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Flick Stone
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Under Revision 08/15/19

Name: Flick
Full Name: Tomas Alfred Stone
AKA: The White Wolf
Age [appearance]: 25
Age [actual]: 434
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire (Gangrel)
Sire: Amelia Gansworth (Final Death)
Faction: Dark Wolves
Alignment: Neutral Good
Sexuality: Masculine Attracted - Virgin
Quote: "The earth's hidden places hold many truths."
Permissions given in RP:
1. Feeding -  Yes
2. Wounding/Cursing - Yes
3. Killing - Yes
4. Mind Control - Ask, has resistance.[/i]

Homid Form:
Hair: Flick'a hair is long and light brown, curling at the base of the neck. He parts it down the middle and  keeps it rather well taken care off when around people. When in nature it is dirty. 

Eyes: His eyes are too big for his face and a deep green color that most people find pleasant to look at.

Frame: Tomas is tall, standing at six foot four. His frame is slim and youthful with little muscle but also no fat. He comes out to be 170lbs, which for a height of six foot four is rather thin.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Flick is always a little dirty around his finger nails and hands. He is often in animal form and when he transforms back into his vampire form he sometimes forgets to wash up.

Primary Stance #1 He is in wolf form sitting on all fours howling at the moon.
Primary Stance #2 He is in human form, sitting comfortably in a tree with a book.
Primary Stance #3 When he is in human form and in public he stand with his head down and his hands in his pockets to hide the dirt.

Usually Seen Wearing: Nothing at all. But when he's clothed, the bare minimum, basketball shorts and a tank top with no shoes.
Personality: Flick is light hearted and a rather agreeable person when actually in the room. He is a loner and has spent most of his time as a vampire hidden from others. Consequently, he has bad social skills and has little joy in learning them. Still, he likes humans more than most vampires. He finds them refreshing and lively. On the other hand, Flick doesn't really trust most other supernaturals Flick avoids them. He finds most vampires are either ego maniacs or cruel bastards. He loves animals and nature. He has many friends who are Fae and shifters, as he is often found trustworthy enough to speak to. Flick is shy but sweet. He is also naive but fearsome when he needs to be.

He has a sense of humor that is always about ten years behind the trends. As a result, pop culture humor is completely wasted on him. His idea of a good time is doing things outdoors, either in animal form or in vampire form. He likes traveling companions when they can be found, but doesn't sweat it when the leave. He is an overall take it or leave it kind of person.

Politics hold no interest with Flick. He does not care who's in power, as most vampires avoid him or don't care enough about him to consider him a player. When his clan withdrew from vampire politics, no tears were shed and no objections were made.

He often frenzies, and has accidentally killed a human or two in the process. He refers to this as his "anger management problem." He does not like to kill humans or supernaturals. Even if they are a sworn enemy he feels guilty for their death. He also refrains from killing beasts for the same reason.

History: Flick is English born. He was raised as one of the business gentry, living in a stately manner in the lake district with his father and two sisters. They were far older than he, and both were married to respectable young men of business by the time he was a young man of fifteen. His mother had died in childbirth, his childbirth as it were. His father of the same name had always held him in a scornful way for being the reason of his wife's early departure. The two men had never been close. Flick was raised by a governess named Amelia. Amelia was a stately woman, who always dressed in black and had her hair tightly in a bun. Despite her macabre and sometimes dreary appearance, Amelia could be quite enjoyable. She taught young Thomas to read and write in English, French and German. She instructed him in figures, stars, music and poetry. She was his only source of fun, and she enjoyed taking Thomas into the woods for lessons. It was here he discovered his love for nature. When he wasn't home, eating, sleeping or toiling over his studies he was in the woods playing.

Many people of the surrounding homes talked badly of young Thomas. They pointed out that a proper young man would not waste time, climbing trees, digging holes and hunting game. While hunting was considered a good activity of the male gentry, using a hand made spear and stripping nude was not seen as a proper way to go about it. Thomas detested guns. He found them easy and cheap. The animal got no say in the matter, a fact he despised. One day he took Amelia out for one of his hunts, and she watched - truly impressed - as he took down a hare by throwing one of his wooden spears.

