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Name: David Christopher Stevens
Generally addressed as: David (where once he was Dave to his mortal friends, his sire has insisted it's a cultureless abbreviation and to introduce himself only as David.  He will rarely tell people his full name, even though it is still strongly part of his identity)
Age [appearance]: Early twenties (he was 22 when sired)
Age [actual]: 48
Years as a vampire: 25
Date of birth: 4th of August, 1964
Starsign: Leo
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Sired: 1986
Sire: Darius of Athens, a man born in Classic Greece, in the 4th century BC

Hair: As with the symbol of his starsign, David has a mane of long, golden hair that draws attention to him everywhere he goes.  All one length, it falls to his shoulders in a tumbling mass of wavy curls that he very rarely tames with a brush, framing his face unless he tucks it behind his ears or ties it back.  Although the roots are brown - and, when he has it tied back, it looks light brown -the majority of his hair is a mix of natural white highlights and golden blonde, thick, tousled and beautifully decadent.

As for the rest of his body, his chest, back and arms (including underarms) are completely hairless, while he retains a small amount of brown/gold hair leading from his belly button to his pubis (which has a modest thatch on top and none below).  His legs are as smooth as his arms are.

Eyes: Brown with light brown eyelashes surrounding them.  They are placed slightly too close together on his face and sit beneath a high forehead and straight brown eyebrows.  His eyes have some golden flecks throughout the irises that sometimes give his eyes a more golden aspect, if his mood is good and when light hits them, they shimmer warmly.  His eyes are modestly sized with heavy lids, which gives him an intensely 'bedroom' look - especially if he pouts.

Face: David has an aquiline nose, straight and fairly small above a very pronounced cupid's bowed full upper lip.  His lower lip is also full and pouty, and his mouth overall is not particularly wide; it looks to be made for sucking, really.  His countenance is leonine thanks to his smallish nose and pretty mouth.

Height: 6' 1" / 185.42cm

Frame: David's body is very muscular but svelte; he has an athlete's frame with shoulders only slightly wider than his narrow hips and long, tapered limbs.  His arms are especially attractive with pronounced curves around his biceps and muscular forearms, though they don't compare to his rippling torso.  Firm, rounded pectorals with small brown aureoles and nipples sit above chiselled abdominals and muscled hipbones that could keep a tongue entertained for a week.  David is best viewed with his shirt off, according to his sire and in this, he is right.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He has a golden triforce (from the 'Legend of Zelda' video game - his favourite as a child) tattooed on his left ribs, just beside his pectoral muscle, as close to his heart as he could get it. Since his arm covers it when it's by his side, he envisioned the tattoo, originally, to mean 'hidden power'.  Now, it's not generally recognised for anything but three triangles since the world has moved on from rescuing Zelda from Ganondorf's dungeon.

He also has a rainbow-hued peace symbol the size of the inner circle formed when meeting thumb tip to the tip of his index finger in the small of his back.  He got both tattoos when he was seventeen (his mother took him to get them).
Personality: David has always had a sense of entitlement - even before he was a vampire.  Raised to believe in and love himself - an outlook his loving mother instilled in all her children early on - the world has generally always bowed to him thanks to his confidence and good looks.
A typical Leo, he has a strong sense of his personal destiny - wanting to present himself as unique, and endear himself to everyone as special - his charisma and power undeniable.  He has a tendency to be seen as demanding due to these traits, because anything he attempts he works at until he excels at it (especially surfing and playing video games).

Although his ego often gets in the way of people getting to know the real him, David is generous at heart, always giving and loyal, buoying people with his zest and energy.  His physical appetites and energy levels are always high, he's a man of action and interest, always out in the world exploring new things and enthused about meeting new people.

In private, he is passionate and intense, able to focus on one person and give everything to them, but he has a habit of wearing people out and his love affairs are short-lived thanks to his intensity.  Because he is extremely generous, he expects others to be just as big-hearted; it's hard for him to not jump in and try to change it.  To others, he can seem a bit of a tyrant, asking for more than they can give, so they shy from him sooner than he wishes them to.

Because of his personality, David has also learned resilience and better judgment.  He is young, so he is also only just coming to terms with patience and longevity, more often remaining aloof as he judges the worth of involving himself in things.  He's not yet arrived at the conclusion that caring is useless, though his ageing mother and siblings shock him every time he sees them and he's facing some mortality/value of immortality questions more and more often.

In general, David is warm and friendly, open to adventure, dynamic, charismatic... and maybe a little too vain about his looks (he doesn't tend to engage in conversation with ugly people), though his pride is well placed.  His arrogance tends to put the weak of heart off, however, and he does lament his loneliness as times, missing his sire, his family and yearning for something meaningful to stick around him a bit longer than a few months.

 David was born in New York during turbulent modern times, raised - along with a younger brother and sister - by his single mother, thanks to the Vietnam War taking his father when David was six years old.  His mother became an advocate of peace and he and his siblings attended quite a few rallies in their young lives, his mother supported by the government on a war widow's pension.  They didn't have a lot, but they were raised with love and an inherent belief that they deserved better due to the sacrifice 'they'd' made for their country.

