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Hey so I\'ve noticed that with the exception of cowboyblone and realworldwierdo most interactions between my characters and others end in hostility. While I\'m fine with this in certain cases, I would like to form more lasting character bonds on here. I\'m proud of how far I\'ve come as a writer, and I owe a large portion of that to EO and Dee yelling at me. (Thanks girls!) However, moving forward I\'d like to find out what it is I do that upsets so many characters. I read over post after post and do not find the things I write very hostile or offensive, yet the people I write with often do. I\'m autistic in real life, a fact I don\'t think anyone but Matt knows. Perhaps there is an element of human culture I don\'t understand because of that? Perhaps it\'s something else. I have no difficulty forming lasting bonds in the real world so it can\'t be that. I just need a little help moving forward. I enjoy playing with all of you and want to have several more RP\'s, but before I go any further I\'m hoping you guys can give me some tips to improve my character interactions. Post them here if you want to help. I\'d greatly appreciate all the tips you awesome writers have to share. Thanks.


P.S. This is not me throwing a pitty party. I have great confidence in my ability as a writer.  In fact, I\'m working on a book that I\'ve just shown to author Sideny Offit. He told me that it reminds him of a young Kurt Vonnegut. I nearly died when I heard that. This is just me trying to improve my RP skills. :)

From the detailed rules for roleplaying in Infusco:

--- Quote ---Keep in mind that not every  character is going to adore your character. Do not take it on a personal  basis. The best of friends in real life can have characters that hate  each other’s guts. This is not a reflection on you or your roleplay.  Enemies of your character can be fun too. If your character gets a  reaction that you’re unhappy with because you had huge plans for the  roleplay to go a certain way, don’t argue, just deal with it. Roleplay  is interactive. That’s supposed to be the point.

--- End quote ---

I\'d also like to point out that just because you don\'t interpret your character as doing something hostile or offensive doesn\'t mean the character yours is interacting with won\'t. The reason you\'re encountering hostility with everyone but RWW & CB\'s characters might be due to the type characters they have.

For example, a character who wasn\'t shown much physical attention as a child might react negatively to your character approaching them and wrapping them up in a big bear hug. Vomas would most certainly stiffen and try to withdraw as soon as politely possible if he was embraced in that manner. Halwyn, on the other hand, would likely try to get a good grope in while he was in such a prime position to do so.

It\'s a character thing, not a player thing.

Hawke Donovan:
Thanks Saccharin, well pointed out.

On a more specific level, if this is regarding Jake, it could be his presumptuousness and arrogance turning characters off, but you shouldn\'t change his reactions or dialogue if this is how he\'d really act.  His bossy know-it-all superior manner really works for the Oligarchy.  The Oligarch before him (Declan) was a real asshole, so I\'m sure Jake in contrast doesn\'t seem that bad to people in the know (such as Kerr or Quin, who I have yet to drag out).

You\'ve also got to remember there are a lot of extreme style character personalities on here.  There\'s very little middle ground.  Reactions will usually be written as very offended, very scared, very lusty... Not many members are interested in the subtleties.

An idea for your character making friends is to put them in a situation where they need help from a stranger, or are going to help a stranger.  Usually this forms quick bonds with characters.  An idea; maybe it\'s raining heavily and your character needs a brolly, or they have one and they see a very wet person that needs one.  Failing that, your character can also pick someone up in a bar for companionship ;p

Existentially Odd:
I also believe that your autism makes it difficult for you to pick up on the subtle body language cues that we write into our characters\' narratives - and, alternatively, when you write something in your narrative about an action you think is regal that you see is perfectly acceptable but my character sees it as arrogant and bossy - so you\'re missing the subtext.

Your characters also have a bad habit of talking far too much and not letting anyone get a word in, making me feel like I\'m sitting there being lectured because the talking goes on and even if you say \'please\', you\'re still telling the other character what you think, not allowing input.  By the time we get a chance to say something, there\'s a resentment in the character that they\'ve been forced to sit there through three paragraphs of dialogue and ten of narrative - and that\'s a very long time in roleplay world!

In short: get better at having your characters observe body language to gauge others\' feelings and tread more carefully; talk less and listen more. :)

Hawke Donovan:
If everybody talked less and listened more, I think the world be an EXTREMELY different (better) place.  I know I personally would be a better human being.

*shuts up*



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