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« on: October 17, 2010, 06:23:48 AM »
quick notes:

subterranean parking lot of Echelon - where there is a valet service

car is driven beside a kiosk, leave it  idling, the doors for driver and all passengers are opened by Echelon staff and driver is handed a parking tag

thick red carpet leads to the elevator

restaurant is a rooftop  establishment, with excellent views

inside the lift is an elevator operator - employed by the building, not the restaurant, so navy coloured uniform - who has to be told what your destination is

entrance area is a small platform with some plush armchairs and sofas scattered  around it - almost all are occupied by couples happily waiting for their tables  to be cleared.

dance floor

Complimentary hors d\'ouevres (amuse-gueles), tasting menu, fresh flowers, tasteful artwork, candlelight, white linen tablecloths and napkins. Beautifully, lavishly decorated.   Combined with low lighting it\'s very romantic.

Your waiter will know how the rabbit loin is cooked, whether there\'s  tarragon in the lobster demi glace, and what kind of nuts are in the  chocolate torte. Your food will arrive hot, your utensils will be changed between each  course, your napkin will be folded in your absence.

toilets near dance floor, kitchen opposite from toilets on other side of dance floor, ten piece band plays classical for dining or big band for dancing.
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