David was always encouraged to follow his dreams, his mother's philosophy of peace and letting people be their own people reflecting the hippy spirit of the seventies.  They travelled around North America pretty extensively throughout his childhood and David picked up a love of surfing and video games in San Francisco, where he got most of his schooling completed.  When he came out to his mother in that same city at fifteen years of age, she was overjoyed and took on the rainbow flag and gay rights as her new favourite cause (especially in the wake of the Cold War not yielding too much to protest about, after all).

At eighteen, David travelled with his then-lover back to New York, his birthplace, to live.  They had visions of making it big somehow, someway, but ended up doing quite a number of trashy things (relying on David's good looks, for the most part) to make money, nothing consistent and all of it increasingly shady.  One night, David was offered money for his blood and drunk from by a vampire.  It turned out that the money was all in his head, he'd been Dominated and duped, but the secret that the supernatural walked the earth for real was his and it amazed him.

By the time he was twenty, David was a regular at Liquid Empire, his beauty and freespirited nature allowing him to pick and choose his partners; he was exclusively dating vampires as well.  He met the Ancient, Darius, when he was twenty-one and managed to impress the vampire so much that he gained immortality for himself.  Unlike most vampires, he didn't keep the secret to himself, he told his mother and siblings, demonstrating his unlife by drinking from his sister's boyfriend.

Now his mother supports gay vampires, though there is no banner or flag she can openly wave in support.

As so often happens with those sired because they are pretty, however, the sheen of David wore off with his two thousand year old sire.  They spent twenty years together, the Ancient training his fledgling as best the youngling's arrogance would allow, before the old one bribed him to go somewhere else - for the sake of his learning, Darius said.  David had heard talk of the nameless city at Liquid Empire by that stage and decided it would be a perfect place for them - he set up an apartment in the city about four years ago using Darius' money and expects his sire will join him at some point, though he's still in New York for the time being.  His mother is the only one who's ever stayed in the other bedroom thus far.

Residence: Apartment 2, The Majester

Awareness of Supernaturals: Limited to vampires, werewolves and smoke demons at this stage.

Occupation/Job: Being pretty.  He is supported by his sire and has the freedom to do what he likes with his time.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: He is a gaming nut and owns every console ever invented, with a hefty supply of cartridges/discs for each and every one of them.  He's always favoured Nintendo's games and the Street Fighter series above all others, but he'll play anything once.

Hobby/Hobbies: Surfing (not as fun at night as it used to be in the sunshine, so he doesn't do it all that often), playing video games, archery, finding new and interesting lovers.
Likes: Men, action, video games, socialising, high-energy places, music, tests of physical prowess, training with his sire, seducing mortals.

Dislikes: War, guns, violence, politics, being alone for long stretches of time.
Strengths: He's a ball of energy; warm, bright, eager and self-motivated.  In the right frame of mind, he could convince mountains to move for him and charm the leaves off the trees.

Weaknesses/Flaws: He's used to getting his way and doesn't deal well with opposition or when his charm and beauty don't work in his favour.  He can be fiery and temperamental when challenged and he's not ever learned to be a good loser (he hasn't lost enough to have to learn).  His intensity can become overbearing.

Foray (David ventures into Risk and meets Bryant)
Hermits United (David picks a fight in Risk)
Blonde Ambition (David meets Lazarus at Risk, sleeps with him then meets Cicero)
Treetop Cottage (Cicero tests David's resolution, David returns the next night, shops with he and Lazarus, learns a trick from Cicero and goes to Risk with them)
Waiting For Change (David meets Bill at the Boardwalk and takes him for a ride on his bike)
Whetting The Appetite (Bill gets some food at the food court)
First Course (David takes Bill to his place and they get intimately acquainted)
Rumour Has It (David hears the rumours around town about two weeks after the Oligarchy has folded and runs into Bryant again)
Donor (David meets Cain at The White Rabbit {the night after he runs into Bryant again} and takes the mortal to his place)
Late Night Delivery (David drops Cain off at his hotel after six hours of fun and eyes off Toby Jameson)
Closing Time (David calls in to Risk after a bad date and chats with Sam, the bar manager.  He gets a distressed phone call from Bill and heads out soon after)
Second Course (About a month after he was last with Bill he picks the mortal up and takes him back to his place for that night, the next day and the next night - Bill goes to work the day after)
Eager (David picks Bill up after his visit with Emil and takes him for a ride in his new car)
Dabbling (David calls Cain and invites himself over)
Christening (David and Cain discuss being in a relationship and David sleeps over)
Playing the Field (Bill sends David a text asking if he's up for some 'fun', four nights after their unsatisfactory date)
Line of Scrimmage (David rides to Bill's house to pick him up for their date and meets Bill's father)
Amuse-Bouche (David and Bill go to the boardwalk and decide to make their relationship work)
Unexpected (David visits Cain and breaks up with him)
A Kept Man (David returns home to Bill after breaking up with Cain)
Rivals For Affection (Three weeks into his relationship with Bill, David takes him to Venture and rescues Cain from an angry vampire, growing angry when Bill manoeuvres his way into talking to Cain)
Quiet Night In (David and Bill return home only to discover that Bill's heart's desire is living next door)