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Re: Late-Night Snack
« Reply #45 on: March 25, 2011, 10:44:07 AM »
Ami nodded. Everyone had their little things, even if they were weird and stupid. She\'d didn\'t want to make him feel weird.

"What about trapped in a dark room with one person?" She shrugged as best she could, while reclining, "Could rent something. Order pizza. Get a twelve-pack."

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Re: Late-Night Snack
« Reply #46 on: March 28, 2011, 02:55:17 PM »
If Lefty had known what she was thinking, he probably would have laughed, but told her he was grateful. He turned into a horse skeleton when he got nervous. "Weird" was a very relative thing for him.

"That sounds much better. I can probably trust you. And if not, then I think I can take you." He paused. His words were bold, but the taste of broom still lingered in his mouth...

No matter.

"I\'ll pay for the drinks if you\'ll get the pizza." Apparently even ethereal dream-creatures carried cash.