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Education / Schooling
« on: January 05, 2012, 10:05:56 AM »
Available Education
Nobles would have their children privately tutored, and often employed various tutors for specific tasks. Often a child of status would have half a dozen different tutors, from the basic reading and writing to etiquette, music, religious studies and book-keeping (accounting).
There are schools available for the rest. The schools are controlled by the temples.
The Schools
The farmhouse school is run by Adora\'s Clerics who teach the classes, who sometimes themselves only have a limited education. It is a very small building that can only fit around twenty students at a time and is usually not full, even though there are school aged children three times that number running around the various farms. The teachings include (and were usually limited to): the alphabet, numbers and counting, social studies (ie: know your place in the world that is Oberon Castle) and religious studies (Adora). The teacher would often talk and show prepared cards of letters and numbers, otherwise there were no teaching implements or methods for students to take notes.  Most farm children don\'t attend school, due to the necessity of helping the family run the farm.
There are two schools in the outerkeep, large buildings that look like miniature temples rather than schoolhouses, that can sit up to a hundred students. More of a lecture hall atmosphere, if the student didn\'t grasp their education the first time around, it was unlikely they would receive help catching up. Depending on which temple ran the school, the propaganda for their deity would start here. Students are provided a sheet of parchment a week, to take notes, though only a tiny percentage of them would be able to struggle letters out onto them.  The rest would merely doodle.
Also recognised as \'Merchant Schools\' for the child of the very successful businessman can be taught here. The school is run in a house, and classes are more like tutoring in groups, with no more than six students at a time. Each student\'s family would have paid half the cost of a student\'s time, so it is to the tutor\'s benefit to know how to manage a small group of children, as the income supports them nicely. Talon would be the focus of religious study, Adora would merely be mentioned as an afterthought - someone that somebody else worshipped. Scrolls and books are introduced at this level and above.
Reading & Writing
This is a skill that predominantly nobles have, even merchants struggle with such things, their talent usually lying with number recognition and arithmetic instead - unless they had an Innerkeep education.
If your character isn\'t part of this status, then you should explain how they\'ve come to learn reading and writing. Remember, schools didn\'t reach -most- of the poorer population, despite their availability.