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Navan Bannitryn
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Name:  Navan Bannitryn
Age [appearance]: 26
Age [actual]: 78
Gender: Male
Species: Wood Elf
Place of Birth: A large forest in the deep Southern part of the Land of Woaving.  Really more of a jungle with just how Thick it is.
House: Libramen
Title: Apprentice

Occupation/Profession: Assassin
Hair: Sleek and fine, Navan usually keeps his hair a little below his shoulders.  It's a light brown with reddish highlights, and is often pulled back into a braid, or held in place by a leather hair band.
Eyes: Navans eyes are somewhat wide set, and very clearly almond shaped as usual to his race.  They're a deep emerald green.
Frame: Very slight and small.  Navan stands 5'5, and is around 130lbs
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Navan had some scars dug into his wrists from when he was a slave and was tightly bound in order to keep him from escaping.  He covers these with leather bracers.  He also has a burn scar on his back from when he was Much younger.
Alignment: Neutral Evil/True Neutral
Navan is not a very nice man.  He can be quiet and reserved, and often expects the worst from people immeaditly.  He's equally distrustful of his own race, and despite having an aversion to harming nature, he often scorns many traditions and habits of wood elves.  He's loyal to no one but himself, and has some deep trust issues that were only strengthened by his time in the assassins academy.

Even though he's often quiet and dislikes social situations, his house is rather relaxed, so he's developed a practiced persona when dealing with students who he deems might actually make it in his house.  When he is around them, he's still rather calm, but he's friendly.  He smiles, and listens, and helps in classes when they need it.  As soon as they decide to run away though, he's often the first to want to hunt them down.  As successful students, they may one day be useful to him.  As runaways, they're nothing but loose ends needing to be tied up.

He was born to a rather well known family of wood elves.  As a young child, his life was unremarkable, climbing in the trees of his home, learning how to read, write, hunt.  When he was around 20 years old, still nothing more then a child I the eyes of his family, Navan grew rebellious.

As annoying as it was, his parents found it harmless, and allowed him to make a rather poor excuse for a home on the far outskirts of their city.  One night after a part of some sort, he honestly can't remember what he was celebrating anymore, Navan passed out in his home.  He knew something felt 'off' in the forst when he went to sleep, but he was to drunk or tired to really care.

What he didn't know was that a group of bandits were making their way through the forest, just deep enough in to cause unease with the elves, but close enough to the edge so they wouldn't get lost forever.  They came across Navan passed out in his tree and a magic user within their group immeaditly attacked him with electricity to incapacitate him in case there were others around.  When Navan came to the next day, his back was severely burned from the attack, his hands were bound painfully tight, and there was a hood over his head.

He was quickly sold to a group of slavers, then in turn sold to a Lord who had a penchant for exotic 'pets'.  When he was a slave, he was often subject to beatings and hobbling in order to keep him from escaping.  His guards were never allowed to permenantly damage him, as he was forced to do acrobatic stunts for entertainment.

After a particularly harsh beating, Navan found his ropes loose one night, and slipped out of them.  After stealing a knife from one of his sleeping guards, he murdered the man as well as any guard who had ever beaten him and had crossed his path.  Afterward, he murdered the lord in his sleep as well as his entire family in order to tie up the loose ends, and escaped the city. 

After this, he roamed the countryside for a while until learning of the assassins academy.  At first he wanted to return to his home.  He wasn't certain where it was anymore though, and the longer he thought about it, the more bitter he became.  The other elves would have Known there were people in their forest that night.  How could they be unaware of their location and his capture?  Why did his family never save him?  The thoughts that he brooded upon his entire life as a slave twisted him and made him grow to hate his own people. 

Eventually, Navan learned of the Assassins Academy, and quickly set off to find and join them.  From there he was accepted into Libramen with high marks, and worked hard to hone his skills.

Family: His mother and father were both historians and teachers back in the elven city, and his sister was training to become a healer.  He never speaks of them, and considers them to be cowardly and shameful for allowing him to be taken and enslaved.
Likes: Navan enjoys being out in nature.  He enjoys practicing archery, and leaping from treetop to treetop.  When indoors, he often loves the quiet wisdom of the libraries(Like it or not, he inherited much of his parents love for knowledge).  Navan also enjoys spending time in the gardens, tending to the plants and mixing posions for his arrows. 
Dislikes: He hates loud, bustling places.  Other wood elves, students who don't take their studies seriously, slavers and bandits, and seeing harm come to ancient plants and trees.
Character Strength: Navan is quite prudent.  He knows his skills and his limitations, and he does the best he can to do the same for those he is around.  He rarely takes risks he's not certain about.  He also goes out of his way to express gratitude to someone who has done him a great service.  Rare, but it happens.  Navan has never lost his appreciation for all of the beauty in the world either, it has merely become somewhat twisted.
Character Weakness/Flaw: Navan is distrustful of everyone he meets.  He may act nice, but he's sizing you up to see whether you're worth keeping as an ally, or whether he should kill you now to save himself the trouble later.  Once someone has crossed him, he holds a grudge that he never lets go of.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Despite his attitude, Navan is still very young as far as elves are concerned, and often will tell others he is older then he really is in order to avoid being called a child.  He also tans his own leather from animals he has killed and skinned himself.  Any and all leather he wears was tanned by him, then crafted by someone else.
Hobby/Hobbies: Hunting and Reading.  Navan is skilled with a bow and arrows, and often hunts whenever he can in order to become better at using his bow against living targets.  He also deeply enjoys being out in nature with the dirt under his boots, and the smell of plant life filling his lungs.  He also enjoys reading, often about various plants that are exotic and unknown to him, and about histories and genealogies of various people within the Academy.

Bisexual, but he never really thinks about it.
Relationship Status: Single.  Very very single.
Current Financial Status: He saves most all money he makes from his jobs, spending only what he needs to for food and supplies.  Everything else he makes on his own, so he has a decent amount saved up in case he Ever needs it.
Carried Weapons: a bow and quiver of arrows, a small selection of poisons, and a dagger for close range work.
Known Magick: none
Skills: Balance, climbing, escape artist, jump, move silently, tumble, performance(juggling/dancing/acrobatics), archery, handle animals, decipher script(recognize, not read), and spot/search.  He can also tan leather, but he cannot craft it into anything particularly useful.  Navan also knows a great deal about the famous families that have ties to the Assassins Academy, but seeing as that's really more of a hobby, his knowledge is FAR from complete.