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Guillaume deToulouse
« on: February 07, 2012, 08:38:49 AM »
Full Name and Title:  Lord Guillaume Raymond deToulouse, vicomte deToulouse

Age: 24

Birthday: 15th day of the Long Dark Moon (December)

Occupation: Noble. He is the nephew and ambassador to the Duke of Toulouse

Religion: Temple of Talon

Hair: He has relatively medium-long chocolate brown hair. It is thick, luxurious, and always kept clean and free of his face, save for a few loose strands. It has a gentle wave, one that gives him a very attractive look. The cut is even and is easily controllable. It is usually tied at the nape of his neck with a leather band.

Eyes: His eyes are a very light blue, so much so that they often appear silver or gray. His eyes rest strikingly on his straight face, rather deeply set, easily the most dominant feature. They are lined with thin black lashes. They often hold a very thoughtful gaze.

Nose: His nose is long, but proportionately so for his face. It is slender and comes to a soft point. Though he sports it well, it does tend to give him a very haughty appearance.

Lips: His lips are rather large and their size makes him feel slightly self-conscious when he does get a good glance at them. While the lips themselves are of average fullness, the width of his mouth has often been remarked upon by his family, as his mouth tends to protrude slightly.

Skin Color: Due to his noble birth, Guillaume doesn’t often spend hours in the sun, thus his white skin is very creamy, speckled with a few dozen dark freckles of varying sizes.  Various scars mark up his skin, the most noticeable being a small silver slice in the middle of his left cheek. This scar is not extremely noticeable unless one were talking up close to Guillaume or looking for it.

Height: Guillaume stands gracefully at about 5’10”.

Weight: About 190 lbs. His weight is distributed evenly throughout his body, giving him an athletic feel, without being too much.

Physical Attractiveness: Most people consider Guillaume attractive, but there is a sense of solitude about him which is often confused with conceit and condescendence. He has the bold shoulders of his father and the angular features of his mother. He is always kept together and cares about his appearance when he goes into public. He walks with a confidence that is silent but noticeable to all. It makes him a very impressive figure, despite his youth.

Clothing: Always fashionable for a person in his position, though not distastefully so. He gravitates towards grays, browns and more neutral colors, which angers his parents to no end.

Mother: Marie deToulouse, once Marie de Montagnac, she married Michel deToulouse through an arranged marriage when she was sixteen. Her mother, Catherine, was a resident of Aberdeen, and aunt to the late king. Marie has long hair, (down to mid-back), dark blonde in color with gentle waves. Hair is streaked elegantly with gray. Usually seen worn up in some manner, though she will take it down around her daughter and Guillaume. Her eyes are warm even though her expression usually isn’t. She doesn’t particularly like her husband, but she plays her part well. She is in her early fourties.

Father: Michel deToulouse. An impressive figure in his mid-fifties, broad-shoulders and built like a wall. He stands at 6’0”, 220lbs and is a bit intimidating to look at. He is a cold, merciless man who loves a battle more than his own family. He is the fifth son and last child of his father and has received little inheritances besides a title and a house in the dukedom of Toulouse, a gift from his eldest brother Raymond. He has dark brown hair now salted with age.

Siblings: Guillaume is the fourth child of seven. His first brother, Michel, is heir to all of his father’s lands. Michel (32) is eight years older than Guillaume, and the two are not close at all. Julien (31) is the second son, and arguably his mother’s favorite child and seven years older than Guillaume. The two brothers are always competing with each other in some way, though mostly Guillaume tries to keep up with this wild child. Charlotte (27) is three and a half years older than Guillaume and adores her little brother. The two grew up very close and remained close until she was married off a few years ago. Now she lives with her husband, Pascale, and their two children in the lands of Elaria. Raymond (19) is five years younger than Guillaume and is a poetic version of Julien, though with the same blonde hair and spark for adventure. Armelle and Odile (10) are the youngest children, both girls. Armelle, is studious and inquisitive, while Odile is clumsy and helpless.

Childhood: Guillaume deToulouse was born the fourth child of Michel and Marie deToulouse. His family was high nobility, his uncle being the duke of the region of Toulouse in what is now southern France. While Guillaume’s father was last in line for the throne, the family did have the fortune of having money.

