dressing up in frilly dresses. She'd prefer pants and a tank top. Her hair hangs to the middle of her back. She keeps it up in a long simple ponytail or in a high bun. It has a thick frustrating wave to it, you will rarely see Sam in an elaborate style.
Eyes: Her crescent shaped eye’s were once a blue-grey. Now they have faded in color since her embrace. Best described as a luminous silver with specks of dark gray that pick up other colors; depending on the light. Framed within black elongated eyelashes. Eyebrows that are neatly kept, since her embrace they have remained permanently maintained.
Lips: Her lips even after her death still remain a light, soft rosy red which still become blood red when she is embarrassed. They are soft, smooth; naturally having an exceptionally full appearance.
She often takes out her dissatisfaction by chewing on her bottom lip when she is upset or extremely frustrated. When she is thinking hard or observing she curls her hand above her upper lip. She strokes the bottom corner of her lip with her index finger while her thumb rests on her cheek.
Frame: 5 feet and 3/4ths of an inch and 140lbs. She is smaller than the average woman when it comes to height. However on the bright side her short height gives an her incredible center of balance. Great for wrestling with all kinds of foes.

Sam has a stockier build with broad shoulders. She doesn't have that feminine looking body like most woman. She has more bone and muscle mass than her woman counter parts. She thinks of herself as the high end of "pretty" but she knows she couldn't run with the number ten bombshells in the looks department.

Her hips are on the wider side giving with a slight curve in her hip area. Her legs are short but unusually strong. Sam was born slightly pigeon toed but you can barely noticed it. Unless your are walking right behind her and looking at her feet. She has a plain old flat stomach and has large sized B breasts.
Usually Wearing: Any physical activity she can be seen wearing gym pants or shorts with a tank top. When she is playing sports she will be in her uniform and equipment if required.
When she’s in class or relaxing with friends she wears a typical cotton T-shirt or a long sleeved shirt. Either with or without a hoodie depending on the weather, but she will always be found in denim blue jeans and in her sneakers or boots.
When she’s out having fun she will wear a fancy top or on the rare occasion a dress. Dark denim jeans are a favorite and are always accompanied with a fancy belt buckle. Shoes if she is having fun they will be with a slight heel, if she is working they will be white running shoes.
Tattoo’s/Distinguishing Marks:
* Different sized scars on her hands when she got into fights in her early teen years and later in her adult life in the City. Some are still fresh while others have faded.
* Some scars on her face and back from when she had bad acne as a teenager.
* She has one scar on the right side of her body from when she had her appendix removed.

Sam has always been a tom boy, gravitating towards more masculine things in life. She has been known not to give up or give in and can be an outspoken individual. Especially when it comes to treating people with decency. She has an aggressive and rebellious nature. a hint of anger always permeates her aura. Impulsive; she does things now and thinks later, which she has gotten better at controlling. She is an individualist and accepts for people for whom they are and how they represent themselves; not by how they look on the outside. She is not friends with everyone but she will be civil when confronted; until her patience fizzles out then its gloves off. Her temper is very psychotic and nerve-racking; none have stood up to Sam’s anger. However that is due to age but she has made some process with control.
Underneath lies a girl with a creative mind. She has an ear for music, an eye for building and sketching with her hands. Books are her life; words are beautiful in their own way. She seeks the truth in all things and is relentless when wanting a question answered. She’s fears nothing and no one, stopping at nothing in expressing her opinions and thoughts not matter how blunt; her hands she has learned are her creative outlet. Her sense of humor is also a creative outlet for Sam; nothing is more beautiful to her than a laugh. Even if it’s at her own expense. Her likeness for video games came later in life from her nephew Bryant and she has carried on ever since.
Samantha has the makings of a Ventrue; she is still quite shy especially around new people. She adapts to the situation and stays in the background. Sam is often passed by unless she or someone else makes an effort to her presence. Sam has also known to scare people a time or two with her disappearance acts. Especially Jake, but something good does come from this skill.

Through this she has developed good listening talents and advice giving skills to help her in the future as a potential leader. She is always very polite even in situations where she is uncomfortable. Until her temper seeps through after trying to stay calm. She views trust and honesty is worth more than money; keeping secrets is her specialty. With her very open mind and her high understanding towards people, while most people see black and white. Sam can see the colors of the rainbow in whatever challenge arises.

