Author Topic: Familiars ('Ghouls' in VtM)  (Read 1887 times)

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Familiars ('Ghouls' in VtM)
« on: October 16, 2011, 06:30:35 PM »
for Vampires


They can take on any appearance and can be any species with the exception of those with a large quantity of demonic blood (ranging from full blood to half blood, but those with parentage that has diluted their demonic heritage, they are able to become vampiric familiars)

Becoming A Familiar

A vampire can create a Familiar for themselves with the sharing of their blood - to be ingested by the person they have chosen to be their devoted follower.  A single drink usually won\'t create a Familiar immediately - the process takes quite a bit longer, and depends on the quantity of blood given.  If too much blood is given, it not only weakens the vampire, it could also poison the constitution of the drinker to the point of death.  Giving vast quantities of blood without the intention of siring will more often than not kill the drinker; however, giving small quantities at regular intervals forges the kind of bond that creates a Familiar.

It is possible to create an unwilling Familiar, but having such a creature is undesirable to most vampires.  A few find the idea of an unwilling Familiar to be amusing, unfortunately, as the Familiar would be dependant on the vampire to attain their fix.

Human Familiars

Specifically, humans who have become familiars have both positives and negatives attributed to the experience:

  • Long Life: The Familiar has an extended life.  Depending on when they began drinking their master's blood, they could extend their life up to two hundred years (triple their normal lifespan).
  • Enhancement: The Familiar\'s five senses are enhanced, much like their vampire master.  They will also appear healthier; shinier hair, glowing skin, better muscle tone.  They will heal quicker - not as quick as a vampire, but quick enough to raise eyebrows from the medical profession.
  • Mental Connection: They can be mentally summoned no matter where they are; whether asleep or awake, they will know when their master is calling them.

  • Addiction: They will become addicted to the regular drinking of their master's blood, and not getting it can give them severe withdrawals.  In the case of extended life, they could die without it.
  • Loss of Freedom: They are entering into servitude to the vampire who created them, whether they were willing or not.  The vampire has Marked them, by allowing his/her blood to run in the Familiar's veins

Familiars Made From Other Species

They will gain the benefit of faster healing (if they don\'t already have it), and acute senses (if they don\'t already have it).  They will be marked by the vampire blood also, and will suffer the perils of addiction as well.  They share a stronger mental bond with their vampire master than a mortal, however, one that they can use to send telepathic messages to the vampire they share blood with.

Their strengths depend on the protection offered by their vampire master, whom they are familiar to.  Otherwise, they have the normal strengths of character afforded them by who they are.

The addiction to vampire blood.  The fact that other vampires will want very little to do with them because of the vampire blood in their veins.  They will be recognised as a Familiar by other vampires.  Otherwise, they have the normal flaws afforded them by who they are.

General Personalities:
Additional to their normal character, they will become \'junkie like\' - content and happy after just receiving their usual drink, harsh and impatient when they\'ve been without it for a while.  Obsessive and fanatical when they\'re denied it.