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Author Topic: A tear for every grain of sand  (Read 12645 times)

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Re: A tear for every grain of sand
« Reply #75 on: September 07, 2012, 06:49:10 AM »
Scott had no problem seeing in the dark.  He dropped Tucker who began to spiral into a meltdown.  "Tucker just relax.  You said you knew a way out so i took it.  I need you to keep it together.  I made a friend at the other hatch maybe she can help us.  And you're safe with me ok.  I'm not exactly human if you haven't noticed by now."  Scott coud still hear the bickering of the women in the hatch.  He was honestly surprised that his bullet missed the bitch's leg who was standing on the table.  Tucker was crying now.  Scott rushed to him and took Tucker's face in his hands, wiping away his tears.  "Listen to me, I'm not going to let anything happen to you ok.  Please I need you with me to guide me, we can do this."  Scott would have kissed him if he thought it would help but another thought passed through his mind.  "Why didn't the girls follow us, why did you say they wouldn't come through here?"
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Re: A tear for every grain of sand
« Reply #76 on: September 13, 2012, 01:34:30 PM »
Feet on the ground, Tucker felt tempted to run back to the hatch and beg to be let back in. It was a helpless desire he knew. If he went back there he’d be shot on sight. Then again, what was this new scenario going to turn out like? Tucker’s thoughts spun around manically. Scott had no reason to keep him alive beyond getting out of here, then what the hell would he do?

“You can’t trust anybody out here! I’m serious, Scott, anybody! Whatever friend you think you made forget about it! No one’s going to help either of us!”

Scott made physical contact and Tucker pulled away sharply. The human took a couple of steps backwards and  collapsed on the ground carelessly, not giving much of a damn where he landed. He couldn’t see anything anyway and there was no point of trying to get out of the tunnel if he was just going to be cooked by the sun later on.

“Why the hell would you help me? I told you all I know. You keep walking down the tunnel you’ll get out and when you do go back the way you came from. I don’t know anything else that can help you and I’m going to die out there before you do.”

Midst his freak out he realized Scott had asked a question that he’d never answered. Taking a swallow and moment to catch his breath, he continued.
“ The girls they, they don’t want anyone to know about this secret exit so they’re not going to follow because they radioed everyone and if they noticed one of them was gone, to go after us in the tunnel, they’d look until they found this thing. Right now the other teams have no idea about it.”   

He ran his fingers through his hair giving it a firm tug, knees up to his chest and tears still streaming.

“Just…leave the food, if you don’t need it. I’ll stay here until you’re gone and then…they’ll coming looking in here and they can shoot me then. They can fucking shoot me and it’ll all be over.”