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A Raven in the Shadows
« on: May 23, 2010, 10:30:17 AM »
Shadows flickered as the wind gently combed the thick foliage above. The sun had long since begun its descent from the pinnacle of the sky, and would soon begin failing to bring light to the forested depths. Raffaela couldn’t be more at ease. Having packed away her usual clothes to adorn herself in peculiar shades of grey and black, Raffaela was just another shadow. As the wind scattered other shadows, and made them shift, she too swayed from side to side. She was just another shadow. But this shadow had a purpose. Raffaela was perplexed that the man had never arrived to take up her offer of work. He had seemed in need of it. Either he had found other work, or something had happened to him. Raffaela hadn’t had the luxury of waiting a few more days for him. Events were moving too quickly, forcing her plans into the open. The Tahliten had been away longer than usual, and her contacts were falling silent one by one. The ones she found, she wished she hadn’t. More and more she hoped that the ones she didn’t find, was because they were hiding; not hidden. It wasn’t a matter of distaste, or feeling of compassion. Raffaela simply didn’t like losing her connections. It meant someone was after her. Of course, little did they know, she was already after them. She was just another shadow, one with a purpose, one waiting for the right moment to strike.

Out in the failing light of evening, her potential partners were approaching. She didn’t know how many there might be, or if there were any at all. The time of meeting was near, the place, clear. Raffaela had posted another note in Thorrian saying she was in need of anyone crazy enough to wage a small, personal war. The pay was considerable. She’d need at least one madman to help her take down the Order of Tahliten. Of course, she hadn’t mentioned the Order. Instead, she mentioned a “law-abiding organization, with an alternative perception of the law.” Anyone familiar with the Order would never deign to think of themselves in such a way, and would refuse to believe that Raffaela was talking about them. Anyone unfamiliar with the Order would either make assumptions, all leading to the wrong conclusion, or would understand that their role in this mess would be as warriors and would not necessarily have the law backing them. Either way, Raffaela was sure that even if her request brought some peace-loving fanatic, they’d somehow fit into her plans. Her plans were never lacking in distractions or body-shields. There had been this one elven-cleric, wouldn’t raise his a hand even to swat at a fly… insisted on helping Raffaela by healing her or distracting her enemies. He had never expected to help her by blocking arrows with his back; three of them, in fact. One of the best living shields Raffaela had ever seen, or, well, seen die.

Eyes scanning the darkness for any torches, Raffaela slowly withdrew deeper into the shadows, her helmet fit snugly on her head and her raven feathers breaking up her outline in the brush. It would be soon. Raffaela was eager to see who would be helping her, if anyone.