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Don't Have a Gorilla, Man! Um, I meant cow...

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Hawke Donovan:
So around Bristol, UK, there are a bunch of gorillas that people have painted and spread around the city.

Gorilla Mania!

In Shepparton, AU, there are a bunch of cows that people have painted and spread around the city - most of them at the park grounds or university.

Cow Mania!

Hmn.  Gorillas and cows.

I would've chosen dragons, myself.

We had the cows in MN for awhile! Pretty neat :3

Hawke Donovan:
You must be talking about the Moooving Art cows.  Yes, they came from that worldwide exhibition, started in Zurich and different countries kept adding.  Officially, Ken Done was the one who painted the Australian cow for the exhibition.

I don't know why a bunch of them ended up in Shepparton, but they did, and they made a bunch more for themselves as well.   :hmm:

In Seattle we have pigs.

Pigs on Parade

Hawke Donovan:
Ha, awesome!  I love finding/looking at things like that. 

Cheers!  :cheers:

Has anybody got any more?


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