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Name: Sable Hester
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf, very newly turned


Sable stands at about 5 and a half foot and has a slim build. He goes running a lot which keeps him fit and his muscles toned.

His hair is black and is usually scruffy, a few inches long and not well taken care of. It looks a though someone has simply taken a pair of scissors to it rather than it being styled by a professional at all. It often falls forward across his eyes until he runs a hand through it, making it stick up in all directions. If Sable didn’t go out running so much in the summer, giving his skin a sun-kissed colour, Sable could easily have been labelled an Emo or a Goth with the right clothing, but he never had any desire to do so.

Sable is usually seen wearing a tatty pair of jeans and t-shirts which never cost more than a few dollars. The most he spends on clothes is on his trainers which are the only shoes he wears although he rarely spends money on those either - he prefers to make things last as long as possible.

His eyes are a dark brown, the colour of plain chocolate, frames with thick black lashes. His eyebrows are heavy over his eyes and he has strong features with a square jaw and full lips. Sable usually has some stubble covering his jaw and cheeks, but it’s still a little patchy and not full growth - he’s no where near having the shave every day yet but by the looks of him he will do in a couple of more years.

About Sable:

The young man has a cocky air about him. Most of his life he’s been passed over and he does what he can to prevent that with people he meets. He wants to them to see that he’s there instead of ignoring him so sometimes Sable acts out around people - nothing too serious, more annoyances than anything which would get him in real trouble. For example he wouldn\'t go steal from a shop, because that would get him in trouble if it was discovered and what would be the point of doing it if no one knew?

There aren’t many people in his past that Sable remembers fondly or that he would try to get back in contact with. He never knew his father and his mother died when we was five. From then on Sable was passed around various foster homes, but he never stayed anywhere very long, what with one thing and another. The disrupted life meant that his grades were never as good as they could have been. Sable never felt comfortable in any of those houses - always like he was an unwelcome guest even though none of them were especially mean and most of them were actually quite nice. Sable managed to get it into his head that none of them wanted him and after building things up in his mind the social workers had him moved when he appeared miserable where he was.

Recent history:

Sable turned eighteen only a couple of weeks ago and he left the house he had been in as soon as possible. He had a little money which had been left to him by his mother but it wouldn’t last him long. Sable moved into a tiny flat where rent was paid weekly. He knew he would have to get a job but all he got were rejections, even for the worse jobs.

On the night of the new moon Sable had been roaming the streets, hoping to spot something that might help him and that was when he was attacked by a monster. Sable was terrified and fought, but it was all over in a few seconds. The creature was pulled off of him by another monster Sable didn’t recognise which seemed able to overpower the first.

The demon had been sent looking for the werewolf when he hadn’t shown up at the Oligarchy for a meeting with the Lycanthrope Oligarch and had found him in time to save Sable’s life, but as Sable lay on the ground he could feel a burning in his chest where the claws had ripped at his skin and where the teeth had found his shoulder.

Another monster landed suddenly beside Sable as the young man watched the two creatures grappling but before Sable could focus on it, there was just a man beside him - a huge man, but he definitely looked human - and Sable wasn’t even sure if he had seen the other thing. Maybe this was all just a dream?

It definitely didn’t seem like a dream though as the demon quickly hefted Sable up and bundled him into a car which was waiting on a nearby street. Sable tried to glance back at the noise behind them but then it was over and he had no idea what had happened or that he was being whisked away to the Oligarchy.

Awareness of Supernaturals: (specific) Sable had no awareness of supernatural creatures until his turning. He had heard stories, everyone has, but never really believed it.
Occupation/Job: None.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Sable has never been out of the city. He\'s lived here all his life and never been away on holiday. Once he tried to run away but only got as far as the city boundaries.
Hobby/Hobbies: Sable loves running and it\'s really the only hobby he has. He find it relaxing and an escape from the world and will go out running for hours at a time.

Likes: Running, peanut butter sandwiches, feeling independent.
Dislikes: People telling him what he has to do, being ignored.

Strength: Sable can be quite determined and when he decides he really wants something, like leaving a foster home, he will keep pushing. He doesn\'t often feel that strongly about things though.
Weakness/Flaw: He has the tendency to feel paranoid for no reason, to assume people are thinking the worst of him or that they are dictating to him when they\'re only trying to help.