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Author Topic: The Hospital  (Read 3618 times)

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Re: The Hospital
« Reply #15 on: December 09, 2013, 08:04:51 PM »
Denny sat down in a rolling stool, watching Alex and Lucas exchange hands, He huffed with a stupid smirk on his face, shaking his head.  He crossed his arms and watched the room, not saying a word.  Alice's heart was back to a normal rate after the guns were dropped.  She wandered back over to the old man lying on the gurney.  She gently lifted his hand and put it on top of hers stoking his skin with her other hand.  She stared at him with worried eyes, and a small smile.

Christian had been pressed against DeShawn's back, gripping the man's shirt.  He kept one eye peeking from behind his human shield, locked on Denny' hoping he wouldn't shoot first.  Christian's small chest began to rise and fall quickly.  Then DeShawn had made the brother comment.  This confused Christian.  The boy wanted to correct him but it wasn't the right time.  How could anyone think we are brother and sister? We don't even look alike.

The red haired boy finally felt at ease once Lucas had talked Denny into lowering his gun.  He wanted to run and hug Alex but he was still a little scared.  Christian listened intently to what it was DeShawn needed.  Of course he didn't know what any of it meant. 

DeShawn turned and knelt down to Christian's level and picked up his hand again to inspect it.  "Now, how did ya get dis cut...." His words trailed off not knowing what to call the boy.

"My name is Christian." He had caught on to DeShawn's stumble.

"Ah yes, Christian." DeShawn smiled a big white smile.

"Oh! What a lovely name!" Alice chimed in from a few feet away, still by the old man's side.

DeShawn rolled his eyes. "How did ya get dis cut Christian." The nurse asked again, this time without stumbling.

"Um..." Christian sputtered, trying to remember every detail from a few days earlier. "...oh! Um, I fell! I scrapped it on some metal from a car I think."

DeShawn simply nodded and rose to his feet, turning to Lucas.  "He's also gonna need a Tetanus shot.  You should be able ta find everyting on da fifth floor, check every fridge ya see.  I'll wrap da boy up wit a new bandage until ya get back."

Christian ran over to Alex, pulling on her shirt. "Can i come? Pretty please? I promise i"ll be good!" It was as if he was begging his mom for ice cream, again giving his best puppy eyes.  Then a noise caught Christian's attention.  His gaze was pulled to the opening that Alice brought Lucas from.  A man in his early to mid twenties dressed in a grey wife beater and jeans stepped into the room.  He had a towel frantically drying his hair.  It was his untied combat boots that were making a thud against the linoleum.

Joel had just come from the shower and was drying his hair when he stepped into the room, that seemed to be getting more crowded by the minute.  "I could've sworn I heard somebody scream." he said with his deep voice. "Is everyone alri--" The towel was obstructing his vision, until he stopped and noticed the two newcomers.  "Where did they come from?"  It was a question put out there for anyone to answer.

Christian's eyes went wide.  He had never seen another guy who had hair as bright red as his.  Christian's father had dark brown hair and his mother had blonde.  Also this man's skin was paler than his. He stood there, in awe of the man.  He also confused Christian a little.  Simply because the man's face was so young looking but his voice was so deep.  Joel had a medium build. the wife beater showing off his broad shoulders.  The light in the main room was harsh, making Joel's short red hair seem brighter than it was.  He didn't have a beard like the other men, simply because he couldn't grow one. 

Joel noticed Christian staring, so he smiled at him with half his mouth.  This caused Christian's shyness to sink in and he moved behind Alex's body.
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