His childhood wasn’t the easiest, comparatively speaking. While he was able to learn to read and write, his father was a severally abusive man and would beat his mother (and whatever child got in his way) on an almost nightly basis. He would drink to excess and embarrass the house with his drunken adventures around Toulouse. This tended to strike Guillaume quite hard and put him off from the taste of too much mead.

He often found himself competing with his brothers, especially Julien. He spent long days racing, fighting, or arguing with his brothers. He is considered by his older siblings to be the runt of the litter and he had thus developed a quiet, nonintrusive nature. While his brothers still mocked him and taunted him for his apparent lack of strength, his sister, Charlotte, embraced him as her brother and spurned the others. The two grew extremely close quickly, as Charlotte had assumed a mother’s role over Guillaume when not with his own mother.

Throughout his life, Guillaume has hated his father silently for all of the things that happened between him and his mother. Once, when Guillaume was seven, he was so severely beaten by his father for lying that he remained bedridden for weeks. His mother, on the other hand, poured her love into her children as much as she could.

Guillaume grew up into a very quiet and anxious young man, often pressured by the others in his family for not acting strictly according to the standards of society. His rebellion came through his education, and his decisions as he approached adolescence.

Education: While growing up, Guillaume showed extraordinary interest in religion and would often recite sermons to the rest of his family. His uncle, the famous and influential Raymond deToulouse, took notice of the boy’s studies and suggested to his brother, Guillaume’s father, that the boy should be sent off to study and become a clergyman. And so, at the age of twelve, the boy left home for an abbot in Ravenshom.

While at Ravenshom, he learned how to read and write in the common tongue (his mother had taught all of her children her language, though not how to read and write). He was taught more thoroughly about the two deities of Elaria, his original religious affiliation, and became very interested in the mythology and theological thoughts of the time. Knowing French, Italian, Latin, and the current tongue, Guillaume succeeded as a linguist in these languages and was often used to translate documents between them while he attended schooling.

He stopped his schooling when he was eighteen, and returned to Toulouse to his family. Now a man, he returned and found himself with a stronger background in his religion and an advisor to his uncle Raymond. He has been an ambassador to the lands of Elaria for nearly three years now and enjoys his duties.

Natural Talents: He is very good with languages and can often tell what a language is, if he can’t understand it. He also has the natural ability to shape the language well to do his bidding. Guillaume is also very conventional and knows how to be noble, despite his protests to his parents in thought and appearance.  He is very good at riding horses and he is very capable with a bow and arrow, having taken plenty of lessons when he was a child. He is also very good with geography.

Hobbies: He enjoys archery and will often engage in practice whenever he can. The same goes for horseback riding. One will often see him with a book or manuscript in hand.

Personality: Guillaume is a very private person and is usually very difficult to get to know. He is most notably reclusive and quiet. It is rare for the average person to get insight into his thoughts and motivations, therefore when he needs to explain anything to anyone he doesn’t know, he makes his statements and purposes as general as possible. On the surface, he is never hot-tempered or emotional about anything. Only those who know him best know what can affect him on a personal level, and he only feels comfortable reacting around these people.

Preferring to watch and plan rather than act boldly in nearly any situation, it is easy to lose him in a crowd or forget that he is there – he never stands out or purposely draws attention to himself among strangers for any reason. Among those who know him best, he tends to take the air of the leader and command with honor, respect, and determination much like his uncle before him. He is fair and smart about his responsibility over his family.

When one does get to know Guillaume, one sees that he is not as serious as he is on the surface. While it is uncommon for Guillaume to laugh or smile, it is not unnatural for him. He enjoys telling jokes, teasing and playing around with those who know him best. His true emotions cycle much like anyone’s would, but he does seem to have this quiet air about him.

He is a complete gentleman. He was raised to be polite, to respect his elders and care for the women in his life. He tends to speak very formally to people he doesn’t know or isn’t close to. When he tries he is charming and very attractive. Women tend to look upon him positively and lovingly due to his youthful appearance, whereas men often look down upon his youthful appearance.

Interesting Facts: Raymond is 1st cousins with the King of France and therefore Guillaume is second cousins with the King of France, and 3rd (fourth?) cousins with Mayhew.

above credited to zooeyrye

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