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Maria Adisa
« on: July 24, 2012, 04:38:55 AM »
Name: Maria (Titilayo) Adisa
Age [appearance]: 27 years
Age [actual]: 360 years
Gender: Female 
Species: Vampire High Priestess (Saltigue) (Duskborn)

African Tribe: Serer
Sire: Unknown
Hair: Maria’s fine long hair is put into many single elongated braids as the tradition with the shaman woman in her tribe. Sometimes all, a portion or a few braids are held with few old African hair ornaments that she had acquired long ago. One is made out of a zebra’s hoof.

It has an old African saying engraved on it which says: "What! Do you make so much noise for a dead dog? Good! You die you too." It is a story told from the God of Death himself.         

Eyes: Dark chocolate brown. Her eyebrows are shaped thin and quite high to give her eyes this wide intimidating look. At first glance, they are almost too big for the shape of her face. There is just more space between the eyes and the brow that is giving this impressionable illusion.

When she invokes any Deity or Pangool Spirit they turn to amber, the colour of the divine. This happens because she is no longer in control of her own will, rather the essence of the mother and father (Old God/Goddess) fills her spirit. When she uses her at will talents her eye's will flash amber for a few moments. When she is chanting or conjuring a blessing they remain amber in colour for the duration of her chant/blessing.   
Frame: Maria has a medium frame, battle ready muscles flow across her dark skinned body. She isn’t what you would call a graceful looking person; her raw power is eminent on her body, not hidden like those seeming-less frail and flawless vampires. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall, still relatively a somewhat normal range for the women in her tribe.

Her face is elongated letting her exceedingly full lips fit her face. Her nose is long and slender along with her high cheekbones. You wouldn’t call Maria beautiful but rather someone who seems a little older with the years of wisdom showing on her face.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Maria has some very old whip scars from when she was sold into slavery on her back, legs and arms, she's pretty sure those marks will never fade.

Personality: Maria isn't the same person she was centuries ago, she gets along better with plants and animals than she does with people. Due to her people exploiting her the past she is the very stern and serious person to an acquaintance. However, a well-known friend is a different story when it comes to interaction. 

Many people in her life had exploited her gifts which had made her a somewhat cold and aloof woman when it comes to complete strangers. She can be politely persistent in what she wants in life, revealing a silver tongue and quick wit. She also the most peculiar one-liner sense of humour. Although her sense of humour is only meant for people she trusts as she is not used to the compassion of laughing.   
She still knows how to show compassion but she doesn't like to trust a complete stranger. She keeps mostly to herself only allowing a few people into her life and allowing even fewer to know of her religion; the deities of old, only a few people (Sam Rede) have seen the power of Maria's supernatural faith.


Born in the heart of Kenya in the year of 1662 and while the slave trade had dominated most of Nigeria and the region near Chad Lake. Most of them had been captured and sent over to the Caribbean or to Brazil to work. While this happened to her own native people Maria was only an infant child when she was born but a few years later her tribe would be forced to move away from the heart of Kenya.

In a few years, their Saltigue (High Priest) would be picking an apprentice to take his place, which is usually only given to someone by birthright. Sadly the Saltigues son had vanished and assumed to be dead. As well as a midwife and a prophet who was also we're getting old and we're in search of someone in the tribe to take their places. Titilayo was not looking forward to the selection in a few years time, she knew she wouldn't be chosen for anything.

To her surprise the old Saltigue (High Priest) picked her after much contemplation, Titilayo was only nine at the time. Many of her studies included ancient chants and poems, veneration and offerings to deities. As well as spirits (Pangool), astronomy, initiation rites, herbalism, cosmology and the history of their people. She would go on a journey called Ndut to speak to her creator. Little did she know she would be chosen to be a divine vessel for the deities, blessed with the powers of the deities themselves.

The old Saltigue was dying and after her first tearful death rite of passage, she would become the new Saltigue. These would be the years that Maria would miss later in her life. The horror that no one spoke of would finally make it's a way to her tribe, even after moving her people countless times. Her tribe tried for so long to remain out of the slave traders grasp, but a more terrible person but of olive skin would emerge from the shadows.

As chaos consumed the tribe Maria tried her very best to allow her people to escape, alas she was taken down. She was tied up and was allowed to be drained by the western vampires and embraced. She along with whoever hadn't escaped were tied up and left alone for the night, Titilayo knew nothing of her fate and the fate of her tribe.

Terror would consume Titilayo, she watched in fear as most of the people in her tribe had been consumed by flames as the sun rose, others died as the sun made it's a way to the hottest part of the day. Maria broke out in blisters and experienced an emotional trauma that took away most of her compassion that day. Leaving her to blame the strange olive-skinned man that had convinced a few people in her temporary village to give up her tribe. It would not take long for her own people to bring back the western vampires. Those that betrayed Maria and her tribe were killed by the olive-skinned man.

Only about thirty people survived including Titilayo, men, woman and children were among the survivors and as night had fallen again the Western vampires would return not knowing their fate as thin-blooded vampires. They were to be shipped to America and sold to other supernaturals for labour. In the end, as they were placed on the ship with the Western Vampires and sailed off, the strange man would not be seen for over a year.

