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City Streets
« on: December 18, 2006, 09:17:05 PM »

Wander through the inner city streets, from the top end of the open-air courtyard mall to the sidewalks of forgotten alleyways and the creatures that reside in them.  In very public areas, the city streets are surprisingly clean.  Green metal dustbins are strategically placed, while the City Watch (public servants with the right to hand out tickets) ensure that no litterbug gets off without a hefty fine.  The City Watch don't operate too long past sundown, however, but at nighttime the litterbugs usually have other fiends to worry about.

The streets are an intricate maze that stretches over the entire metropolis, a moment of distraction and a wrong turn can easily have you drifting for hours. Each corner marks the beginning of a different world, and the directionally challenged don’t stand a chance.  Deep in the heart of the city there is an obvious grid, but it starts angling away and cropping up into one way streets and darkened alleys the further out you go.  Street signs are strangely absent at T-intersections between a main street and an alleyway.  Though if the adventurous do stay out late at night wandering the back streets, they can also find a lot of businesses nested away that keep very unusual hours.

With the spicy smells of the orient, and the friendly or harsh asian faces looking upon the entering tourist, Chinatown and its garish colours and exciting sounds is a feast
A collective term used to describe the rows of tiny streets tucked in an otherwise secluded spot to the western side of the City Central. It brims with peddlers, traders, fruit vendors and their pushcarts; rivals, united only by their dogged persistence to sell, and to swindle.  The streets themselves are unpaved, little more than dirt roads. Dust swims around the ankles of potential customers like welcoming cats. Visitors hardly have time to glance down however, being too preoccupied by aggressive dealers and the assorted wares being thrust in their faces.

Travelling further west and the streets begin both to narrow and cobble, until the city streets merge with the old-world suburbs which brings with it the smell (if not the sounds or sights) of the ocean air.  Gulls mix with pigeons and sparrows for cafe treats from disinterested punters.
A neutral area, where anything goes. The homeless and their cardboard signs are as abundant as women tottering along in stiletto heels. The streets here are cobbled, and the buildings scenic, lending a rather quaint appearance and pleasant atmosphere in the daylight hours. One almost expects to see an English schoolboy on the curb, donning breeches and selling newspapers for a shiny shilling.
Sunset sees the place transform, casting shadows in its wake. Neon billboards blaze to life. The crowds double... then thin out. Even the pot plants look sinister. There’s no telling what goes on downtown at night…
Roam too far east and you’ll find yourself tangled in the web of shady alleyways just shy of the Brazilian Quarter, the ones mothers warn their children about, where struggling against a thief could leave you not only wallet-less, but fingerless as well. Loan sharks can be found here, so long as you get to them in one piece and with your money intact. Hired guns, pushers, hustlers… You name it. Morning visits are perilous; to venture here in the evening is pure murder.

[written by Chem and Satyr]