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Fenwick Baldor
« on: July 07, 2011, 09:05:24 AM »
>Full Name and Title:
Fenwick “Fen” Baldor


August 2nd

A wine-seller for the family vineyard… in training.

Adora. His family has worked the land for generations to get the best grapes to make the best red wine in Oberon, and they attribute their continued success to Adora.

His hair is a medium brown, and in the sun, it has a golden undertone to it.  He keeps it just past his shoulder length.  The locks are thick and wavy, though not enough to be curly.

Hazel, though they are mostly green.

A small button nose.

Medium in plumpness, though a little small on width.

>Skin Color:
He keeps a light, rosy tan, though it isn’t too much coloring on his skin.

His hand has a few scars on it, from when he tried to catch a bottle and ended up catching a handful of shattered glass instead.  Thankfully it was well tended, so the scars are light and don’t affect his hand movement.


He’s lean, with some muscle from working on the vineyard, but not too much.  He obviously doesn’t work out every day, or do any weapons training.

>Physical Attractiveness:
He is charismatic and extremely charming, which rubs off on his looks.  He tends himself well, and is extremely concerned with his looks.

He dresses above his station, to say the least.  Normally he wears rich colors, preferring vibrant greens, as they play well with his eyes and hair.  He’ll pair a well made tunic with dark pants and a brown doublet at times.  He always likes to keep up with current fashions.

Gwyneth was a daughter of a merchant, having money but not nobility.  Despite all attempts, she could not marry up, and instead married Roderick, a wealthy vineyard owner and wine-seller.  She prizes beauty and music above all.  She is currently with child and hopes for a daughter, though Roderick wants another son.

Roderick Baldor comes from a long line of men who have owned the Baldor Vineyard just outside of Oberon.  He is an astute mind, and while he runs the business, he is not afraid to get out and get his hands dirty, the exact opposite of Gwyneth.  He wants his (as of now) only son to follow in his footsteps, though it does not look like that will be happening any time soon.

One is on the way, though Fenwick does not know what it will be yet.

Fenwick spent some of his time with his mother, learning his joy for music and beauty, and part of his time with Roderick—though not at his own choice—learning the family business.  He was the child who spent time at the nicer tavern in town telling stories by the fire and singing songs as entertainment.

Roderick hired a tutor specifically to teach Fen mathematics and logics, though Fenwick was hardly interested.  His father bribed him into doing well, promising him a lute if he did well enough, which Fen earned with flying colors.  His mother hired a tutor for music and story crafting, which he needed no bribery to learn.

>Natural Talents:
Fenwick has a clear singing voice, which might be called beautiful—he wouldn’t mind in the least.  He can charm his way out of tricky situations if need be, though he isn’t in them often, or charm his way into a few beds, which he is more likely to do.

Singing, telling stories, playing his lute, flirting, archery (though he is absolutely no good at it), and painting (he isn’t good at that, either).

Fen is a cheery man, without a care in the world.  He does not even try to put on a face of caring around his family, and is generally free spirited.

Fen has a bow, though it isn’t all that broken in, nor does he see any use for it except archery with a few of the merchant’s sons.  It is supposed to be for social purposes, after all.

>Pictures: coming soon!

>Recent History:
When Fen turned 16, his father set him to work selling the Baldor red wine to local inns and the nobles of the area.  There are a few merchant families who could not care less for Fen, seeing as he courted a few of their heirs to the bed then abandoned them, with no interest in marriage.  Still, he has a charming way, and people generally cannot stay angry with him for very long.
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