She tried to keep her people in a state of calm but it lasted for a few months before she realized they weren't human anymore, they were vampires. The desires a vampire had was something Titilayo wasn't prepared for in the end. The trip to America had made her cast out her compassion for the world for many centuries.

In the end only half survived the trip, most of the thin blood died of starvation or went into a blood lust frenzy turning on themselves, for fifteen months she travelled on the boat and was put through the mental anguish of watching the rest of her tribe die or turn on each other. When she was sold the vampire with olive skin showed up again with a potion in hand and her dieties could only hide so much. Making sure to tell everyone Titilayo has special blessings which only made the price go higher on her head.

For another twenty-five years, Titilayo would bounce from one owner to the next. Ranging from vampires, demons, werewolves, imps most of which used and abused her throughout the entire time she was in slavery. Her masters knew of her blessings from her deities and used them to their advantage. She had nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. Even if she did try to run she would meet her fate with a bullet like all the others did when they tried to escape. She had acquired many whip scars over those long and dark years.

One day could not rise from her bed. Her master used the whip on her until she bled through the thin blankets. Tired of doing that he viciously attacked her, breaking her ribs and left wrist. He then deemed her unusable and was ordered to dump her useless body out somewhere, she was taken away and went on a long journey. The last thing she remembered was being thrown from the back of a wagon, landing on the ground left to die. 

When she awoke three days later, finding herself in the hands of two shapeshifters a man and a woman. Titilayo was in bad shape he woman dressed her wounds and the tone of her voice was sweet and encouraging. Even the man seemed distant but not a threat to Titilayo, it would be weeks before Titilayo would be able to speak.

The years of abuse and cruelty finally had come to an end, she would spend most of her days with the shape-shifters, one being a vamp shifter from Brazil. She would study and live with them until the age of slavery ended. Many years later she would travel to Canada, changing her name to Maria. Years after that she would meet Sam Rede and it was here her journey began again in peace and love.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Maria knew Humans, Vampires, Demons (Shadow, Power and Air), Werewolves, Shape-Shifters and Vamp-Shifters. Now she knows of all supernaturals thanks to her training at the medical school designed for supernaturals as a healer.

Occupation/Job: Her official title is Saltigue (High Priestess.) She is now The Keeper for the City Central District

When she first arrived in the city she went to the University following her loyal friend Sam. She managed to get a bachelors specializing in African Art, Drama and Dance. Maria wanted to make the bond she had with her deities stronger but would find out this was only part of her path. She would later leave to her friend Sam to pursue a medical degree in herbalism, she is going to a special medical school for supernaturals outside of the city. She plans to open a shop in the City as a healer once she is done school.     

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Maria will not burst into flames if she goes into the sunlight, but she will sustain some very nasty blisters if she gets caught outside during the hottest part of the day. The pain will last for several days.

She is also able to eat human food but her body will still reject most meats, vegetables, grains and fruits. If she eats them she will throw up. She still needs blood at least once every ten days.     

Hobby/Hobbies: Maria likes to be alone in some of her spare time, except when Sam is around. She likes to grow herbal plants in her spare time, she also likes to get out and communicate with the animals within the city. She can find out quite a bit from the animals that roam the streets, she always seems to be eerily caught up on most things that are happening currently. 

* African Chanting or Music
* African Dance
* African Art
* Herbalism
* Star Gazing
* Outdoors
* Sam Rede

* Supernaturals Who Take or Have Pets
* Cruelty Of Any Kind 
* Demons
* Irrational Actions
* Temper Tantrums
Strength: Maria's spiritual nature enables her to hold what most fear; the power of true faith. It is the strongest thing that is available to her disposal. No matter what stands in her way her faith will be called upon. The powers blessed by her deities are available to her at will or through chanting.

Maria has worked long and hard to master the blessings bestowed upon her almost three hundred and a half centuries ago, she has a lot of stamina when it comes to her practicing her gifts. She can also be very persistent in making sure that she appeases her deities at least once a day, whether it be through chanting, dancing or playing an instrument she must do it.

Weakness/Flaw: Her ability to show compassion towards people has been something Maria has been struggling to get back in her life. She can be a stern woman when it comes to life and cold to strangers. That doesn't mean she has no compassion or is unable to have fun, she's just more careful at not only making choices but making decisions with the right people than the rest of the population. You won't see her be impulsive like her friend Sam nor will you rarely see Maria around a bunch of people but she will go if she knows a few people attending.

Being blessed with great power always has a price, she relies on divine energy and the Pangool spirits. Maria can use most of her abilities at will, but this causes her to use up more of her spiritual reserves. It is rare that Maria will have little or no reverses at all, for this is vital for survival. 

To conserve her spiritual energy a blessing or chant would be much smarter as she can build up energy rather than burn it. Chanting to her deities it takes a lot longer but it also uses less of her spiritual endurance but Maria can't always complete a full chant if she is up-close personal combat.


