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Isaac Abrams
« on: June 05, 2010, 07:08:14 PM »

Name: Isaac Jeremiah Abrams

Gender: Male
Species: Vampire, Toreador
Age [appearance]: Late 50s
Age [actual]: 620
His hair colour was originally a dark blonde in his younger years, but greyed throughout his late forties. By his early fifties he was grey all over. Kept a little longer so that his hair can be swept with a brush back and sides, he parts his hair on the right and has a very all-business look about him.

Isaac\'s hazel eyes are unwavering once they find a subject to dwell on; which makes for some fairly intense stares, though many have commented that he has \'kind eyes\'. He often lifts his head when speaking, which lends to a commanding presence or one of nobility. On the flipside, this raised vantage point can also lend him a description of being patronising or arrogant, depending on what he\'s saying at the time.

Clean shaven and often wearing a gentle yet spicy cologne, Isaac\'s six foot three frame often finds him towering over most men. He carries himself well, with excellent posture, and is often wearing a tailored suit, but is almost never spied with a tie.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks:
Other than the usual scrapes associated with growing up mortal, Isaac also has the blemishes that come with aging. Other than these, Isaac has no physical identifying markings.
Isaac was born the last child into a deeply religious Catholic family. With four brothers and two sisters before him, Isaac was mostly left to his own devices due to his very quiet and obediant nature. He grew up amongst religious strife, for there were many disputes over which pope should be adhered to - the one in Rome or the one in Avignon. Seeing his father row with many of his friends and neighbours over the subject while growing up, Isaac formed an emotional detachment to the Catholic church which he kept close to his heart, (and would continue to keep secret well into his vampirism for two centuries later when the Church of England was established and he happily converted).
He was apprenticed to a jeweller when he entered his teen years due to his studious and quiet nature.  At first he was only responsible for cleaning the cheaper pieces, then as time progressed he was taught how to appraise, design and then create jewellery, and found he had a flair for matching items; with necklaces as the main piece, with earrings, bracelets and/or rings to accentuate it.  His success as a jeweller allowed him to invest in his own shop and gain financial security.
He married very late in his life to a woman who expressed very little emotion towards him and was more interested in keeping up appearances. His own agenda was similar and so his affairs with other like-minded young men were extremely discreet. He assumed his wife had guessed his lack of interest in women for he\'d failed to touch her even once throughout their marriage and she hadn\'t seemed to mind.

He soon became enamoured with a young man who seemed most wise beyond his years, and was stylish, intelligent, cultured and angelically beautiful.  They met at a dinner party and were soon often meeting up together to converse about many things.  The young man in question, named Anton, had travelled the known world and had experiences beyond anything Isaac had imagined.  They only consummated their relationship after many months of vague innuendo and a deep respect for each other, and it was revealed to Isaac by Anton that he was a vampire almost a century old and that he was lonely and wished an equal companion.  At first Isaac was shocked but Anton could do no wrong and be no beast.  He was invited to become a vampire but Anton insisted he take a month to consider it.  Isaac took almost two before he accepted, and so Anton made Isaac his fledge.
Anton didn\'t have much financial stability or security.  He rubbed shoulders with the rich but didn\'t have too much money of his own.  Isaac didn\'t fake his own death as Anton suggested, instead choosing to take an \'overseas business trip\' that lasted so long that he returned twelve years later only to bury his wife.  He sold the property and his business before returning to Europe with Anton.  The couple lasted almost two centuries before Anton tired of Isaac\'s company and left him.  Isaac was distraught by his sire\'s abandonment and returned to the States for Europe reminded him too much of his beloved Anton.
He set up a jewellery shop and kept his business small even though he became remarkeably successful once more.  Instead of expanding, he charged hefty prices for exhorbitant pieces and became the jeweller to the rich.  Moving his business to Hollywood, he found himself networking not only with the rich and famous who demanded his elite jeweller\'s designs, but also with other vampires.  Over time he obtained responsibilities and political standing with his fellow nightly creatures.
In his fourth century, he sired a young man by the name of Terrance Stanton.  It was a whirlwind romance, where Isaac was swayed by every emotional response he felt and acted accordingly.  So passionate was the tie between the lovers, that there were only two ways it could end; either dramatically well or extremely badly.  Unfortunately for Isaac, the pair of them were on a doomed path, and their intense love became a jealous and possessive wave of claustrophobic bitterness and resentment.  They battled and Isaac was forced to give Terrance his final death.  Their time together lasted a mere decade, but Isaac hurt badly for a long time, and it could be argued that he hurts and grieves still.
He had no intention of ever siring anyone ever again, but five years ago found himself once again making an emotionally-driven decision to save a dying lover.  Determined not to make the same mistakes with Ash as he did with Terrance, he allows Ash as much freedom as his fledgling wishes.
Dignified and old-fashioned, he is often described as cultured, respectable and prim.  A true gentleman, he is incredibly slow to anger but easily displeased or disappointed.  He has very high standards of those he loves - so high that nobody has managed to meet them.  He is usually measured and tolerant, quick-witted and intelligent.  He has been around long enough to understand that obstacles can be overcome, and is patient enough to wait them out as a matter of tactic.  So slow to act, at times, that it infuriates others.  He is calm and can be a calming influence on those around him.

Awareness of Supernaturals: He is aware of many different supernatural beings, as he is well read and does his best to understand the paranormal world.  He is mostly interested in witchcraft and the magic of Faekind.

Occupation/Job: Baron of Hollywood, Jeweller and a Hollywood Agent.
Likes: Classical music (favourite composers are Bach, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and Handel),
Toreador Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Prescience.

*Note: Asp Club, Ash Rivers and Isaac Abrams have been taken from and inspired by the game Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, but all creative storylines including background information is all the Riddler\'s, as VTM:B only glosses over the relationships in the game, alluding to nothing beyond a strained Sire/Childe relationship.

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