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Kendrick Latham
« on: February 08, 2012, 06:50:28 AM »
Name: Kendrick Morgan Latham
Age [appearance]: mid to late forties
Age [actual]: 46
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Place of Birth: Trevelyan, a mountain town within the lands of Woaving
House: Cruori
Title: Teacher
Profession: Teacher of Traps and Machinery, Teacher of Bladed Weapons for Cruori

Hair: Kendrick has long brown hair that is streaked with the occasional gray. It falls a bit farther than his shoulders and is wavy but on the thin (volume) side. Depending on the day (or the night) before it can be any varying degree of greasy. Unless he is doing something important, his hair remains down by his face. His facial hair is usually kept in a full goatee, though it is not always very neatly trimmed. Often times he leaves the rest of his face in a light brown scratchy scruff that runs down his neck.
Eyes: His eyes are a light brown, and can look hazel in the right light. They are deeply set with thick lids and impending brows. His defined cheek and brow bones make his eyes more powerful and engaging, even while he is intoxicated. There is a sort of power in his gaze, something about the way that he looks upon someone that makes it difficult to be dishonest. There is a spark of youth in their depths, as if he refuses to die an old man.
Frame: Kendrick stands at about 6’1’’, 220 lbs. Athletic and toned, though not massive in any sense of the word. With clothes on, he tends to look much smaller than he actually is, but he strong enough to lift a full-grown man with plenty of room to spare. His shoulders are petite and his frame is on the small side for how tall he is. His skin is a very light color, as if he doesn’t see the sun very often – and truthfully, he doesn’t.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He has numerous battle scars littering his body which he tends to flaunt when he’s with a possible lover. On his arms and chest he has deep gouges left from his life in and outside of the Academy. The most visible one is a small gouge beneath his right eye over his cheekbone, left from a glass bottle. He constantly wears one golden earring on the left ear.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Kendrick is a not your typical professor of the Academy. When he was younger he considered himself to be the boy that fathers needed to lock their daughters away from. He has lost none of his former spark, even if he has aged more than he thinks. He is very well known for his relations with students of the house of Cruori, though no one addresses it problem, as it is based on “speculation, and nothing more”.

He is rather charismatic and able to woo nearly anyone with flattery when the need suits him. He is charming and devilish, something that most women find attractive in him. He considers sex to be one of his favorite pastimes and will engage in it with any beautiful person he sees. He is gentlemanly only at first in social situations and when it benefits him the most. This has gotten Kendrick into some hot water before and continues to do so.

He is rather proud and confident, and has often been described as arrogant, something that the other teachers don’t let him forget. He has the tendency to flaunt his abilities and his specialties, especially when he’s had too much mead for his own good. His confidence, however, allows him to be one of the better – “one of the best” – teachers of Cruori and arguably of the Academy. He is experienced and rather good at making decisions in his own affairs, and rarely relies on the opinions of others to guide him. With that being said, he is not unreasonable, and works moderately well with others on missions (as long as he respects them enough).
History: He grew up as a blacksmith’s son, the eldest of three. He lived in a house with his parents, brothers and his maternal grandparents, in a neighborhood inhabited by his close family. His uncle on his father’s side, Morgan Latham, was a large part of Kendrick’s life growing up, though the man would often disappear for months at a time and Kendrick never understood why. When his uncle returned, there was a big celebration among the entire village and the family. Kendrick and Morgan were almost as close as father and son, despite Kendrick’s mother’s wishes, and the boy adored his uncle.

Morgan, however, was a man of extreme vice. He drank to excess and would often bed any woman he came into contact with. He was rude and took what he wanted, when he wanted it, and impressed upon his nephew that that was what was important in life. Despite his mother’s efforts, Kendrick became the biggest influence in Morgan’s life. When the boy was thirteen, Morgan finally pulled the boy aside one night and told him why he always disappeared and why the people celebrated him so much. When the boy learned that he wanted to become an assassin too, the idea never left his head. Months after, Morgan suddenly went missing and the family never knew what happened to him. Kendrick took his disappearance extremely hard and his behavior become more violent and out of control.

