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Jeremiah Peterson
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Name: Jeremiah Peterson
Nicknames: Jerry, Jare, asshole
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: White
Species: Vampire

Age [actual]: 169
Age [appearance]:mid-twenties
Date of Birth:  May 20th, 1850

Hair: Naturally light brown, Jerry had the tips of his hair bleached about fifteen years or so before joining To Ashes. He keeps it styled nicely and clean.  He has scruffy facial hair - and it looks fucking nice.
Eyes: Light hazel and average shaped with thick eyebrows, sometimes eyeliner for shows.
Skin: Smooth, pale but not transluscent. 
Shape of Face: Oval with soft features.
Nose: A bit large for his face and a bit crooked from being puched in the face when he was human.
Mouth: On the small side, thinner upper lip than lower lip, almost constantly smirking.
Frame: A little under six feet with modest abs and impressive arms, built proportionally to his height.
Hands: Large and bony.
Tattoos / Piercings: None currently, but he has wanted a tattoo for a long time.  So if anyone would hook him up, he'd be eternally grateful.

Usually seen wearing: [ ]

Talents: Guitar, singing (not as great as he claims)
Skills:  Jerry has some ability to psychically attract (charm) people via his vampire nature.  His reflexes are unusually fast for his age.
Weaknesses:  Fire, sunlight, the usual vampire things.
Education: Attended a private academy, as other plantation owners' children did.  Whether or not he actually got anything out of it is...debatable.
Intelligence Level: Below average.

Current Occupation: none really to speak of, aside from doing shows with the band
Salary: inconsistant and unreliable
Previous Occupations: Son of a tobacco plantation owner

Socioeconomic Level as a human: modestly wealthy
Socioeconomic Level as a vampire: lives like he still is modestly wealthy

Hobbies: Lead guitarist in an alternative/grunge metal band To Ashes
Pastimes: flirting, fucking, and playing the guitar

Bad Habits: Getting into fights

Observable Behavior
Speech Patterns:
Words/Slang/Jargon:  Somehow keeps very up to date on all the new slang and easily talks like he is from the current time period he is existing in.
Eye Contact: 
Gait:  Saunter
Posture: Relaxed

Likes & Dislikes
Sports: Soccer
Food & Drinks: Boozy blood
Music: Hiphop, alternative, rock, rap, country
Movies & TV shows: HGTV
Books & Magazines: People still read?
Sayings: Yolo; Que será, será

Pet Peeves:  People who take themselves too seriously, people who don't know how to relax and have fun
Fears/Phobias:  Being alone.

Beliefs and Religion
Attitude to religion: Meh.

Morality/Ethics:  Live and let live, really.
Stand Up Citizen or Law Breaker: He’s no goody-two-shoes but he’s not about to go around murdering everyone.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Vampires, werewolves, demons

Jerry comes off as a conceited asshole with nothing better to do than show off or pick up girls (and guys).  He acts like he is the shit and it can either be annoying or funny.  People either love him or hate him and luckily for Jerry, he hasn't really gotten himself into a lot of trouble yet.  But that isn't to say that he hasn't gotten any looks--and smacks--for saying crude things - loudly.

Somewhere, deep beneath the layers of dickhead and selfishness, Jerry actually cares about people.  If one of his friends is feeling down, he will go out of his way to take them out and make sure they have a good time.  He tries to give advice, whether or not it is good advice doesn't necessarily matter to him.  Generally, he has a just do it attitude toward pretty much everything. 

Jerry can pretty much bounce back from anything, almost like nothing could bother him.  He doesn't really make an attempt to get emotionally close to anyone, though his brother Zach quite possibly might be his closest friend.  Jare lives without regrets or hesitation and doesn't exactly think through a decision before making it.  He hasn't made any plans for the future beyond dreaming about a hot threeway with two sexy vampire chicks.  Most of his friends wonder if he was ever afraid of dying - by the sun or otherwise.

Strongest positive personality trait: Confident
Strongest negative personality trait: Arrogant

Character Strengths:  He is totally loyal to his friends.  As much of an asshole as he is, he has his own way of showing concern for people that are closer-than-strangers.  Jerry can easily make anyone laugh so with the right people (who have a similar sense of humor) he can be quite popular. He has quite the ability to charm, but if he runs his mouth too much he can ruin it.
Character Flaws:  He doesn't realize how much of an asshole he is, even if it is hurting someone's feelings.  Jerry isn't the type to keep a long-term relationship with anyone.  He is totally selfish and arrogant, not to mention vain.  He also can be kind of a show-off with jealousy issues.  The fact that he doesn't think anything through before doing it doesn't make for very good outcomes in any given situation.

