Author Topic: Oh, There's Legwork (Part II)  (Read 1004 times)

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Oh, There's Legwork (Part II)
« on: March 12, 2012, 04:43:09 PM »
Continued from here.

It was a very familiar feeling being held up against a door way in his own apartment building, with a vampire breathing down his neck. This time the playing field was level and Quinn had paid his companion back kiss on kiss in full - with a bit more groping than there had been the last time he had found himself in this exact situation. The only changes to the situation were the important ones - the first was that Quinn had no regrets and no desire to stop, and the second was that he had gotten past the doorway to the building and was now working in vain against his own door to his own apartment. Heat was flooding through him as fast as it had ever been as he kissed the vampire back, trying not to wrap his legs around him as he pinned him there against his own doorway. Quinn didn't have the goddamn key out. All he wanted was to get the door open and through Jeremiah onto the bed and fuck his brains out. The vampire was oozing with charm and he was working his vampire control over the human in the most alluring way. And after a couple of weeks of not even jerking off, his own hardness was a more-than-welcome feeling growing between them.

"Hold on a fucking second," he laughed, pushing the vampire off of him for a moment as he fished out his keys from his pocket. Jerry's hands remained on his hips, something that drove the human crazy despite knowing better. He leaned his backside against the vampire for a few brief moments as he unlocked the door, one small simple gesture of his wants, and found Jerry not inhospitable, his hardness now pressing against his jeans lightly.

As soon as midnight had rolled around, Quinn had found Jeremiah in the club yet again. Walking up behind him as the music blared, he managed to catch the vampire slightly off guard as he ran a finger up the side of his neck and gripped his hair as he pulled his head back. The human had whispered sensuously for the vampire to meet him around back in ten minutes if he wanted his entertainment for the night, before placing a very loving kiss on the middle of Jerry's throat from behind him. And then, like a phantom, Quinn had disappeared. He headed for the showers, knowing Jerry knew his way around the club by now. Once backstage, he wasted no time in telling Tommy what had happened - whom had simply followed Quinn into the private bathrooms as he showered.

"You have to tell me everything," Tommy giggled.

"Piss off, Thomas," Quinn said jokingly, "I need this."

Half of him wanted to worry about what he had chosen to drag along with him - a navy blue polo tee-shirt with a black pair of jeans and his usual shoes - but Quinn knew that what he was wearing wouldn't matter soon - because it would all be off soon nonetheless. The younger human was too thrilled to say anything else but words of encouragement, something that, for once, Quinn didn't need. Quinn was sober - for the most part, anyway - clean, and ready for him. A sense of excitement - along with a fresh wave of arousal at the thought of what he was getting himself into - filled his body with hot blood with every step closer to the back door he took. And just as he was expecting, as soon as he had finished preparing himself for the night with Jerry and had opened the door to leave, there was Jerry sitting in that car, revving his engine at the dancer with that stupid smirk on his face. Once he was in, they were off to the same fun and games that had been before - and there was no turning back.

He jiggled the key in the lock, distracted by wherever Jerry's cool hands found on his skin, until the door finally burst open and Quinn pulled Jerry in and shut the door. As soon as he had, he pressed his partner of the night against the door with a ferocious kiss. His hands slithered up his shirt and found the vampire's cool skin - like someone who was really sick, he thought quickly at first encountering the vampire's raw flesh, before drawing the thought away by more contact. There was something primal about his want for the vampire as their lips connected again and again and their hips began to grind together. It made Quinn want to let Jerry do whatever he wanted to do, and not worry about anything else. The amount of rippled abs the greeted Quinn's eager fingertips pulled at his groin again and he found himself edging Jerry's shirt up over his head.
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