"I say love," Amelia said exasperatedly as she fanned herself due to the excitement. "Why it was just a flick of the old wrist to bring down the poor old thing."

It was from here that Tomas Alfred Stone adopted the name Flick. As the gentry was not as established in this time as they would be one day in the eyes of the nobility, Tomas's options were limited. He was expected to become one of the merchant class and be a man of business. This idea horrified Flick and he told his father just that. Tomas Alfred Senior was an unpleasant man to say the least, and beat his son for his odious and contemptuous comments.

"We are one step above the bloody dogs who serve the lords of this world. Business, trade; these are what sets us apart. These are the things that make us a middle class. To think that a son of mine would turn from all that keeps him educated, keeps his bloody governess around."

His father then fired Amelia. She was turned out with only one months pay. She was not allowed to say goodbye to young Flick. She headed into the woods and was not seen for quite sometime. Several years later, Flick had become a man of business as his father had hoped. The old man lived long enough to see his son join a respectable firm. He died a happy man, confident that his bloodline would prosper. He was to be wrong even in death.

Flick was at home one summer after a decent year of trade. He had sat down to take a small lunch when he suddenly got the idea to go hunting as he did in his youth. He had no idea why such an idea should pop into his head, but as he sat, growing more and more uncomfortable in his gentlemen's clothes - he felt an urge to go amongst nature. He stripped as he used to, and covered his body in mud. He searched the surrounding woods for a proper shaft with which to sharpen a spear. A length, he made his weapon, and after acquiring a few needed provisions, headed out into the night. He crept like the old days, his body still long and thin. Business had not fattened him up like so many others in the same situation. He had shaved his facial hair before going on the hunt to keep mud from getting caught in it. He looked like a piece of bark as he moved about the woods following the fresh droppings of game. Just as he found a hare worth killing, he was pounced upon.

He knew blackness next, that and blood. When he woke it was still night. His memory was all a blur. He felt a trickle of warmth and put his arm to a wound on his neck. He could barley move, and felt very cold. Out of the shadows of the trees came a wild woman. Her hair hung low, and was filled with leaves and dirt. Her eyes glowed yellow and two white fangs were visible in the darkness. Thomas was terrified. Yet, there was something vaguely familiar about her. It was only when she knelt beside him that he recognized her face. It was Amelia.

"Yes, it is me," she whispered. "I have come back for you child. I have come to save you from a world of men and business. I will make you what God intended."

How she had become the beast that Thomas now saw, he would never know. He only remembered her heading off into the woods so many years before, and now she had returned. She took a dirty nail and cut from her breast.

"If you wish to have the power of immortality, of nature and of a god, then drink from me."

Thomas hesitated, unsure if he was selling his soul to Satan. But when he looked upon Amelia's face he saw only love and concern. It was a mother's love, and that look upon her face is why he drank. He was turned that night, and abandoned the next. He was a vampire. He was declared dead a few years later when he didn't turn up. His estate was divided amongst his sisters. Thomas could care less what happened to any of it. He was one with nature. Amelia did show herself a few more times, and even convinced Thomas to set sail to the new world. She claimed a vast, unexplored wilderness awaited them, and that they would learn it together.

Flick and Amelia made shore on a slave ship - having fed on the passengers discreetly to get there- and went to the wilderness as soon as they could. Amelia said goodbye one last time, and headed for Canada. She was eventually tracked down and killed by Native Americans who knew that she was not of the normal world. Thinking her a type of demon from their culture they burned her in the cave she slept in. Flick was more careful. He was never caught feeding or doing any thing else with humans. The few Native Americans he did show himself to were all Shamans and shape shifters and from them he learned many things about the world. The Vampires in the new world did not concern him, and he paid them little mind. He simply travelled the wilderness, learning all that he could about it's majesty. This would have gone on forever had two things not happened. The first was that humans destroyed the wilderness by building towns, and cities. This made it hard to be a man of the forest. The second was werwolves grew in numbers, and Flick was not safe in the open plains any longer. He came to the city because it was close with nature, almost one with it. It is here he hopes to find his peace.   
Awareness of Supernaturals: He knows of vampires,  some demons, fae, shape shifters, and anything of the natural world. He does not know about Angels or hell spawn. He knows only of things from the earthly plain.

