Author Topic: The enemy of my enemy is still a spy  (Read 7848 times)

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The enemy of my enemy is still a spy
« on: May 08, 2010, 11:37:27 AM »
(for EO)

Valdis flicked her loosely braided hair over her shoulder, the quick snap of her wrist the only outward sign of her anxiety. As she eased the door closed behind her with a swift kick, Valdis wondered if she should have said something sooner. Freddy\'s help in her investigation, if it could be called that, might have met with more favorable and timely results. As it was, she wasn’t even sure if guards were allowed to sneak around for private investigations. Honest spying was still spying, and she felt that acting without orders was overstepping yet another boundary since joining the guards. So as she approached the desk, Valdis restrained from tightening armor straps that she wasn’t wearing and kept her tone relatively friendly. Well, friendly for her.

“I’m t’having a report for the Captain. Where can I be t’finding him?” Raising an eyebrow and baring her teeth in a smirk, Valdis leaned her weight onto one leg. “If he’s still t’sleeping, I can come back later. I’m knowing he wouldn’t appreciate meself waking ‘im up.” Although, if the man was asleep now that the sun had lifted beyond treetops, Valdis would laugh herself to cramps and spend the rest of the day stretching.

Smirk turning into a frown, Valdis crossed her arms beneath her breasts. The jacket was uncomfortable, but Valdis admitted that she looked remotely dashing in the uniform. It could use some fur at the throat and sleeves, but maybe she could sneak that onto the jacket when one of the officers wasn’t looking. Leaning forward, “But then, opportunity missed, yes? I wouldn’t be t’saying this is important news, and I’m t’honestly not knowin’ how time relevant, but I’d be sad to be missin’ this fun. So if you’re t’thinking he’s around or will be shortly…”

Both eyebrows rising as Valdis leaned back again, she stomped a foot. “Well? Be hoppin’ to it.”

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Re: The enemy of my enemy is still a spy
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2010, 06:15:56 PM »
The young guard at the desk was as intimidated as most of the Oberon guards were by the foreign beauty.  The fact that she didn\'t give him much of a chance to get a word out between her demanding barks didn\'t help settle his posture nor unwind his tongue any, either.  Eventually she stopped, however, and the brunette pointed his pen skyward, indicating the floor over his head as he stammered a response.  "He\'s uh, upstairs in his o-office."

Captain Frederickson - affectionately known as Freddy to most of his underlings - was, indeed in his office and had been since his shift had finished at around four of the clock.  The oil in his lamp had burned out by now and he was squinting at the desk before him, his blonde hair ruffled from him running his hands through it in frustration.  Paperwork was not his favourite thing now that he saw so much of it and he lamented the fact that he didn\'t have an eager inferior who saw to the completion of most things unaided, as he always had for Lam.  Doing it all himself was proving an arduous affair that meant he often put it off until absolutely necessary.

Since the stack on his desk had toppled when he\'d walked in after his shift last night, he\'d decided that it was necessary, despite the odd timing of it all.  He could sleep when he got home - it wasn\'t like he had anyone waiting for him, or anyone demanding his time once he was off shift in any capacity.  None at all.  Especially not a certain fiery redhead who was far too young for him... yet had the most luscious and mature body he\'d ever experienced.

With a sigh, Freddy rolled his shoulders and re-focussed on the paperwork before him, knowing it was time to eat (and bathe) but just wanting to get the last few bits out of the way before he left.  His only concession to comfort in all this time was his jacket removed and slung on the back of the ornate chair he was sitting in, so when Valdis knocked and he invited her in with a gruff command (that was part relief and part chagrin at being interrupted), she would find him in a white undershirt with suspenders upon both shoulders holding up his uniform pants, and a very weary look in his blue-grey (red-rimmed) eyes.


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Re: The enemy of my enemy is still a spy
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2010, 06:40:27 AM »
Easing the door open gently, Valdis slipped in as soon as the door would let her and took up what she considered to be a formal stance. For Valdis, that meant she was leaning her weight on one leg, hip slightly out, and had her arms crossed beneath her breasts. The only formal thing about it was that she was neither smiling nor scowling. Of course, that usually meant she was playing innocent, and she wondered what the Captain would make of it. Deciding that she should at least bow (although she prefered the handshaking that Oberon seemed to use for greetings) Valdis dipped into a slight bow, a much easier task now that she wasn\'t wearing her usual armor.

"I\'ve been to findin\' a few bits of information y\'might be t\'wanting. Or, well, not precisely information so much as news." Valdis paused to purse her lips. "If that\'s t\'making sense."

Leaning her weight on one leg again, Valdis took up her original stance and did her best not to frown. "Before y\'were to letting me in the guards, I was t\'helping Magnus... look up on \'is brother, yes?" Frown overtaking her expression, "he never was t\'doing anything wrong, just seemed to be planning it. But I\'ve been t\'noticing a few things."

Adjusting her sword belt, Valdis kept herself from pacing by shifting her weight to the other leg. "He\'s been t\'waiting for his... what is word, his support in coin?" Valdis scowled at slip of language, before going on. "But this Weiss stopped sending coin. He was t\'showing up months ago, but never did. But Dag is t\'hanging around despite that. He\'s finding just enough coin t\'be keeping the farm going, much under Sigvald\'s effort and care, and I decided t\'look into where the dwindle of coin was t\'coming from."

Lips pursing again, Valdis hoped she didn\'t look too obvious. Afterall, she was a guard now. She assumed spying wasn\'t as heavy a crime here as at home. Although she was still worried that the captain would be upset that she did all her work without his support or permission.