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Dominic Kaho
« on: June 30, 2010, 12:56:57 PM »
Name: Dominic Paul Kaho

Generally addressed as: Dom

Age: 28

Date of birth: 27th of November

Starsign: Scorpio

Gender: Male

Species: Human


Hair: Black, thick and wavy.  If Dom lets it grow, it turns into a hazy mass of ringlets that border on an afro until they get long enough to droop towards his shoulders, so he keeps it cut very short - faded on the back and sides with about half an inch of length on top for styling into a faux hawk or just some random peaks.

Eyes: Light blue and deep set in his head, Dom's eyes are large and expressive.  They contradict his general colouring and tout his mixed heritage.  They are surrounded by ridiculously long and curly black eyelashes.

Nose: Dom's nose is broad at the nostrils, thanks to his heritage, strong, straight and noble.
Lips: Dom's mouth is wide with a lower lip that is slightly fuller than his upper but both are sensual and generously, sensually endowed.  When he smiles, a shallow dimple appears wither side of his wide mouth, making him look mischievous and young.

Height: 191cm (6ft 3in)
Weight: 108kg (238lbs)

Frame: Dominic is a very large man, covered with thick muscle and built powerfully.  His is the sort of frame that most people instinctively recognise is too large to be moved and (even grown men) immediately turn themselves sideways to accommodate his bulk when they pass.

Complexion: A light brown, the colour of cocoa mixed with milk; a smooth, caramel-chocolate that feels as delectable as it looks.
Voice:  Masculine and quite deep; has an American accent flavoured by his ability to speak Samoan.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: On his right upper arm, Dominic has bold, swirling black lines that represent his Samoan heritage and have meaning for him.  The thick curls snarl their way onto his back to cover as far as his right shoulder blade, with a tendril snaking up the right side of his neck in one vine-thin swirl.  He has a Risk frequent-flyer (protected) tattoo on the inner wrist of his left arm.
Usually seen wearing:  Khaki work shirt (always tucked in, firmly fitted across his chest and around his biceps, top two buttons open to reveal his thick, chunky silver necklace), khaki work shorts that reach his knees (also quite fitted around his bulked-up thighs), thick socks and heavy-soled, steel-capped workboots.

When he goes out, he favours ass-hugging (though loose-legged) long pants, tight shirts and chunky silver jewellery.
Usually seen holding: A mobile phone or a clipboard he's squinting at, at work, or a sketch pad or loaded-up barbell at home.
Body Language

Common stance: Standing tall, arms akimbo, staring straight ahead, eyeing off whatever he's staring at confidently.

Visual habits: When he's flirting or when he's nervous, he has a habit of playing with the chunky silver necklace he always wears (it was a gift from his parents when he turned twenty-one and he never takes it off).
Occupation: Principal operator of A.A.G. ~ All About Gardens, a landscaping firm specialising in innovative residential garden designs with a side of plumbing and construction to support their creations.
Personality: Dominic is a serious person, able to stay calm when things don't go to plan at work and managing to stay unruffled even while others flap about like the world is ending.  His laidback attitude comes from a love of quiet, of nature, of simple things and earthly pleasures and he is perfectly suited to the work he does.

Oddly, though many people count him as a friend, Dom doesn't easily grow close to people, tending to keep himself to himself - largely due to his sexual orientation and his opinion that it is nobody's business (and that it might affect his business).

He loves music and dancing but associates such pursuits with the bite and the hedonistic habits of his late teenaged years, still not able to assimilate the two into his life without losing complete control - he has come to respect the benefits of control, of maturity, of living a well-balanced life that earns him respect in return.

As much as his mother nags him that he deserves to be happy, that he should find someone special to spend his time with, relationships just haven't worked out favourably for him in the past, so he's extremely reluctant to reveal himself to anyone, happy to keep things simple for the time being.  He'll go out of his way to help a mate, to be there whenever he's needed and he's extremely friendly, but a wall separates him from true communion with people, thanks to his dark, secret desires.
History: Dominic was born and raised in the city as part of a large American Samoan family.  He is the youngest of six children and, as such, received abundant amounts of hand-me-down love, clothes and attention.  He always had an affinity for the outdoors and was never happier than when his parents took the whole family on long summer campouts that involved tents, cookouts and endless days of swimming, fishing and hiking through the forest.

Not being particularly academic, Dominic left school at fifteen and became apprenticed to an elderly local landscaper by the name of Frank Cappelli.  At his boss' insistence, he got his high school equivalency and continued his study, embarking on a degree in Landscape Design-Build whenever he wasn't working through the day (sponsored by Frank).  Groomed for running the business, everything passed into his hands when Frank retired six years ago, though he is still on the books as the owner, receives a tidy amount of profits and all the headaches if overheads can't be met.