Occupation/Job: He is a wanderer who does not need very much in the way of money. He steals clothes as he needs them, and has no desire for earthly possessions.

Interesting Facts/Quirks: Flick is gay, but has never had sex with a man. He is a virgin. He would like this to change, but a life in the woods has made it hard to find a man who he thinks is worthy of his love and body.
Hobby/Hobbies: Flick likes to hunt, and respects his prey. This means the beasts as well as the humans that he feeds from. He tries to never kill either man or beast. The thrill is in the overtaking, not the killing. He does like to read, and takes in about one movie a year.
Likes: Natures, trees, shifters, fae, humans, animals, exploring, reading, hiking, learning and love.
Dislikes: destruction, most vampires, politics, demons, werewolves, fire, TV, vanity, prejudice, business 
Strength: Flick is a sold lover of the free world. He enjoys the connection to the earth and from this he draws great strength and optimism. He is little concerned by the petty wants of most mortals and supernaturals. He is happy in a simple life of servitude to the earth and to the blood of the vampire. He is a shaman in ideals but not in practice. 

Weakness/Flaw: His view of the world is a narrow one. He sees only the majesty of nature and of the earth. He doesn't realize how dark things can be and how evil people are capable of becoming. He doesn't understand selfish motivation and is therefore ill equipped to understand metaphor or the significance of the the material or the ethereal. He understands love as fleeting but not as eternal.

Vampiric Disciplines
Fortitude - Formally named Resistentia, this power of the blood protects Flick from physical and mental assault. Few Kindred feel as secure in their immorality as the wild children of Gangrel. Flick struggles with this discipline, having achieved less mastery than his age would suggest. He has learned a few techniques worthy of note.

A. Unswayable Mind - Flick has the ability to push back against attempts to control his mind. Dominate, magic, intimidation are all stopped by this mental resistance to suggestion. It has it's limits however, as a being with much more powerful magic or a Dominate  from a much older vampire will make the technique fail.

B. Resilience - Users of Fortitude develop a healthy and resilient frame that can take a serious beating. Flick sometimes wins fights through attrition as his resilience means he never really goes down. This is considered the most basic form of Fortitude.

C. Toughness - The vampires flesh becomes hard like stone, and therefore takes far less damage from combat and other forms of damage. Hitting a Kindred with this ability will feel like punching rock, and it makes the level of strength needed in opponents much higher. This is another basic form of fortitude, present in many vampires.

D. Defy Bain - The most advanced form of Fortitude known to Flick, this ability allows him to withstand the light of the sun and fire for brief periods of time. t Flicks age this will buy him a couple of seconds in the sun, and almost near immunity to fire damage. It is a physically draining ability and can send unwise vampires in torpor.   

Animalism - Kindred are part beast, no matter what the lofty Ventrue say, and sometimes vampires find more in common with animals than with humans. In the Cain myth, Animalism was god's curse onto Cain that he would lose touch with his fellow man and become nothing but a beast. Users of Animilism often lose touch with their human social skills, and forget that beast and man are not the same. As Flick spent considerable amount of time on his own, he has mastered Aninmilism.

A. Bond Familus - By allowing an animal to drink a small amount of blood, the beast gains several advantages. It gains a modicum of intelligence relative to it's brain already. A rat becomes as smart as a dog. A dog becomes about as smart as a person. The beast will age slowly, and is similar to a ghoul or pet. If the bond between beast and master is strong the animal and the vampire often feel one another's emotions deeply. The beast must feed once a month.