She is a kind-hearted soul and quite patient with most individuals, often lending them a listening ear, some comfort in her arms and advice to boot. She is generous and will help you as long as you are helping yourself. She is slowly learning to take charge of a situation and control her temper; but this is a very slow work in process but once she does take charge her willpower will out match anyone that dares to challenge her authority.
Sam’s start in life was not an easy one, at a young age her parents were told she was born with a severe dopamine deficiency. As a result she was diagnosed with multiple mental disorders. The diagnosis always changing depending on her dopamine levels, which changed constantly. She was on medication for her lost for concentration, violent mood swings, persistent questioning and a psychotic temper. Sam's brain was also deficient in sending neurological signals. And also having a dopamine deficiency it created catastrophic results.

As a child she would scare her parents with her heart jumping disappearing acts. Regularly played on her parents which continued throughout her life. But through several set backs her parents could see a bright, sensitive and energetic girl. Only wanting the chance to understand the world, besides all her learning disabilities. She loved the outdoor life and experienced it from visits at her grandfathers farm. Her father was a handy man and she learned much from him just by sitting and watching him in his garage. She too learned an appreciation for her hands, without them things she imagined or couldn’t become real. She cherished books; sketching or making blue prints with her father. For her to make with her hands later. She enjoyed the occasional video game or T.V show and from this she developed a creative imagination.

Through her pre-teen years she was diagnosed with severe clinical depression which remained uncontrolled until the age of twenty-two. Sam was labelled as a trouble maker while being bullied excessively by the other children for being different. Her outbursts in class and her refusal to take math or science seriously only made it worse and she was punished by the teachers. In grade seven at the beginning of Jr. High she was already drinking, smoking and doing drugs; while losing her faith in God. Years of abuse started at the age of eleven as she hung out with the wrong crowd and ultimately in the end she became a weapon and a whore for violence and drugs. This would continue well into her Senior high years making her a dangerous and an unwanted outcast among her peers. On the path of destruction she would be befriended by a thin blooded vampire (Maria) would let her out of a locker after Sam stood up for Maria who was being bullied. From there Sam with the help of Maria cleaned up her act and formed lasting friendship from Maria's help.
She learned to channel her anger joining physical sports such as boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and basketball. Her creative influence came through music and playing the clarinet. She also sketched and built things in her own free time. Social was a time to research history on and off the learning plan such as researching supernatural’s and the paranormal.
She managed to get honors in Social, Gym and Music as well as in English. She also achieved decent grades in Math and Science which was very painful with her learning disorders in play. Now working at a karaoke bar saving up for her university of choice (The Watson University of Arts) and she flourished within her environment. She had a special on every night and became an influential creative whiz kid. She became assistant manager in less than ten months a remarkable feat.
A man; one night that she had refused to serve because he was grossly intoxicated and pulled her over the bar. It took several people to throw him out of the bar. Three hours later she would receive a call from the police to come to the station, her family mother, father and sister had been killed by a drunk driver. The man she refused to serve at her bar was the one who had crashed into the car they occupied. After identifying the bodies at the hospital morgue she became to hate them and refused to step foot inside again. The tragic death of her family obliterated Sam, they were gone and she blamed herself for their deaths.
She cried in her empty house, her sister (Shannon) a beautiful angel (supposedly) visited and touched her neck which started to tingle. She sent her love and in a blinding flash disappeared. Weeks later a letter would come for Sam, her acceptance letter into the university to which Maria was accepted as well; they were to start next year. Sam was ready to embrace what this city had to offer but she would be somewhat alone.
Recent History:
When Sam first arrived to the city she was in minor shock for months then she slowly adapted. She was still very shy and concentrated on her first years of classes and developed exceptional listening skills. With listening came her incomparable gift to give advice.
It wasn’t until her third year that she slowly started to come out of her shell; she started to explore the city just a little. The library became her first list of places she would find; this is often her studying spot. Into her fourth year the money her parents had put away in a trust fund for schooling was running out. Maria had completed her Bachelors degree in Art, Drama and Dance and had found that this was not her true calling. Maria left Sam to enroll in Medical school for herbalists just outside the city. Sam had to find a job now and she dropped off an resume at a local club in the city, she wasn't allowed in but the man was kind enough to take her resume.
Days later she would receive a phone call for an interview, impressed by her skills at the bar back in Canada. He decided to hire her after a careful answer from Sam; it would be here that she would come to call Risk home. She would come to know the people here first hand and on a first name basis. This would be the most influential time of her life, to learn that vampires walked among us humans. This would be her new world, a world she wanted to no longer want to belong too; but to be a part of it.
In dead of the night in Pisky Park she would go looking for her sister, instead she would find her own body beaten by an unknown vampire; left for dead. Jake had tried to heal her but instead she was embraced. Jake would take her home; give her clothes a strange bed for the night. Their relationship was strange but they both had come to accept it. This was their lives now, he a very young Sire and she his frustrating fledgling.
Few Years Later ....

