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Re: ALTERNATE: The New World
« Reply #360 on: July 16, 2012, 06:59:25 AM »
William listened quietly to Aden’s speech, trying to see it from his sire’s point of view. When he’d met Aden he’d been… well, William himself had used the word monster. He’d been out of society for so long he’d barely been able to communicate, but he had tried and they had been here for a long time.

Maybe he was right in some parts of it – their home had started out on the outskirts of the city but had soon been swamped by the growth and now there was none of the peace there had been before. Despite him attempts to blend them into society and what Aden thought he liked William had never been comfortable pandering to what was expected of him, he just did it because he felt he had to. He didn’t know any different.

But Aden did and he could teach him like he’d shown him so much already. William didn’t want to become a monster, a predator like Aden said, scaring people for fun when they didn’t need to. The way Aden described it sounded horrific, but at the same time so tempting. It didn’t help that Aden looked so masterful and commanding when he spoke about it. William always found himself wanting to obey his sire, especially when he got like this and it stirred something within the younger vampire.

“You show me then,” William murmured, lifting a hand to run over Aden’s strong chest up to his throat, caressing his skin with a firm touch. “We’ll go see the children, then travel and hunt like you said. I don’t want to kill people, but I won’t try to stop you,” he added, lifting his grey eyes to meet the fire in Aden’s. It was obvious Aden was longing for blood and destruction and William didn’t want to get in the way of that. Perhaps this could be a compromise of sorts.

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Re: ALTERNATE: The New World
« Reply #361 on: July 16, 2012, 07:49:33 AM »
Aden smiled, intensely pleased that his fledgling was yielding and would come with him.  He didn't have killing plans per se... just hunting ones.  The thought of it aroused him; William's touch fed that and his gaze hardened as his body did.  "Then we should perhaps take some extra tools in the packs this time.  We'll get ready with it in mind... soon," he growled and ground his lower half against William's deliberately, leaning down to kiss him passionately.  They could afford a minor delay.


The roads to William's old town - and his human family's current residence - had improved through the years they'd lived there.  Coaches connected the two cities and all of those in between and though the vampires had their own stable of horses and coaches, they didn't want them with them in the wilderness after visiting William's ex-wife and children, so they left them at home in the care of the staff they'd hired for the purpose.  Besides, they could run the road to Plymouth much faster even than they once could, and see more civilised scenery as they sped past carriages that couldn't have carried them as far as fast.

They stopped at an inn they regularly stopped at as dawn approached, where they were allowed to sleep the day in the cellar because Aden had long ago established a friendly drinking/fucking regime with the owner.  When the next night arrived, they were just an hour short of their destination and were soon entering the outskirts of a place that had changed quite a bit since William first stepped off the Mayflower.  Aden always allowed him the lead when they entered the town, following where his fledge led so that he didn't get upset with him; tonight was no different.  They left their packs hidden and then Aden looked to his lover to see what he wanted to do next.