B. Sense the Beast - Flick's sense of smell in either human or wolf form is impressive and accurate. Through Animalism he can use his sense of smell to identify the beast in others. He can tell who vampires are, as well as demons, Kuei Jin, or anything that qualifies as having a beast. He had to learn all the smells over time though, and so new beast smells are not always identifiable.

C. Feral Whispers - Commonly called the art of the Doolittle, Feral Whispers gives the vampire the ability to talk to animals. The vampire speaks and understands the animals forms of communication as if they were spoken, and can communicate back in a similar way. The vampire can give a bonded subject instructions and the beast will do everything in it's power to accomplish the task. This ability only works on animals, not supernatural races. 

D. Animal Succulence - The vampire can slake it's hunger by feeding on animals. In addition, the vampire can consume its famulus, gaining nourishment far beyond what would be gained from an animal of similar stature and absorbing a sliver of its essence.

E. Quell The Beast - By locking eyes with a target, the vampire cows their inner Beast into temporary slumber. Mortals affected thus become apathetic, unable to take any actions other than to stay alive, while vampires’ bestial urges temporarily abate, for better or worse. Vampires who are older or have Fortitude can resist this ability.

F. Subsume The Spirit - The vampire can completely transfer its mind into the body of an animal. They can control the animal and use its senses freely, even during the day should they manage to stay awake. While doing this, the vampire’s body lies immobile as if in torpor.

G. Animal Dominion - The power the vampire holds over beasts is now great enough to command flocks and packs as if they were extensions of their own body. The vampire is limited to one type of animal at a time, and the bigger the type of animal the harder they are to control. The animals mostly think of Flick as an alpha or prime species example, and the effect is quite pleasant like, Awe.

H. Drawing Out The Beast - Flick is able to project his beast to the forefront. With the vampire beast unleashed, Flick becomes a killing machine, savage efficient and in control. Flick has never used this ability as he deplores violence. However, if his life were threatened he may use the awesome power of his inner beast.

Protean - Protean has flowed through the Blood for almost as long as the Kindred have existed. The power to mutate, shift form and become ever-deadlier predators is as natural to the vampire faith is to the lupine. Practitioners of Protean employ the Discipline for its utility. The power enables a vampire to become a beast, turn their limbs into weapons, or change their shape into clouds of mist to evade capture, glide through keyholes, or slip through cracks in a window.

A. Eyes of the Beast - The vampire can will a supernatural red gleam into their eyes, giving them sight even in the total absence of light.

B. Feral Weapons - The vampire can extend their natural weapons to monstrous proportions. This usually takes the form of fingernails extending into wicked talons but can also come in other forms such as fangs elongating into veritable daggers, as from a giant serpent. It is for this reason that Protean and Serpentis are rumored to be connected.

C. Earth Meld - The vampire can become one with the earth, sleeping in the ground during the day, and rising the following night. This let's Flick sleep anywhere, as long as their is earth for him to meld with. Concrete prevents him from using this power.

D. Shapechange - The vampire can assume the shape of an animal roughly the same size as their original mass. The vampire can only change into one type of animal (usually a wolf, sometimes a large feline or a giant snake), usually one associated with their clan or the type of prey they most commonly feed on. The animal, while usually a spectacular example of their species, shows no signs to a mundane observer of being supernatural. Flick's form is the white wolf, and he prefers this form to Homid form.

Gift of the spirit Akasha

As a member of the Dark Wolves clan, Flick has gained access to a single gift of the nature spirit Akasha. His communion with the spirit is what grants him this power, and if he left the Dark Wolves he would leave this gift behind.


Those that have been blessed with Water are the healers of the pack. They rarely engage in fighting the dark angels rather they heal pack mates that get hurt. They also have a sixth sense on an emotional level, none can hide what they are truly feeling around these wolfs. They can sense emotions as well as what one is truly feeling in their heart.

They are also able to heal their pack mates using their empathy. This works on using their high level of sensitivity to emotions and converting it to energy to heal their pack mates. Although the more they do this the weaker they become and they can die if they use their healing too much.

Be a sadist. Now matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of.
- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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