At the age of fifteen, he began learning how to take over the family’s shop. It was a dull job that put him at the service of the villagers and the local officials. While it was a decent paying profession, something inside of him itched for something more. He didn’t want a family or a home, but he wanted a reckless life of abandon, one where he was permitted to party and did as he pleased. After only three years of helping his father with the business, Kendrick decided to take off for a different part of Woaving, having been in violent disagreements with his parents for years.

At eighteen, he stumbled, rather clumsily, into the capital port of Woaving. He remained in the port city and became a sailor for a job, another job he hated. Eventually, through trading crews, Kendrick ended up on the very same boat which traffics students to the island of the Academy. When he began putting the ideas together, he made the decision to go to the academy himself, at the age of 21.

He rose through the first few levels rapidly and reached level 7 within five years, finding himself a niche in the house of Cruori. Level seven took him about three years to rise above, but when level 8 looked as though it would take him longer, he decided instead to apply for a position for teacher in the house. He was denied the first time but was granted the position due to his persistence. At the age of 32 he was granted a Tutor’s position. About six years ago, he was “promoted” to a teacher position. He now teaches students how to construct and deconstruct traps and fine machinery, as well as fighting with small bladed weapons (knives, stilettos, arm blades, etc.)
Mother – Talwyn – a strict, overbearing type of woman who isn’t the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen. Kendrick loved her most dearly. She died a few years ago from a severe cold.
Father – Gareth – a lovable brute. He was a hard-worker, honest and closed-minded. He was extremely charming, though not the smartest man. He is now quite elderly and no longer runs the smithy in Trevelyan.
Uncle – Morgan – a man of many vices, he was clever, fun, and very violent. He was Kendrick’s closest relative and his sudden disappearance forever altered the boy. Assumed dead
Brothers – Rouen and Jedrick – have recently taken over the smithy in Trevelyan in their father’s place. They do not go out of their way to communicate with Kendrick, so not a lot about them is known.
Likes: Drinking, sex, showing off, seducing, weapons
Dislikes: A student with a smart mouth in his classes,
Character Strength: His confidence in himself as progressed himself has made him an asset in many situations. He is very knowledgeable in his own areas and is quite intuitive with how things could work in improvised situations. He is friendly and socially acceptable on most days and when he is not, at least he is charming.
Character Weakness/Flaw: He is a bit close-minded, something that he is too proud to admit. An injury to his pride can provoke him to do almost anything, even kill if the injury is severe enough. He tends to lack in social skills when not in a self-advancing situation taking advantage of others’ company or abilities. If he is bothered while performing a task, he becomes sarcastic and rather mean. He is not always socially acceptable and he can become hot-tempered very easily. He usually flies off the handle too often to maintain long relationships with friends or lovers. He also has the habit of getting too violent for his own good.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: He knows a little bit of magic, enough to start a flame where he wants it. It is neither powerful nor conductible, but it sure makes lighting candles and lamps easy. This was taught to him by another student at the academy while they were “studying” together. He’s not extremely good at it, but it sets the mood when he needs it to. He has actually killed two people, prior to joining the academy as a student. They aren’t things he talks about unless he is drunk.
Hobby/Hobbies: Enjoys taking weapons and other fine machinery apart. When something is bothering him will often go and drink alone, or try to leave the academy for a few days. He also loves to sit thinking by an open fire.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Relationship Status: There are a few open flings still occurring, but he considers himself single.
Current Financial Status: Comfortable. He has his expenses paid for by the Academy and he receives a bit of payment which he usually spends on his vices.
Carried Weapons: Throwing knives (set of 3), one stiletto, a 6 foot length of twine.
Known Magick: He has very elementary knowledge in fire Magick. He can produce a flame with very limited conductibility. Without extreme concentration he cannot maintain the ability and the flame goes away.
Skills: Appraise; Bluff; Climb; Craft – weapon and trap smithy (specialty); Disable Device (specialty); Escape Artist; Open Lock; Search; Spellcraft (minute fire); Use rope