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Marcel's Apartment - 3
« on: June 01, 2019, 02:44:45 PM »
On the ground floor in front of apartment number three is a welcome mat. It's the only one with a welcome mat even though it's the fifth one that Marcel had to buy because the other four were stolen. He persevered and either the thief or thieves were satisfied because the fifth mat has remained.

The small flat, while rented, has been given a coat of fresh paint by the person who resides in it. The walls are powder blue which makes the tiny apartment feel a little more spacious. The floor is a ash-blonde faux-wood plank tile to replace the threadbare carpet. Paintings and motivational prints fill the walls to the point where not another thing could be hung without looking too messy.

The furniture is plain but oozing character. Nothing matches but somehow the eclectic collection works. There is no television set but in its place is a good quality stereo sound system because Marcel values his music.

The single bedroom has a double bed in the corner and a writing desk in the opposite corner against the wall near the window so Marcel can look out into the street. The view is terrible but it has daylight. Blockout curtains pull to each side of the room. The bathroom has the original plain beige tile but there are finishing touches with the accessories that make it more cheery - bright towels, cute toothbrush and soap holders, a lovely pattern on the bathmat and pretty postcards blu-tacked down the side of the mirror. Even the toilet paper has flowers stamped on it, because Marcel likes the look of that brand, even though he doesn't need to use it. To stop dust gathering, he'll roll some squares out and flush them.

The kitchen pantry has some dry or long-lasting foods such as protein or muesli bars, canned soup, nuts, powdered drinks or cordial, and sweets.