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« on: July 16, 2007, 09:13:10 PM »
The night was clear, crisp, cool, and silent. So, naturally, Kynn was completely incapable of sleep. It was hunting weather, and even after the time spent in the Academy, he still had the occasional withdrawal problem. It was the tamed behaviour - he couldn\'t hold it for very long. Who are they to hold back their true nature? He thought, but tried to keep it from his Tutors - it\'d only bring them to know of his true plans once he became a Master. And believe you me, the Academy would be in just as much trouble as the rest of civilization.

So, to vent, Kynn wandered the corridors and grounds, looking like he was in a trance. To be honest, he was tracking... well... he didn\'t know what exactly. The traces were faint, and probably misleading, but he followed them anyway, eventually figuring that they were heading to the Arenas after loosing the trail in the outside part of the grounds. Kynn was sprinting there once he decided on it, eager for the combat that he\'d hopefully find. He was able to cancel out his need to actually kill, and the unfortunate ramifications afterwards. He didn\'t have his fighting claws, thankfully (at least in his opinion), so he probably would have an interesting fight on his hands.

A little further... just a little bit... his mind was telling him, over and over, as he ran. He stopped outside the arenas for a moment, thinking, before going straight back into his run. He was too excited to stop now. He was running full pelt into the open area to find...

Kynn groaned. Great, just great! If he didn\'t get a fight into him by the end of the night he\'d probably snap and maul someone during the morning lessons. And he knew he still wasn\'t likely to be able to sleep. Especially after getting so worked up.
So he waited, pacing back and forth, eventually taking a seat. He would wait for as long as it took.


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Re: Insomnia
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2007, 09:41:24 PM »
I wonder what time of the night it is? Late? Yes... I think it is...

Malek played with the shell in her hand, she had received it from the Grandmaster as a birthday gift a few months ago. He always sent interesting objects to the girl, never letters... what would be the point of sending letters to a blind person? Smiling as she felt the soft, delicate structure of shell... even though she could not see it, the texture was beautiful. The smile faltered from the black haired female

I miss... I miss him

How long had it been since the Grandmaster and Malek shared words? Too long... almost 4 years. Thinking such thoughts was distracting and she found herself on the outside grounds... the grass was adorned with dew and it felt nice against Malek\'s feet.

Since I\'m out here... I\'ll go to the Arena... I haven\'t been there in a while...

And so she did. Malek nearly lost herself in thoughts again but stopped them by shaking her head, she needed to be alert, there could be anyone out here.  Once reaching the Arena entrance, hesitating for a minute or even more before heading inside. The smell... the smell was interesting, Malek couldn\'t describe it but she almost entranced by it. As venturing father inside, she opened her eye lids, there was no one here to gape... no one to make a comment...


Suddenly, she felt sand beneath her feet... Oh god it was nice! Sand, such a nice texture... but what is this? Malek could of sworn she heard someone padding about, back and forth... back and forth. Her ears strained for any other signs of sound... or... any sides of movement.