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Owen Harper
« on: August 01, 2012, 10:09:45 PM »
Name: Owen Tate Harper
Age (appearance): 22
Age (actual): 23
Date of birth: 22nd of November, 1989
Date of siring: 22nd of November, 2011
Starsign: Scorpio
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire

Sire: Vincent Lockwood
Hair: A sandy blond mix that is gold on top and light brown at the roots.  Generally worn in a shaggy style of layered lengths that descend from a mostly-central part.  Left long enough to brush his collar, the hair will wind itself into kiss curls if allowed to dry naturally.  Owen's eyebrows are also sandy, fairly bushy and straight.  He has a lightly-coloured, short beard barely brushing his jaw, advertising that he's not naturally very hairy; his limbs are covered with blond hairs and his sparse chest hair is only a shade darker.

Eyes: Light blue, bright and sparkling with interest most of the time.  Surrounded by dark, curly lashes that are long enough to stand out and make his eyes look even prettier than the colour already represents.

Nose: Short and fairly wide with small nostrils, Owen's nose is straight and quite perfunctory.
Lips: Wide and full, with lips that are roughly equal in thickness and bearing no particular cupid's bow on his top lip.  It's a mouth made for mischievous smiles, bitten lips and wet kisses.

Height: 184cm (6ft 1in)
Weight: 88kg (194lbs)

Frame: Owen has an athletic frame - thin hips and broad shoulders like swimmers generally have.  When influenced by friends in his mortal years, he began working out and bulked up, toning his muscles so that they're easily visible and he looks more than appealing with a shirt off.

Complexion: Caucasian.  He used to tan well if he spent time in the sun and go a golden brown after just a few hours' exposure but... his tan has permanently gone now.
Voice: Masculine and fairly deep.
Tattoos/Distinguishing marks: Owen has only the incidental marks that one picks up from being an active child who liked to climb trees and go crawling through forests in a world of his own imagination.
Usually seen wearing:  Jeans and a designer button-down or a long-sleeved shirt with a T-shirt beneath it a lot of the time, paired with casual slip-on shoes or sneakers.  Shorts and T-shirts (or no shirt) anywhere near a beach. His work uniform.
Body Language
Common stance: Owen is usually relaxed, often with his hands hooked into his pants somehow, shoulders back and smiling.  He tends to look the world in the eye, meet it head-on and with a grin, eager to learn more. If he's at work, he holds himself more cautiously, hands near his utility belt if he senses trouble but resting on it casually if he's just chatting.

Visual habits:  Tilts his head to one side quite a bit, generally when he's perplexed.  He is an habitual lip-biter.
Occupation: Head of Security at the Kerr Galvin Academy
Personality: Owen was once a very cheerful, loving boy who floated through his charmed life with very few cares or dramas (except those he created himself, by ignoring people who love him, generally).  He's optimistic and always happy to meet a challenge head on; he loves his life, loves his family and is loving discovering what the world of being an adult and a vampire is truly like.  His placid nature sees him greet most situations with a calm and relaxed air that people respond to and his good looks tend to charm before he even starts smiling and being nice.  He doesn't see deficits in people, only their positive attributes and he never discriminates based on looks or reputation, he'll always reserve judgment until he's made up his own mind.  Everybody is a potential friend and has a chance to impress Owen any time he meets someone new.

Fabricated History
Owen was born to Karen and Tate Harper, though his father died while serving overseas in the military when he was just a baby.  Tate's best friend, Vincent, was always a parental influence in Owen's life (though Vincent himself didn't see it that way) and was a fixture for as long as Owen could remember.  It was Vincent who took him away on holidays, spoil him with surprises whenever he felt the need and who indulged his every whim, even when it was for something inappropriate (such as beer).

Despite having no father and a family friend he could only ever see at night, Owen was raised as any polite, sensible child is, given the best opportunities and every encouragement so that he developed into a well-rounded and happy individual.  Although he's known sadness due to not knowing his father, he was always a generally-happy and positive child who wanted for nothing.  At school, he learnt with quiet confidence and was academically quite gifted.  In primary school, he befriended a girl named Madeleine Selby (Maddy for short) and they remained close friends until their final year of high school, when Owen started to spread his wings a little and mix with different groups of students.

