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« on: January 14, 2011, 08:27:05 AM »


Nestled in between a sushi bar and a Suzuki motorcycle dealership, Tantric nightclub operates on the cusp of Chinatown.  Glowing blue and green neon lights pulses to the tunes played within, thanks to a speaker wired just inside the open door that relays whatever the DJ is mixing inside.  The bouncers either side of the doorway checking IDs are both large, grim-faced and for those who can tell, are fae-kind.  The queue is always long, but sexy young men and women never have to wait.


A narrow straight corridor with runic symbols on the walls leads the club-goer past a cloakroom to stairs beyond. At the summit of the stairway, a doorway on the left opens out into the club proper, where a long bar highlighted with green neon is the first thing in sight.  Barstool seats are round clear acrylic as are the small tabletops that are scattered on the left of the bar, an area that would be overlooking the street except the window panes are covered in multicoloured opaque glass.

To the right of the bar is a round dance floor with blue neon tubing partitioning it off from the low lying sofas and rectangular acrylic coffee tables.  Wait staff serve drinks here but not to the bar tables on the opposite side.  Drinks are very reasonably priced and the popular ones are the club's own cocktails which revolve around the nightclub theme, with names such as Inner Tranquility and Magic Mayhem.

Even though the nightclub isn't a designated supernatural hotspot, it's certainly well known among the fae folk and is visited by all kinds of creatures.

Important: Vampires are unable to enter the building thanks to those runes, but the Kuei Jin can.