Her life was changing, she returned to school leading a somewhat normal life. Her friend Maria would accept her into the fold. She told Sam she (Maria) was a Thin blooded Vampire. But the people she would meet next marveled her in many ways. Lisa-Joe Hampton would be the first real full blooded Vampire she would meet and they would soon connect on a common level. Sam was fearless and rebellious just like the Brujah, after a while they became good girlfriends over time.
Then she would meet her brother (Scott) a Toreador, at first she was polite and cautious of him. They would finally bond when Sam showed him her private sketches, thus learning of her vast creative mind. It would be the first time in years that she would feel like she had a sibling again after the lost of her own sister years ago.

Often she would run into her brothers lover (Conner) a Tremere,. Their relationship is standoffish as they could not fully see eye to eye at times. Especially when it came to seeing Bryant, Scott and Conner's child; ultimately her nephew.
For two years her relationship with Jake was very heated, she would often avoid developing a personal bond with Jake. She kept it as business for she wanted to succeed a being a Ventrue; their conversations about her clan nothing more. Slowly she came to accept Jake was her Sire now, she has put her unusual embrace behind her now. Now she wants to focus on getting to know Jake a little better. This has been a very awkward step for both Sam and Jake.

It was only on the third year did Sam and Jake truly started to get along. But then war erupted on the east coast the Sabbat running amok. Sam knew Jake had to leave along with Lisa-Joe and her brother Scott. For eighteen months Sam would be the only one left to defend their domain. Keeping the bar open respecting Jake's and Lisa-Joes wishes. It was later learned after the return from the war Conner and Bryant had left, together as a couple. Now a new but uncertain beginning was in store for them all. 
Awareness of Supernatural’s:
At a young age Sam had always believed that she was not alone in this universe. She was right when she was accepted into Risk now Venture and finally Embraced.
She knows of Vampires and Mimic Demons by smell and sight thanks to her past employment with the former club Risk which has now become Venture. Angels because her blood sister is an Angel (supposedly) no one is sure. One Dark Angel that is kept a secret for obvious reasons. She knows others exist but she hasn’t had a chance to meet many in the city. She has met a Raven shifter named Shae who is Saraekiel's ally.
When her family died her sister gave her a gift, unaware of what a power she currently holds. She still believes that the tingling she gets in her neck is from her sister watching over her but it something much more complicated.
Occupation/Job: Graduated with a Masters in music, literature and dance from the University. Currently employed as a teacher in Ben's Academy part time. She is one-third owner of the bar The White Rabbit. 

 Interesting Facts/ Quirks:
* Sam still has a knack for her little disappearing acts, often she has scared Jake more than once.

* Her serious tolerance to pain had come in her mortal and immortal life handy for her combat training, the harder the hits the harder she plays.

* Sam remembers anything paranormal or supernatural. Whether she reads it or the details that she see's. But only when it comes to the paranormal or supernatural.

* Since her turning she still doesn’t eat for days at a time from her mortal days. It worries Jake but she hasn’t succumbed to the beast yet from doing it.
Hobbies: Sam like to sketch, play musical instruments and like's being outdoors in her spare time. Since she has been let go from Venture is opened more of her time, now she has gotten into video games and building things with her hands again. She likes to read in her down time, usually for her job at the academy or some paranormal book. She continues to incorporate her own style of fighting with dance; a deadly combination at times. She also likes to sketch in her spare time, she has many drawing that she has shown her brother Scott.

