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« on: January 05, 2012, 10:04:27 AM »
Art in the Middle ages was inseparable from religion. It was infused with spiritual symbolism and meaning. The purpose of art was to awe and inspire the viewer with the grandeur of God. It also served to symbolize what people believed. Famous words of the time were believed: "Painting can do for the illiterate what writing does for those who read."
The mission of the sculptor, whose work was seen almost exclusively adorning church buildings, was to educate as well as decorate. They brought religious tales and moral lessons to life in stone.
Considered artists rather than engineers, architects usually had their best works displayed in the form of the temples. The Temples are a point of pride, and those of Adora and Talon vie to outdo each other in the glory of their temples. Money for any decoration or construction is raised by the sale of indulgences, fund raising caravans of relics, parish contributions, and donations from nobles (the latter in the case of Talon).
These are commissioned by the King or noble blood, as such works are terribly expensive due to the design, construction and materials used, not to mention the time and required skill. Most noble houses have one wall tapestry, if not, then most definitely a few hangings. Many noblewomen are taught the skills by their mothers, and it is a secret guarded from the men. Those who have learned the skill often consider themselves advantageous.