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The Carnival and Caravan Park
« on: March 29, 2011, 09:16:55 AM »

Opening the gates for the morning crowd at 11am, and operating until midnight, the carnival can be a cheap or costly entertainment venue, depending on how lucky, foolish or drunk the customer is.

Rides are reasonably priced and have been recently upgraded (before the 2019 Central District Election), featuring an all-new larger ferris wheel with enclosed, air-conditioned capsule cabins, a bright, shiny new Sizzler, chair-o-plane, super slide and many, many other whirling, flashing, dizzying mechanical rides.  Out of all of them, the ghost train has always attracted the most customers, with the big top an easy second but the newly-built side friction roller coaster 'Nightfall' is sure to challenge their dominance.

With the big top performing shows at noon, four o'clock, eight o'clock and last show at eleven o'clock, the big top tent is almost always full.  The performers are professionals and the daredevil stunts, animal tricks and clown gags are actually entertaining.

The treats purchasable here are extra sweet and extra greasy, the balloons are colourful and humorously large, the game stalls aren't rigged but the chances of winning are terribly slim.  Sometimes the stall owners will help a little kid 'cheat' their way into a prize of an oversized stuffed animal bigger than they are.

Most of the performers live in their own pitched tents beside the caravan park, but some pay the meagre rent and live in the caravans themselves, giving them access to all the amenities.


Most of the caravans are permanent, owned by the park itself.  Hooked up to electricity-bearing poles that are wired into underground cables for no unsightly overhead eyesores, the caravan park is maintained rather nicely.

There are big fees for incorrectly disposing garbage or not keeping a caravan plot maintained.  If fees can't be paid, then the renter of the caravan plot (or the caravaner with the rented plot space) is ushered out unceremoniously.  Needless to say, everyone who lives at the caravan park adopts a strict regimen of cleanliness - at least on the outside.

If you don't mind the noise of the carnival next door, with its merry music and shrieks of laughter (and piercing screams of terror), rent here is affordable to absolutely anyone living even only on the meagre benefits supplied by the government - though the caravan will be small.  The larger caravans have much better noise reduction, but one would need to be earning at least a minimum wage to afford staying at one of the bigger vans.
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