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Russell Hamilton
« on: February 05, 2012, 10:12:57 AM »
Russell Hamilton
Age (appearance): Mid 20s
Age (actual): 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human - Vampire Familiar

Hair: Short, dark blonde hair. Usually well kept and tidy but Russ is well aware that age is sneaking up on him and the hairline is receding ever so slightly.
Eyes: Russell’s eyes are bright blue. He usually wears glasses, but occasionally wears contacts, mainly for special occasions.
Frame: Russell is slim, but with a solid frame. He clearly works out, focusing mainly on keeping his torso trim and his arms with well defined muscles.
Distinguishing marks: Russ has a tattoo on his right bicep. It’s just a Celtic knot he thought looked good when he was a teenager but now he wishes he’d waited and got something more meaningful. He usually keeps a short moustache and beard which are the same dark blonde colour as his hair.

Personality: Russell has a very addictive personality, he smokes, drinks, and has dabbled in various drugs in his time. When he’s trying to get what he wants Russ gets quite snappy, easily frustrated and angers quickly, which had got much worse since he’s become Dale’s familiar and the craving is for blood, not just nicotine. He’ll lash out, argue, but not well because he can only think about what he wants.

But when he has his hit Russell becomes much more mellow and easy-going, doing anything to keep his vampire happy. He’s loyal and loving, when he’s happy. Otherwise he can become vicious and say hurtful things which usually isn’t the best thing for getting what he needs.

Recently Russell’s become far more aware of his mortality, but Dale promised to sire him… soon. That was three years ago, but Russell is still waiting, well aware timing is ticking on. But Dale got him hooked on vampire blood and the couple of times Dale has left he’s come crawling back a week or so later, desperate for another hit. At least the blood has slowed his aging a little, making him appear younger than he is due to the years drinking vampire blood, just a little at a time.


Russell grew up in New York, going to a good school paid for by well off parents. He grades were only average though, and began slipping when he hit his teens as he began smoking and drinking, generally hanging out with the wrong crowds. As soon as he left school Russell left New York, coming to the city and surviving off his parents credit cards - they cared too much about him to cut them off as long as he called once a week to let them know he was still alive and the one using the cards.

They grew fed up of his antics when he was twenty one, and cut him off because he’d begun using their money to buy hard drugs. Russell, although he had some cash put aside, panicked. He’d found out a little about vampires from visiting Risk, and became a pet, moving between vampires, never staying with one of more than a year until he met Dale when he was twenty five. The vampire, still young himself, fell for the human and made Russell his familiar, promising Russ that he would turn him.

But he’s still human.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Russ knows about vampires and a little about demons. He knows werewolves exist but he doesn’t know much about them.
Occupation/Job: None, he quite enjoys being a house pet.
Interesting facts: He drinks and smokes, but has been off most other drugs since Dale took him in. Occasionally he still enjoys smoking weed, but not often.
Hobbies: Russ loves playing video games, and is pretty good at them. He loves music and watching TV, although it’s more just for background noise than actually caring what’s on. Russ is quite gifted as carving wood, creating beautiful works of art. They’re mainly small, but Dale wanted to see what he could do with larger bits and bought a few larger pieces which Russ created beautiful sculptures from. He also burns patterns into wood, enhancing his work or creature pieces by themselves. If he doesn’t have a bit of wood to carve or something else to kepe his hands busy he’ll bite his nails, chewing them until they bleed.

Likes: Russ is addicted to cigarettes, alcohol and vampire blood. He loves being bitten, and drinking from his lover, but Dale only lets him have a tiny amount every week. He enjoys dancing and going out partying, but will be equally happy snuggling up with a loved one on a sofa at home.

Russ quite enjoys cooking, but usually doesn’t bother since it would just be cooking for himself.

Dislikes: Not getting his way. The thought of growing old. Having to rely on or fend for himself. He hates sushi.

Strengths: Russ is loyal to the end, when he thinks the person he is being loyal to will be able to protect him or give him what he wants. He’s usually a ball of energy, but doesn’t often know how to put it to good use. He’s creative but to make his best works he will often need to be pushed into it.