Dominic, therefore, is completely in charge of the business, hiring and firing as he sees fit, designing and building in residential homes.  He generally refers to (and thinks of) the business as his, because Frank has become a retired sponsor and is more interested in hot fishing spots than in helping out, especially now that he has his degree.

Once he started working full time, Dominic only had one regression, during the city's Apocalypse.  Admittedly, it was a big regression but he mostly got his life back on track afterwards, moving out of his family's house and into his own shabby little apartment at the Cookie Cutter Flats.  Slowly, he built up a respectable amount of furniture and weights, but he more or less abandoned it when he met Michael nine years ago.

Michael was a highly successful property lawyer quite a few years older than nineteen year old Dominic, but when Dom went round to his fancy house to fix a broken pipe (for he was also a pretty good - if unqualified - plumber in his line of work), sparks flew between the two and they soon undertook a relationship.  It lasted about six months, their union coming to a very strange and abrupt end when Dom's past - in the form of Lazarus - invaded their house, raped Michael and kept the pair of them hostage for a night and a day.

When Lazarus had had his fill of humiliating the couple and proving that Dominic's allegiance lay with vampires over mortals, he left them to clean up the shattered remains of their relationship.  Everything was somewhat marred by the intrusion of the Oligarchy needing to swoop in and clean up the Ancient's mess and even though they wiped Michael's mind, removing his knowledge of vampires, they only lasted another week before Dominic moved out of Michael's house and back into his own, citing that he was feeling smothered.

Embittered by his experience at Lazarus' exploitation, Dominic kept his head down for many years, concentrating on seeing his mother and father on the weekends, his brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces every other day and staying the hell away from vampires.  He knows it is likely that he will falter in the future, but for now he is keeping his head down, his business expanding and his relationships on a strictly casual (and secretive) basis that no-one he knows will ever hear about (much to his mother's disgust).  In his spare time, he's generally sketching or working out with his weights at home, though he's been known to frequent Sticks and Stakes Pool Hall to pick up a game.
Interesting Facts: Dominic first learned about vampires during the city's Apocalypse, when he was sixteen.  He lost his sexual and bite virginity on the same night, to Lazarus.

Hobby/Hobbies: Fishing, camping, working out, drawing garden designs, dragons and tribal tattoo designs.
Likes: The outdoors, gardens, hard work, vampires, men, a beer after a hard day's work, keeping his sexuality to himself, football, team sports, going to bars where sports are watched on TV, playing pool, hanging out with his family, barbecues.

Dislikes: His weakness for vampires, having no resistance to his addictions, wine, clingy, needy men, getting hassled by his mother that he hasn't settled down yet, being confined in small spaces.
Strength: Dominic is generally honourable, stoic and has an unceasing work ethic.  He is not particularly academic but his easygoing personality makes it easy for him to get by even the crankiest of people, soothing awkward situations with his charming smile and an easy laugh.  He's a good guy just doing his best to get by and is always considerate of other peoples' feelings, not wanting to cause waves when it's unnecessary.  He will fight tenaciously for the underdog and has no issue with stepping forward when he sees something isn't right.
Weakness/Flaw: He is addicted to being bitten by vampires and his subservience to the supernatural is a danger to him.  As responsible as he is in general, he loses all self-control when it comes to vampires and has been known to make some very bad decisions based on his weakness.  He's not a fan of committment and even though he's had relationships that were very good for him, he's never been able to get beyond his love of (and lust for) vampires enough to fall in love with the people that deserve it.

Anything Else To Add: Although his family is aware of his sexual orientation, his clients don't have any idea that he's gay; he's blokey enough to not be picked straight away and he doesn't disclose willingly, figuring it's better for business if he flirts with the wives and knocks back a beer with the husbands at the conclusion of a job.

Roleplays - Worship Me (Dominic meets Lazarus and Orias at Risk) - Eternal Chase (Dominic goes back to Orias' place with Lazarus and they are immortalised in sculpture before they fuck) - The Houseguest (Lazarus invades Michael and Dominic's love nest)

~Two year break~ - Twenty-five Years Later... (Dominic is compelled to go home with Sebastian) - Getting Back Into It (Dom fucks Sebastian and chats with him about how the world's changed while the vampire slept) - Low Stakes (Dom and Gene go to the pool hall and he tells Gene he's hired) - Opening Night (Dom summons Gene to the Venture opening with Sam's help and then picks up the pieces afterwards)

~18 month break~ - First-Time Outing (Dom meets Ash (Aislin) at Sticks and Stakes, loses a game to her and scores a date with Jimmy) - The Gene Files (Dominic goes to The Luminary at Sam's behest to reunite with Gene/Remiel)