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Y.D.M. Creative Arts Studio
« on: June 12, 2011, 01:17:12 AM »
The Y.D.M. Creative Arts Studio sits on the corner of an inner city block, an old building that was once about four different stores that has been refurbished and merged into one fabulous arts mecca.  There are numerous entry points on the ground level, two off the long side of the building (facing the street), one off the short (facing the perpendicular street) and an alley delivery and service personnel door on the other long side of the building.

First Floor
The entrance off the street at the narrowest side of the building leads into the art gallery section.  Large plate glass windows overlook the busy city street, featuring the latest artistic acquisition or artwork of a featured artist - this is not a national building, but a local one, aimed at the locals (and the nocturnal) in the city.  It is only open at night.

The doors on the perpendicular street side of the building are situated in the middle and at the end opposite the gallery.  The doorway placed in the centre is quite a grand entrance; double doors, five wide steps up off the street and a backlit advertising sign to the left that tells passersby what artists, performers, dance classes and workshops are scheduled or can be joined.  A bright blue neon sign above the door proclaims the building\'s name.  There is also a bulletin board to the right of this doorway, for locals to pin up their own notices.

Through the main doorway is a cubby-holed counter (to the immediate left) that is the front of the administration.  The greetings desk is staffed by a mortal Sacramentum familiar from about four o\'clock every afternoon, and they are replaced by a (young, usually) vampire at midnight.  Offices are housed behind this front end, a long hallway just beyond it extends to the workshop studios, stairs straight ahead go up to the second floor and another fancy glass entranceway to the right leads in to the back of the art gallery.

The last door on this side of the building is more functional and leads into a hallway that is much like that of a school, that travels down the middle of the building and has art classrooms either side, all to suit a different artistic purpose (some have welding equipment and metal working benches, others have pottery wheels and a kiln, still others are filled with easels and have a stage for models to pose upon).  You name the type of artwork, you should be able to do it here, though the management is still creating a digital lab filled with computers, across from the photography dark room.

From inside the offices, a small set of stairs is accessed that leads down into the basement.  This windowless space is where Jeanne sleeps away her days and it has become her sanctuary and her home while she is out of favour with Charon and still grieving the stupid decisions she made in the heat of lusty moments.

Second Floor
The second floor has almost exactly the same setup as the ground floor, except above the art gallery is the D\'Arshan Theatre (complete with rows of fancy red velvet seats and a completely outfitted stage with professional lighting and sound systems) and above the art workshop studios are dance studios.  There are four polished wooden floored studios in all and a variety of dance lessons run in them on various nights of the week - ballroom, jazz, tap, ballet, latin... all of it is available from different instructors (the proprietess herself is available to give lessons to supernaturals, otherwise it is generally a human-based dance staff and clientele).