Weaknesses: Although energetic, Russ usually lacks motivation to really do anything useful. His addictions are a serious flaw and Russell lets them control him. He uses people, usually without really realising what he’s doing, mistaking it for love when people have what he wants.

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Re: Russell Hamilton
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2012, 10:13:27 AM »
Russell gave a laugh as he flopped down onto the bed with the dark haired vampire, panting and sweaty from exertion, but more than happy. His head was spinning pleasantly from the rum he’d been drinking earlier and his heart was pounding as Dale pressed a lingering kiss to his lips and gave a happy sounding groan at the taste of alcohol on his human’s lips, nipping gently at Russ’ lower lip to taste the blood.

The human groaned as the nip didn’t lead to more, although he knew it was too soon for him to be drunk from again. Dale had drunk from him just a couple of nights ago and Russell had been allowed a few drops in return, which had been plenty to give him the thrill he longed for.

The human crawled from the bed a little while later, taking a long shower before slipping back between the sheets. There was a while before sun up, but the alcohol was making him more tired and all he wanted to do was shut his eyes and dream the day away, their bedroom fully blocked from the sunlight to keep the vampire safe during the day. As he fell into a drunken slumber he felt Dale leave the bed, knowing the vampire was going to wash up before bed, like he usually did.

Judging by his pounding head, Russell guessed he must have been asleep for only a few hours when he woke up, a foreign smell filling his nose. The human coughed quietly, then more violently as he tried to gasp in a breath. His blue eyes shot open as he realised that the sound he could hear wasn’t normally there. The crackling of flames was getting closer and Russ pushed himself upright, panic shooting through him. Fuck, this couldn’t be happening, it wasn’t real.

Russell leapt out of bed, stumbling over a pile of clothes he’d forgotten was there, making for the shuttered window by the light of the glow from the TV Dale had left on as they slept. He paused, his hand against the catch, glancing back at his lover who still lay in a tangle of blankets. Although he’d managed to free his bare feet from the clothes, he still felt as though he was wading through mud as he moved back to the bed, shaking and shoving at the vampire, trying to wake him up, but it had little effect.

“Dale, Dale come on, wake up, I know you can,” Russell shouted, waving at the smoke which was filling the room and making things hazy, as though they had hot boxed the room but no where near as pleasant. Using his mental link to add voice to his shouts, Russell saw Dale’s eyes flicker slightly, but beyond that it was like trying to wake a dead body.

How long was it? Russell had heard once a fire could destroy a building in a matter of minutes. How many minutes? How long ago had it started? How long did they have? Not long enough.

Without stopping to think, Russell wrapped the vampire up in the blankets, tying them in knots, then he tugged desperately, trying to get Dale to the window. Somehow he managed to get the body off the bed, and dragged him half way there, but then his strength gave out. He couldn’t seem to move him any further. Russell dropped to his knees by the window, fiddling frantically with the clasps of the latches, struggling to open them for what seemed like hours, but it was only a few seconds before he managed to pull open the solid black out blinds, letting the sunshine pour in. He flinched at the sight, it had been months since he’d seen sunlight and he scrubbed at his eyes, remembering then to reach out and grab his glasses.

Now that the window was open, he could hear the sirens over the crackling of the fire, but they were still too far away, and he needed to get Dale out. Summoning the last of his strength, and with the help of adrenaline and vampire blood, Russ grabbed the vampire, tugging him upwards and throwing both of their bodies through the window. He could feel the sheet coming unwrapped as they fell, and saw a flash of dark hair before they hit the ground.

When he regained consciousness Russ found himself lying in the back of an ambulance, a blanket over him and a plastic mask over his face. Fighting against the warm hand pressed against his shoulder, trying to keep him lying down, Russell half sat up and the breath caught in his throat as he saw the bundle of blankets which had been protecting Dale in a corner of the van. He’d tried. And failed. And again he was alone.

His fingers curled around the blanket as he lay down, letting the doctors fussed over him as he found a loose thread and began to pick. God, he could only hope they’d give him some good drugs at the hospital.