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Heliodoro Mácio
« on: July 29, 2012, 05:59:42 PM »
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Heliodoro Mácio

Nickname: Helio

Age [appearance]: mid to late 20s
Age [actual]: 90 (born 1919)
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire (Neophyte)
Sire: Emilio Mácio

Hair: A mess of curls atop his head that he spends at least half an hour styling before going out anywhere.  His hair colour is a mixture of light brown and golden blonde with honey blonde highlights.
Eyes: As a mortal his eye colour had been somewhere between light olive green and hazel, now due to their iridescence, they look like amber flecked with green.
Frame: 6'0" exactly, though tends to wear shoes with thick soles (not quite platforms) in order to boost it an inch.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: A tattoo of the rooster of Barcelos on his back, between his shoulder blades, inked in gold and black.  A number of scars from being knifed and beated up.  He had a three day growth when he was sired, and other than trimming it to be a little neater, he hasn't shaved it off.

Domicile: Apartment 1403 at the Templar Hotel, City Central District
Personality: He is currently living in the present moment.  He hasn't had to come to terms with eternity, for he's living in a world that he might still be alive in, as a mortal. 
History: Portuguese born Heliodoro spent the first five years of his life in neighboring Spain with his mother and brother (Emilio), and his father was a U.S. citizen in the army.  Eventually his father brought them into the States but their family life was far from perfect.  He and his older brother Emilio fell in with some thugs when they were in their teens and even though Heliodoro moved on and began to focus on his studies once he was accepted into University (he'd always had an aptitude with education), his brother became more and more involved in the underworld.  Emilio ended up working for a vampire clan that had many criminal activities, and were considered part of the mob by law enforcement (though they were connected by overlapping crimes, they weren't actively part of the 'family' due to their vampiric nature).  Helio became a lawyer of moderate success as a criminal attorney.  He defended his brother on numerous occassions and managed to get him off each time.

When his brother was sired into the vampire clan, Emilio thought this was a magnificent blessing and immediately wanted to share it with his brother.  After a year he was allowed to, and gave Helio very little choice in the matter.  He was adamant that Heliodoro accept the gift, and didn't give his brother time to take it all in.  Helio was still struggling with the existence of vampires and that his brother had become one, so when Emilio's offer was made so aggressively and passionately, Heliodoro was persuaded against his better judgement to agreeing.  He was sired that night, without a chance to have a final meal or see the sunlight one last time, and this is something he resents his brother for, still.
Awareness of Supernaturals: Vampires, Mimic Demons, Fire, Earth, Air and Water Demons, Ice Demons, Gargoyles, Imps, Dark Angels, Angels, Werewolves, Shifters.  He's aware of all of these but doesn't have an intimate knowledge of many except Mimics - one of whom he'd befriended before they disappeared.
Occupation/Job: None.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Always has his cellphone handy, is ALWAYS getting texts and sending them.  He averages about 40-50 texts a night.