Roog- Supreme God and Creator. Sky and Heavens.
Takhar- God of the Forest, Justice, Vengeance and Sacred Places.
Tiurakh- God of Wealth.
Kopé Tiatie Cac- God of Death. 


Roog (Sky and Heavens)- Ruler of the skies and heavens. Even though Roog's title can be misleading as Maria can not control air but rather with her state of being and being in tune with the heavens. The Serer believe that Roog is an incorporeal and hermaphroditic being, possessing both a male and female nature. Saltigues refer to Roog as "father and mother" during their rituals. In the Serer creation myth, it is both grandfather and grandmother; with the grandmother aspect giving birth to humanity.

Maria is able to feel certain perceptions through the use of touch, this is not a form of empathy but rather a communicating with the soul or spirit that resides in the person or object. She can feel sorrow, anger, friendship, contentment, and this extends to objects. However, it is not as informative of reading than it would be holding your hand. She can also feel if someone is sick with an illness and with a chant she can tell what ails them, and even find a cure if Roog will allow it. It is rare if Roog does not give a cure.

Takhar (Forest, Sacred Places, Justice, Vengeance)- Ruler of the forests, sacred places, justice and vengeance. The high priests of Takhar are usually very old men from notable Serer families, a high honour for Maria at the time. These Serer high priests preside over all cases relating to law and order, i.e. theft, evil witchcraft, etc. These high priests mostly depended on the fear of Takhar as a dispenser of justice and vengeance; rather than their poisons. Which was used in trials of witchcraft of evil witches; some males in the past used it outside of trial and Maria did not agree.

Maria by will can make an area of ground sacred for twenty-four hours, the bigger the area the longer the blessing must be. However, after she uses this she can not use it again for seventy-two hours. She can even bless people from all harm and create powerful wards, even having the ability to make a temporary one time use juju charms against her enemies. But again it only lasts twenty-four hours and she can not use this ability again for seventy-two hours. She can use three blessings fully charged before she must sit and wait for those seventy-two hours.

However, if given the chance to collect certain ingredients and has a quiet place to chant and mix her brew she can conjure up a blessing. Usually made in the form of a juju charm, she can also create permanent wards using ancient rituals, given time. She can even make magical weapons but this takes an incredible amount of time and energy. It is a combination of alchemy and divine faith; sometimes blood but is used but rarely. Maria can also poison other witches with a special recipe used by her tribe; it is only used against evil witches.

She can also by touch determine a lie or if someone who has been wronged, to which she can curse the person. However, the severity and the curse itself is left up to Takhar, which can produce more than one result.

Due to her limited telepathy, she is able to communicate with animals at will. Her telepathy concerning animals is not limited and she can read the mind of an animal from an almost unlimited distance. She can ask the animals for help in she is in grave danger or even take over an animal herself for a time. This is not the same for any humanoid creature. Any supernatural creature she must have permission to enter their mind. Mortals she can force her way through but it is extremely difficult and taxing.

Tiurakh (God of Wealth)- Ruler of wealth, Maria is able to bless wealth over someone for a period of time. However, it is only used on the poorest of the poor. She will not bless someone who is rich or even middle class unless the circumstances are dire. Example, so a family could afford an operation for a dying child. She can use this at will or with chanting.

Kopé Tiatie Cac (God of Death)- Ruler of Death. Maria is able to communicate or conjure spirits for guidance or protection through the Serer ancestral spirits and saints rituals. She can do this both at will or with chanting. She is also able to perform scrying with the help of the Pangool but this takes up a lot of her energy.

The Pangool will sometimes force visions of something important that will happen in the future. They come in the form of nighttime dreams or flashbacks during the day, but this is very rare. Besides she cannot tell how far in the future these events will occur. 

She does have the power to bring back the souls of the dead, unlike necromancy, this is a form of death magic. A communion between the mother and father and their earthly vessel (Maria) who can open a gateway to Kopé and his realm. It comes at a high price.

Maria must perform a long and complicated ritual. If Maria is not careful with bringing the soul back to the living she could accidentally bring back an unknown soul to inhabit the body. She MUST maintain utter concentration and no one is to interfere or the results could be disastrous.

As well the longer you are dead the less likely Kopé will release your soul and send you back among the living. She must use her own blood and her life force, rendering her powerless and blocked from accessing Kope for one month. Her connection severed temporarily leaving her with a moderate/severe headache and physical weakness for the duration.

The person she resurrects will be weak and helpless and sometimes the soul can reject the body, depending on how long the person has been dead. It also helps to have those close to the deceased in life, say a few words or even share a memory. Kopé can also take the soul back if one is not grateful at any time, during that critical time period of no more than one week. Even if it looks like things are on the mend.

Only after a period of no more than one week can there a be a guarantee the soul has successfully mended back with the body and the person will remain on earth. Humans and supernaturals require constant rest and food. Vampires require blood and rest. Being weak and helpless they rely heavily on protection and caring bedside manners. To this day Maria has never resurrected anyone due to its price and it's a faint guarantee that the soul will stay.

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