Author Topic: Does The New Kids Need Proving?  (Read 1570 times)

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Does The New Kids Need Proving?
« on: April 22, 2010, 07:56:37 PM »
Most definitely.

It was like god had reached into the sky and swirled around the clouds. As if some vast force had set off a million fireworks in the sky at once, and at that same moment sprinkled thousands more pieces of steel and glass there too. Chaos, was an easy way to describe it.
   Ikovi jerked his eyes away from the display in the sky and looked to the more earthly chaos presented to him, although he still wouldn’t exactly call it ‘earthy’. Forces of man stood silhouetted in front of the sinking sun, vast moving structures, slowly advancing, their tallest parts reaching to the heavenly chaos above.

   Closer yet he saw man himself, each holding a rifle and screaming for both mercy and victory. Ikovi steadied himself against the constant barrage of minor shockwaves hitting his body, jamming another clip into his own rifle and leaning over so he could see around the small boulder he was hiding behind.

   He fired, almost blindly, but he still pointed in the general area of the oncoming soldiers, his own bullets lost among the fray of thousands of others. He did not know if he had killed a man just then, and didn’t care, all that mattered was that he didn’t become just another casualty, and that he just kept firing.

   Ikovi pulled himself back behind the boulder, panting and wiping the blood from his eyes, piece of stone had pierced the skin of his forehead, but no more. He tried not to look up once more, but even in his present situation it was hard to ignore the conflict above. There amongst the swirled clouds and the flashes of light were two massive figures, lit much like one would see the moon in the day.

   One a massive arrowhead, of celestial proportions, the other, slightly smaller, a incomplete disk, a sizeable square section cut away, and visible from the back of the cut-away section, inward of the disk, what appeared to be another sun, this one red. Though Ikovi knew it was not a star, it was the PDOW, everyone knew that. The Planetary Defense and Offense Weapon was the symbol of his country, a weapon capable of completely destroying an entire planet from interstellar distances.

   It was from the PDOW and the arrowhead ship that the millions of fighters which now created the explosions that lit the sky and swirled the clouds like drops of blood in still water. It was from that ship that he came too.

   “Fight on brethren! We have not lost until no longer breathe!” shouted a voice not far behind him.

   There was a roar of human voices at the call. The noise of the battle seemed to increase and Ikovi too fired with the rest of the crowd. He fired until his weapon no longer slammed backwards against his shoulder, and then he retreated again, in silence, to insert another clip.

   Just then a sleek vehicle ripped past him, as he sat leaning his back against the stone, reloading his weapon. It’s rear-mounted turret was blazing as it charged through, it’s payload of destruction just missing him and tearing a portion of his stone to shreds, sending more shrapnel into his flesh.

   The vehicle rocked sideways as a man, in much heavier armor than he wore, jumped onto it. He briefly saw a pistol, pressed again the drivers-side window, and then he was rocked by another shockwave, more powerful than the rest, as the vehicle exploded, the wreckage continuing to travel for an extra half-second.

   Ikovi looked for a second, trying to find the body of the man who had been on the side, but he could not see it. He gave up his search and turned back to fire at the oncoming army, but quickly pulled back and shielded his eyes.

   “Cover your eyes, the navy still loves us!” shouted a voice a split-second before everything was pure white for a second.

   When he looked back one of the massive advancing silhouettes was falling, cleft in two by a cannon from somewhere above…


A really short story of mine. I should have picked a better one, now that I think of it, being that this one has absolutely no bearing on Infusco. I really should pick a different one, but I won\'t. It takes way too long to sort through my writing files, and I\'m lazy. Judge me.