Author Topic: Twenty-five years later...  (Read 4801 times)

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Re: Twenty-five years later...
« Reply #15 on: July 03, 2011, 05:39:49 PM »
Feeling much more confident, now that he\'d been allowed to break contact without any problems, Dom\'s expression settled into its usual pleasant vague smile and he turned and led the way back towards his car.

He\'d parked the vehicle (which he also used for work) in a long-term car park, thinking that he didn\'t know how late he\'d be in the city or even if he\'d drink so much he couldn\'t drive home.

Now, suddenly, he was going to save himself a hefty parking fee, and that pleased him almost as much as looking at the man he was driving home in it did.

As he followed Sebastian\'s instructions, the old excitement began to build within him, his trepidation falling away as he anticipated the enjoyment he was about to receive.  He barely noticed if his companion was hesitant about giving directions, his mind was too preoccupied with thinking about what would happen when they finally got there.

(Continued in 'Getting Back Into It')