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Altissima quaeque flumina minimo sono labi : The deepest rivers flow with the least sound

Warning: RP with this character at the risk of yours, as he is very powerful and has little to no tolerance.

Age [appearance]: Early to mid 20s
Age [actual]: Not quite 2000 years old
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire (Ancient)
Sire: Lazarus
Fledglings: Ami Trask

Residence: Apartment 23, Fenghua Court, Chinatown

Overall: Tall and artistically built (statuesque form, muscular but not overly so, well defined with long fingers and almost hairless body), Cicero has always been considered androgynous, due to his very pretty countenance.  It is an ill-fitting description except for his face, for one look at his body and he is undoubtedly male with slim hips and broad shoulders.

Hair: Very dark brown with few highlights, long up top and tousled, brushed back or to the side with fingers.
Skin: He has long ago lost his mortal tan and is very pale, giving him an eerie and ethereal appearance.  When he stands very still, he is often believed to be a mannequin.
Eyes: Colourless and framed with long dark lashes, beneath arched and well-structured brows.
Frame: 6\'2"
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Not a single blemish, as he has worked on all of his mortal scarring, disfiguring himself as a vampire in order to properly heal over.  He is surprised that almost no other vampire he\'s met has thought to do this.

Personality: Aloof, cold-hearted, observant, humourless, cynical, cerebral, cultured, knowledgeable, ego-maniacal, violent.

History: Born into local Egyptian nobility under a different name, he was groomed to take over his mother\'s estate.  At the age of eight he was removed from his family by Roman soldiers and then traded into slavery, earning himself the all-general name \'Cicero\', which was a slang term the Romans used for their favoured slaves.

His life wasn\'t terribly hard, for many were charmed by his well-spoken manner and good looks, and he was to perform menial tasks towards house maintenance.  Unfortunately slaves were chattel much like furniture and he was sold for a high price several times, due to his outward presentation.

Landing in the household of a rather corrupt Roman politician who favoured teenage boys in his bed, Cicero once again fell into favour and remained with his new owner, travelling the world in his late teens with his owner.  Eventually he was replaced and sold once he hit his early twenties, but ran away from his new owner, earning him a death penalty in his homeland.

Not staying in one place for too long, he travelled and lived a beggar\'s existence mostly, but never really roughing it due to a proclivity for whoring.  An educated whore was difficult to find, and demanded a higher class of clientele.

He caught the eye of a young vampire who wished a companion while on the move.  Understanding that Cicero wouldn\'t be missed and that their lifestyle was much the same, he was sired into vampirism after being promised great wealth and power.  Such dreams faded when his existence remained the same, only with a burning and unquenchable thirst to go hand in hand with it, as well as the inability to ever enjoy sunshine.  He and his sire fought much, thanks to the trickery of his siring, but Cicero was too dependant upon his sire\'s teachings to go his own separate way.  Eventually his sire grew bored of their constant bickering and abandoned him a decade later.

Cicero has made his own way as a vampire as a result, learning what he could from other vampires willing to teach him in trade for whatever he had to offer (usually himself), and once he managed to achieve a handful of mental powers, he no longer chose to rely on others.

He has travelled the world multiple times, seen ages come and go, empires being built up and dashed into ruin.  He has met his sire on several occasions but never sought him out.  Whenever they come together it is usually highly intense, extremely sexual and overtly volatile.  He does his best to never mention his sire\'s name or think of him.  He believes his sire brings out the worst in him.

For the past few centuries he has been investigating those areas with thrumming supernatural activity, for he has a fetish for new things.  There are not many new things in the world, in his opinion, so he seeks them out hungrily.  If ever he meets those who share the same fascination or interest in supernatural hotspots, he considers them important enough to seek out and spend time with.  Otherwise, he could kill them as easily as look at them.  Mortals, vampires or any other species alike.

Awareness of Supernaturals: He has researched all known and documented species.  He hasn\'t heard of or read about Mimic Demons, but he did hear that the Luminary of this city is a dragon.

Occupation/Job: None.  He takes what he wants via mental dominance, and has no use for money.

Strength: He has learned to be patient.  Obstacles are often waited out; it might take him centuries, but he will wait it out.
Weakness/Flaw: He dismisses people too quickly, he burns his bridges without regard.