* Music
* Sketching
* Keeping Secrets
* Trust, Honesty
* Dancing
* Movies and T.V shows (All Except Chick Flicks and Drama)
* Outdoors
* Reading Books
* Video Games
* Listening to people
* Giving good advice
* Using her Hands
* Dishonesty and Liars
* Chick Flick and Drama Movies
* Extremely Drunk People (Being tipsy is fine with Sam)
* Color Pink
* Bullshitters
* Wanna Be’s and Sluts[/COLOR]
* Hates Hospitals (Sam WILL freak out if you try to get her to go)
* Being told what to do
* Sexism
* People who take advantage of her generosity.
* The feeling of her own skin healing or mending.

Sam is very open minded person, she cares about who you are now rather than the past events of your life. She is book smart and can talk about paranormal subjects which she had read extensively. She is a trustworthy person and is always there to lend a ear; friend or stranger alike. She knows the difference between right and wrong and understands that the punishment should always fit the crime.

When Sam looks for the truth she doesn't care how much the truth could potentially hurt and she will use her strong willpower to pursue the truth at all costs. Her fearless nature will ensure that she won't give up on finding truth and justice for all mortals and immortals alike. She is also good at keeping secrets which maintains the trust, loyalty and honesty when it comes to keeping her friends and allies.
Samantha's generosity is taken advantage sometimes when she lends a helping hand and her trust on top of it. She has ended up in a few creepy situations because of her trusting nature but had the smarts to end it and leave before anything bad happened.
Sam is very impulsive often thinking of the consequences after the act has already been done. Her rigid thinking and her fearless nature can be a frustrating combination. Getting herself into situations that should be well avoided.
Her defective dopamine system has caused some of her neurological issues gives her trouble with processing information mainly because she doesn't understand. This creates a problem with people and it doesn't mean she's stupid. Just means you have to explain it another way for the light to go on in her head.
Vampire Abilities:
Fortitude: This is Sam's strongest Discipline, she waits for the day when she can walk in the sunlight. She can invoke the following.
Endurance: Can shrug off minor damage.
Mettle: Gains more health when invoked and this is only temporary.
Resilience: Can turn aggravated wounds down to non aggravated wounds.
Presence: She is fairly strong is this discipline but she lacking a little behind her fortitude. She knows the following.
Awe: When she employs this power, everyone around her becomes interested in Sam. Some weaker minds will agree with Sam to a point.
Dread Gaze: Sam is especially adept to this, claws elongated, teeth bared and a snarl too boot. She can invoke submission into the hearts of immortals and terrorizing fear in mortals.
Dominate: Sam has not achieved the use of dominate yet. She practices her exercises daily, more often then with her other two disciplines.
Major Roleplays:

Why Me - Jake Sires Sam.
The Ventrue Clan - Jake Educates Sam
Trouble Returns - Sam meets a Dark Angel and makes a powerful ally.
A Long Road Ahead- Jake and Sam start getting along only for Jake to be called for work.
Closing Time- Sam has a short visit with David.
Bad Moon Rising- Sam decides not to end the night that she had planned with Jake and goes to Risk.
No More Sorrow- Sam finds out from Jake that the Oligarchy has fallen.
Opening Night - Opening night for Venture. Sam has a crazy night.
Weight of the World- Sam and Bryant return from Opening Night.
A Moonlit Stroll- Sam meets Saraekiel and Shae. She also does something with Saraekiel.
A Minor Academic Pursuit- Sam starts her job as a teacher in Ben's Academy. She has a lovely chat with him after class.
A Visitor Comes a Calling- Sam is invited to the Shadow Haven Estate. She decides to cook for Shae and Kiel.

Time Jump (Eighteen Months)

New Age- Jake, Scott and Lisa-Joe return from the war against the Sabbat.
Soilder Boy- Jake is attacked by a man named Luke. He calls Sam and Scott to assist him.
Opposite Stars Align- Jake teaches Sam more about her disciplines. Ben makes an unexpected visit.

Minor Roleplays:

Craving Attention - Sam has a bad night with an Ancient.