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Calista Everard of House Liari
« on: July 15, 2011, 10:23:35 AM »
>Full Name and Title:
Lady Calista Everard of House Liari


April 3rd

As a Lady, heir of old money, she has no true job.

Thanatos, Greek God of Death, is the patron to her family, and she prays to him like the rest of the Liari lot.

Her hair is a golden blond which naturally falls with some curl.  She keeps it long, though she often braids it up line a crown about her head.

Her eyes are a dark sapphire blue, large and expressive.

Her nose is medium, never broken, and smooth.

Medium in plumpness, and about medium in width, her lips had a tendency of looking slightly pouty.

>Skin Color:
She has olive skin, which takes on a golden glow quite easily.

She has no visible scars, and has worked her hardest to make the ones she has fade into her skin, so they are not noticeable.


She is thin, though athletic, having more strength than a lot of “ladies”, but still looking ladylike.

>Physical Attractiveness:
She is statuesque, almost, and confident, adding to her appeal.

She always dresses to her station, with rich fabrics and fine tailoring.  She is not used to the fashions of the north, however, most of her dresses from Greece, her homeland, her fashion choices reflecting that. She normally wears olive greens, golds, and burnt oranges, which play best to her complexion and hair.

Ariadne was a beauty of Kreos, a woman of the aristocracy, and groomed for being someone who ran a household—in style, with money.  She was always level headed, calm, and keen on listening carefully for information while remaining under the veil of being “oblivious” and “naïve”, as someone of her station was supposed to.  She met Ryos Liari at a ball, before he gained his title as Lord of the land, and married him.  She died when Calista was only ten.

Ryos Liari was a quiet man, who had a love of weapons fostered by his father, who had been a soldier before gaining the title of Lord Liari.  He took up the mantle with great pride, even though he was riddled with sickness throughout his life, always weaker than his younger brother, Marcos.  He worked in the forge despite his weakness, leading to his early death of an unbeatable sickness soon after Calista’s wedding.

None, though she had two cousins, Kysis Liari, and Alia Liari (deceased).

Tiberius Everard (deceased).

Calypso Liari (daughter, still a baby, by Tiberius).

Calista grew up in the Keep of Kreos with everything she could ever want, from beautiful playmates to wonderful dresses to phenomenal balls.  She was tutored in being a strong woman, while still remaining feminine, though now and then Ryos allowed Tiberius, his Master of Arms, teach her some knife work, so she could defend herself.

She was tutored widely as a child, learning Greek, Latin, and English, as well as arithmetic, poetry, music, and painting.  She absorbed it all eagerly, ready to please her father all the more after her mother’s death.

>Natural Talents:
She has an extremely keen ear for overhearing things, a gift of her mother, and knows how to be charming, even if she hates someone, another gift of her mother.  Her level-headedness comes from both parents.

She paints now and then, though she harbors no delusions that she is any good.  She can also play a half-harp with some skill, and enjoys memorizing poetry for verbal recital.

She is level headed but warm, quiet but charming, and extremely charismatic, carrying herself with confidence.

Though Calista knows how to use knives, she rarely caries one with her, as she has guards for protection in public.

>Pictures: Calista

>Recent History:
When the Ottomans attacked Kreos, she was one of the first people evacuated to the camp on the north side of the pass, however, her husband, Tiberius, as Master of Arms to the Lord Liari, rode back into battle with his lord.  They brought back his body along with the news her cousin had fallen.  Calista went into heavy mourning, until Kysis seemed to arrive back from the doorstep of Hades, when she promised him she would try to continue her life… in Oberon.  She did not travel to Oberon with Kysis, instead riding a carriage with a few guards around her, mainly Jax, an old friend of hers, as their arrival in the city is not quite so urgent as Kysis\' ride.
Μεταξύ λάμψη και τρέλα

Lord Kysis Liari (Ένας πεσμένος ήρωας.),
Fenwick Baldor (Song, wine, and a bit of trouble),
Calista Liari (Θραύσματα Ομορφιά)