When he was sixteen, he found out that the reason Vincent would only ever see him at night was that he was a vampire.  It was the most disturbing thing that had ever happened to him and he was quite shell-shocked for a time, until he'd processed enough to ask a few questions.  Owen had always been an easy-going and physically demonstrative child but he backed off from touching Vincent once he knew about his vampirism, not wanting to stir his friend up with his heartbeat and blood.  After about a year, on a summer's trip to Havana, Owen recovered his former physical ease with Vincent and their relationship returned to a more comfortable status quo.

Also on the trip to Havana, Owen realised that he liked boys when he met a guy named Steve and they did everything short of sex.  He was supremely hurt when Steve insinuated that his relationship with Vincent was sexual in nature.  When they returned home after their holiday, Owen began exploring his boundaries a little more, enjoying his final year of schooling with gusto.  He lost his virginity to a cheerleader named Sharna Stimson, had a month-long relationship (and sex) with a boy named Brad and got a job at a jeans/clothing store.  He fell in love for the first time with a girl named Paige and they were in a relationship for six months before he found out she'd cheated on him and they broke up.  Devastated, he retreated to spending time with three particular male friends.

With a month to go of his schooling career, he went to discuss his future study with Vincent and came to realise how much he'd neglected their friendship.  They had a terrible fight and Owen left in tears, only to return and promise he'd study in the city and learn more about vampirism from Vincent.

On a graduation gift world trip, Owen and Vincent discussed vampiric talents studiously and met an ancient named Sabri in Turkey.  Owen had a fling with him in the local warm springs before he and Vincent were relocated to the ancient's opulent palace.  Faced with the potential of being drunk from for the first time, Owen asked Vincent to drink from him first, discovering the heady, sexual world of being a donor.  He and Vincent became lovers.

Before they left Europe, Vincent and Owen went to a vampire nightclub and ran into Leigh.  Owen dismissed the odd things she said, though he noted them.  When they returned to the city and confessed their newfound relationship to Karen there was fighting but it eventually sorted itself out.

Owen attended Watson University of the Arts and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree over the next three years, moving in with Vincent and falling in love with him.  They travelled, taking Karen with them to many exotic places so she could experience a holiday with her son while he could still venture into the sun.  The promise that he'd be sired hung indefinitely over Owen's head until he'd graduated university and they went on a holiday to Greece.  There, Vincent proposed to Owen, offering him a ring, his heart and a siring on his twenty-second birthday.

It didn't end well and their relationship unravelled relentlessly until just a few weeks before the promised date, when Owen confronted Vincent.  They sorted it out and Owen was fledged on his twenty-second birthday as promised, offering Vincent a partner ring to his to confirm their relationship.  Being a fledgeling altered Owen dramatically but, after almost a year, he was finally beginning to get it together when he discovered that Vincent had fabricated their relationship from the time he found him as a baby.

Owen was shattered and ran away, taking up residence in the Abandoned Oligarchy Chambers. It took a few false starts and many months apart for he and Vincent to find their way back to each other but they eventually started dating, living separately but working to mend their marriage. Ben was a complication until they accommodated him into Owen's training schedule and resolved Ben's excessive regard (crush on) for Vincent.

Owen became involved with the City Ward through a desire to earn his own living and his association with Ben, which led to more training and Owen becoming an officer tasked with enforcing city-wide laws against supernaturals. Owen bloomed in the role (though Vincent worried for his safety), relishing the danger and rising through the ranks into a supervisory role.

After almost two years, he was offered another role by Ben, working as head of security at the Kerr Galvin Academy. Technically, he's still part of the City Ward and they were absorbed into the machinations of Ben's play for Central District Leader, though it was mainly a shift to a central headquarters in The Luminary.

Vincent is happier that Owen is in less danger in his work and Owen is enjoying the work so far, though it is less exciting than patrolling the city's streets. He and Vincent live together again and everything is going well.

Hobby/Hobbies: Going to the beach, playing sport with friends, making bookmarks, listening to music, pursuing adventure (especially of the sexual kind) and drawing.

