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Name: Sebastian
Age (Appearance): Around 25
Age (Actual): About 1725 - He was turned around the year 288.

Gender: Male
Species: Vampire


Sebastian has short, dark hair, just about black but with a few hints of lighter colours here and there. As it’s short, it is straight but until recently it fell to about shoulder length and curled beautifully, but when he awoke Seb decided a change would fit in with the modern styles so had it cut.

His eyes are a dark and penetrating blue, which was unusual in a family where everyone else’s eyes were brown. From a distance they look brown because of how dark they are, but up close to they are a beautiful colour. Over them lie nicely curved eyebrows which match the colour of his hair.

Sebastian has a slim frame and stands at six foot two. His face matches his frame, slim, but with strong features. There are no imperfections on his skin, what scars there were have worn away in time and his skin is pale as marble with death although it’s not quite as solid as stone yet.

He’s usually seen wearing the most modern fashions, always changing, never sticking with a style for too long. He doesn’t have any items he’s especially attached to.

History and personality:

As a human Sebastian was part of the Roman Empire, joining the army at a young age and serving well, rising swiftly through the ranks. However, he was a devout Christian and worked with great enthusiasm to convert all he could to the Christian way of life. When the persecution of the Christians began, Sebastian was sentenced to death and took it bravely. His sentence was carried out as he was tied to a post and shot with arrows.

That night however, a vampire found him, still barely alive and admiring the strength of his beliefs and conviction, Irene sired him, giving the martyr a second chance. Angry at the way he had been treated and wanting his voice still to be heard, in an attempt to help his people, Sebastian faced the Emperor Diocletian who had commanded his death, demanding justice.

Furious at finding the young man still (seemingly) alive, Diocletian ordered his soldiers to beat Sebastian to death and the body was disposed of in a sewer - which probably saved him when the daylight came as it sheltered him until his sire was able to find him and support him until he was back to health. She took Sebastian away from Rome and the dangers which lay there for him.

For centuries Sebastian travelled, helping those he could, healing with a few drops of blood those he was able to. One night he was able to heal half the patients in a hospital, but Irene stopped him before he could do more and reprimanded him. Not everyone could live forever. Sebastian saw the truth in her words and knew that his was a never ending task. He tried to help, but people didn’t want a monster helping them - they were ungrateful for his gifts, but Sebastian remained firm in his faith, but no longer forces his help on those who do not want it. He does not seek out those in need, but won’t turn away a request for help.

Sebastian does not belief that he has to suffer to remain true to his faith though. He enjoys the time he has, spending his money on items he enjoys, but often gives away large amounts of money to charities he deems worthy.

Irene and Sebastian parted ways amicably after half a millennium of friendship and he survived well by himself from then onwards, making friends easily enough but not growing too attached to anyone special. They met up again a few times over the years, but never stayed together again for any great amount of time. Sebastian has never sired anyone, because although he was grateful for the gift he was given he doesn’t deem himself worthy of giving it without a real sign that it is meant to be. Irene trained him well and Sebastian continued his own training once she was gone, so his mental abilities are strong.

Sebastian will fight for what he believes in, but does not like to upset people. If someone finds what he is saying distressing the vampire will stop and try to come up with a new method. Faults Sebastian knows he has are his pride and greed. He enjoys being able to buy what he wants and takes pleasure in that. Pride over his achievements - as well as new possessions - does at time rack him with guilt, which is why Sebastian does not let himself get too attached to things. He will enjoy them for a while and then pass items on to charities, or sell them and give the money to a good cause.

Pride also comes into play when dealing with humans a lot - a feeling of superiority that Sebastian is unable to shake although he knows it’s wrong to feel that way. He pities them and their fragile lives, a feeling which developed over years of helping them. It had begun as a sense of duty, a desire to do what he could to serve the Lord, but became a feeling that he was simply helping sick puppies he found on the street and couldn’t pass by.

About thirty years ago Sebastian came to the city, feeling drawn to it in a way he couldn’t explain, but after only a few months here, enough time to set up a house as a home, the vampire felt his sire pass as she gave up on life and watched the sunrise. Overcome by grief Sebastian took to the ground to sleep through the pain and he has only just risen again, feeling able to face the world once more.

Awareness of supernaturals: Sebastian has run into most creatures in his time - an angel being the most exciting and confirming points of his time. He longs to meet another but hasn’t had the chance.