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Nadia Serafima Dominik
« on: January 10, 2011, 02:05:05 PM »
Name: Nadia Serafima Dominik
Age [appearance]: 22
Age [actual]: 706
Date of Birth: 10/23/1303. Sun and Moon in Scorpio.
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Sire: Odessa

Hair: Brunette, midback length.
Eyes: Dark brown, usually ringed with thick liner.
Frame: 5’6” with a lithe frame. She has average curves, but nothing exceptional to speak of. Nadia carries herself with grace, and has excellent body posture.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: None
Nadia has an extremely self-important attitude. If things are not going in the direction that she wants or has previously planned out, she can get very irritable. Nadia has a need for control in every situation, and can get aggressive if something unforeseen occurs. She is talented when it comes to manipulating people, and rarely has a hard time winning an argument. However, when dealing with someone who can stand up to her mind games, she tends to become bitter and sarcastic.
When it comes to what few friends she has, Nadia is fiercely loyal. Most of her friends are vampires as old as, or older than, herself. She tends to be intolerant of younger vampires, finding them immature and naive. However, there can be exceptions.

Nadia was born to a pair of extremely wealthy parents in Tver, Russia, on May 30, 1303. Her family gained most of their money when Mikhail of Tver, a close associate of her fathers’, ascended the Russian throne. As an only child, she was endlessly spoiled, and given much more freedom than was expected to a child of her age. Her parents raised her in the lap of luxury, and nothing short of the excellence befitting her station was expected of her. By the age of sixteen, Nadia had already grown into a beautiful young woman, and was almost always frequenting a party with one suitor or another. Although her parents implored her to wed, Nadia refused, insisting that marriage was not something she wanted.
Eventually, however, Nadia gave in to their pleas, and was married at the age of 18 to the son of a close family friend. The marriage was strained, and Nadia refused to settle down and play the role of a good wife, instead attending parties almost constantly. Her husband dealt with her tendencies for almost two years before he left her.
The shame of her divorce led to Nadia being sent away to Italy with her mother, while her father remained in Russia. The year was 1323, and Nadia had recently reached 20 years of age. Nadia and her mother lived in a large house in the center of Rome. They were to remain there for a year, until her father felt Nadia deserved to return. Fascinated by Italian culture, Nadia soon found herself lured in by the Renaissance, attending masquerades often, and meeting many new acquaintances, though she rarely grew close to any of them.
However, one woman had managed to fascinate her. She met Odessa at a masquerade, and was instantly intrigued by her personality and manner. She and Odessa quickly became friends, and Nadia remained in Italy with her, living alone after her mother returned to Russia. Another year passed, until one night Nadia discovered Odessa’s secret. Nadia had known the woman was hiding something from her, but never assumed that her friend was a vampire. Shortly after Odessa’s secret was revealed, she claimed Nadia, guiding her through her early vampire years as a mentor and friend.
For many years afterward, Nadia and Odessa traveled throughout Europe, to places such as France and England. Eventually, Odessa left for America, leaving Nadia, who did not want to leave Europe, behind. After living for some time on her own, Nadia left for America, as Odessa had before her. When she first arrived, Nadia had attempted to find her friend, but soon gave up. She began working as a model, and has managed to support herself quite well, blending in and changing as the society around her advances.

Awareness of Supernatural: Nadia’s knowledge as far as other inhuman species is limited;

Occupation/Job: Nadia makes money as a fashion model.

Interesting Facts/Quirks:
•    Nadia has the utmost respect for her elders, but tends to be impatient when it comes to dealing with younger vampires.
•    She has an obsession with scents, and her apartment is lined with hundreds of candles and dried flowers.

Hobby/Hobbies: Nadia spends most of her time going to clubs and partying. She loves to observe people, and enjoys instigating others into confrontation.

Likes: dancing, music, blood, sex, parties, cigarettes, lakes, flowers, shopping, candles, power, observing people, control
Dislikes: being held back, naivety, drama, being observed or manipulated, technology


•    Nadia has above-average agility, and uses this to her advantage to cover up her lack of strength.
•    Not much can hold Nadia back from what she wants to do, and she is too stubborn to give up on anything she starts. She is very persistent, and is not likely to halt what she is doing until her objective has been achieved.
•    She can blend in well with humans.

•    Being a reckless person when aggravated, Nadia sometimes gets herself into trouble when reacting to stressful situations, due to her lack of reasoning capability.
•    Because of her intense focus when it comes to the task at hand, she tends to forget about the things and people around her.
•    If she believes she has been wronged, Nadia can hold a grudge for quite some time. Occasionally, this can distract her, and lead to her doing something stupid.