Emotion or Logic?: Emotion
Introvert or Extrovert?: Extrovert
Polite or Rude?: Rude

Quirks:  He acts like he doesn't know how to behave or like he doesn't have manners, but if pushed he will behave.  Usually, Zach makes him shut up, despite technically being his fledge.
Sense of humor: Crude.  There isn't anything that Jerry won't joke about unless someone punches him in the face for insulting their mother - maybe then he would stop. 
Temper: Short-lived.  He’s too much of a joker to stay angry.

Hometown: Durham, North Carolina
Current Residence: Oceanview Heights with Zach, a couple floors below Mal (who is paying their rent)
Type of home/ neighborhood: Luxury condos on the beach

History and Relationships
Relationship status: Perpetually fucking around
Sire: Madeleine Spifame--A 300-something (at the time of his claiming) bombshell from France.
Fledgelings: Zach [ ]
Current family: Zach
Best Friend(s): Zach
Other Friends: Mal, Thor, Kim, Lisa-Joe Hampton
Other close relationships: Quinn

Enemies: Whoever he managed to piss off enough

Human family background:  Jeremiah was born the third son to a modestly wealthy family of plantation owners.  The family maintained a successful tobacco farm on the soils of North Carolina.
Mother: Mary.
Father: David.  A strict man toward his sons, cold and unaffectionate toward Jeremiah's mother and sisters. 
Birth Order: Third
Siblings: David (four years older), Zachariah (two years older) who Jerry is very close to, Cynthia (two years younger), Caroline (three years younger)

Relationship Skills: Knows how to have fun.  Really good with foreplay. 

Sexual Background: Extensive and varied.

Human Years:
As a child, Jeremiah was anxious to do things and could never sit still.  He had a constant thirst for adventure and was always exploring around the property and beyond - sometimes well after dark.  Sometimes Zachariah would accompany him to watch over him and make sure he didn't get himself into too much trouble.  Jerry made fast friends with anyone he met, even sometimes slaves.  His father didn't make as much of an effort to reprimand him as his oldest brother who would eventually inherit the plantation.  Jerry didn't appear to mind the lack of attention one bit and preferred to spend more time with Zach anyway.

He grew into a fine, good-looking young man who was popular with men and women alike.  By Jeremiah's twenty-third year, his father passed away quietly, leaving David Jr. the entire estate and the authority of the household.  As he was unmarried, David Jr. allowed the family to remain at the plantation - for now.  His mother was constantly on Jeremiah's case about finding a girl to marry but he was never the type to settle.  His circle of friends consisted of rowdy drunks, adventurers, sultry women and Zach.  He spent more time in town than at home, constantly gossiping and drinking, despite Zachariah's quiet suggestions that he go back home. 

Fledgling and Fledging:
His sire was an attractive woman who had assimilated herself into Jeremiah's circle of friends flawlessly.  The two became something of an item, though the scandal never evolved into an engagement as his mother would have preferred.  She revealed her true nature to him the second night they slept together, and Jerry was instantly entranced.  His thirst for adventure and trying new things, joined with the misjudgment of intoxication, created a desire to become like her. 

Several nights afterward, he had spent an entire evening drinking away all of the money he brought with him, and she had intoxicated herself on his blood.  In a haze of sex, blood, and alcohol he was fledged.  Zach brought him home afterward when the woman informed him that he had passed out.  For three days Jeremiah took fiercely ill, remembering only the exchange of blood that had occurred during a fucking fantastic night of sex.  His mother, two sisters, and Zach cared for him as he was kept in the darkness of his bedroom.  Zach kept vigil every night at his bedside and said little to anyone other than Jerry.  By the third night, the entire family was sure that Jeremiah was going to die. 

At one point during the early evening, Jerry suddenly seemed to recover, sitting upright in bed.  Before Zach could ask him anything, he was suddenly upon him, taking his blood.  Unbeknownst to either of them, his sire had come to the plantation asking for Jerry nearly at that precise moment--her motivation for visiting in the first place remains unknown.  If it wasn't for her interference and instruction to give Zach his blood, his brother would have died.  The woman took the two from the house quickly, much to the family's confusion, and they remained under her care until they assimilated into their undead life.

The two brothers lived with her for a few years before Jerry became antsy with the need to explore the country.  They parted from her with little emotional attachment beyond the sire-to-fledgling instinct and lived as nomads throughout the United States.  They picked up various things over the years, including guitar, moving from fad to fad and blending as best as possible into human society.

Recent Years:
Eventually, during the late 1900s, the pair settled in the city and formed fast friendships with Malakai Pryce.  The three were the first members of Mal's band, To Ashes, which includes two others today.  Now, Jerry maintains his party-like lifestyle, moving through relationships as he would move through fads.  He hadn't been with one person for more than a month and doesn't really feel as though he needs to.  For now, in the fast-paced environment of the city, his need to move about the country has lessened.

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Re: Jeremiah Peterson
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