Likes: Reading, working out, sex, learning new things, meeting new people, finding adventure.

Dislikes: Upsetting people he loves, people who deliberately break rules.
Strengths: He's optimistic, loving, sensitive, loyal, forgiving and adventurous.
Weaknesses/Flaws: He has been coddled and spoilt and tends to have a very egotistical and arrogant outlook on life, expecting that he will be forgiven and everything will be alright even when he hurts people.  He can be naive and easily-influenced by people he trusts too quickly, he doesn't have an understanding of the consequences of his actions and he can be incredibly selfish without thinking.

Interesting Facts: Owen bought a cherry red, four door Mustang (his mother matched the amount of money he earned) and got his licence a little later than most, at eighteen.  He gives Vincent bookmarks that he's made himself.

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Re: Owen Harper
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2019, 02:42:18 AM »
Roleplays featuring Owen Havana (Owen and Vincent are on holiday) El Niño (Owen's year of growth has disastrous results on his relationship with Vincent) Aotearoa (The second stop in Owen and Vincent's world tour - Owen starts taking notes about vampire abilities) Turkey (Owen meets Sabri and his and Vincent's relationship intensifies) England (Owen and Vincent have fun in a club... until they run into Leigh) Telling (Owen shares the news of his relationship with his mother) Possession (Owen watches Vincent feed from Tamara and jealousy gets the better of him) Developments (A twenty-one year old Owen advances again) Greece (Vincent raises siring with Owen and proposes a date for it) All Expenses Paid (Owen and Vincent's relationship backs away from the brink) The Making of Owen Harper (Owen is sired by Vincent and feeds from Yumiko and Travis) Lost And Found (Three months after Owen's siring, Vincent is tempted at Risk by Kelly and he and Owen find they need to reconnect as a couple) Anonymous (Almost a year old, Owen finds out his life is a lie and flees from Vincent in anguish) Jagged (Owen goes to the Abandoned Chambers when he realises he has nowhere else to go and he meets Digital.  Vincent comes for him the next night) When The Stars Fall (Owen drives Vincent back to their house and some very ugly things are said before he collects his stuff and goes) Jaded (Two nights after he drinks from Natalia, Owen is confronted by her boyfriend, Jade) Reconnecting (Four weeks on, Owen turns up on Vincent's doorstep for some training and ends up in bed with him) Conversation: Owen and Karen (A couple of weeks on, Owen checks his bank balance and finds a generous amount of money at his disposal; he storms over to his mother's and receives some food for thought.  Over the next week, he reaches proper acceptance of his past) Opening Night (Owen and Vincent reach a compromise at Venture's opening night party) A New Kind of Hunt (Owen asks Vincent's advice on his apartment situation and agrees to train with Ben) Taking Measure (Owen trains with Ben and Vincent) Playing House (Vincent comes to Owen's house for their date the night after Ben walked out on their training session) A Thousand Words (Owen and Vincent find Ben's likeness in a photography display and then go for a horse and carriage ride to end their date on a high note.  Owen learns a great deal about Vincent's mortal life, his wife Marigold and daughters Suzette and Emma and they talk about their relationship) A Reluctant Existance (Vincent tells Owen about Ben kissing him and Owen leaves to think it through.  He runs into Ben outside) A Reluctant Confession (Owen and Ben talk about Ben kissing Vincent and Owen gets to know Ben) Resolution (Owen goes to see Vincent to discuss his time spent with Ben and realises he's feeling better)

~18 month break~ One More Time (Owen and Charli are called to The White Rabbit to assist Ben Samson) A Travelling Pocket of Safety (Owen hands Ben off to Kerr, surprised to see him alive) Career Counselling (Xiamara negates Owen's attempt to quit and decides it's time to meet with Ben Samson) The Academy's Opening Fete (Owen provides security at an eventful event) Back In Circulation (Owen runs into Kerr while teasing Sam at the library at the Academy and he takes Kerr to meet his husband) A Meeting Of The Minds (Owen takes Kerr to meet Vincent) A Fangtastic Foursome (Owen and Vincent have dinner with Ben and Kerr)