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Mitchelletto Bansai
« on: August 06, 2012, 05:49:16 AM »
Mors Cum Terrore Novo Venit. Death Has Come With A New Terror

Name: Mitchelletto Bansai
Age [appearance]: 36 yrs (1400 A.D, Exiled 1413 A.D)
Age [actual]: 581yrs (Embraced 1436 A.D )
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire (Rogue Assamite Sorcerer)
Hair: Mitchelletto once had a shaved head. A bit of stubble that remained like a five o'clock shadow. When he was exiled from his homeland as a mortal he let it grow out for many years. His obsidian hair is naturally feathered and somewhat tidy, his hair-line started receding when he was thirty but it has now ceased to recede after he was embraced. 

Eyes: His eyes are a swirling mass of dark chocolate brown. What's most noticeable about Mitchelletto is his pupil runs into his coloured iris, this was considered a dark mark in his mortal community. 

Nose: His nose is of medium length and is somewhat crooked after a nasty fight broke out before he was exiled. He didn't bother fixing it at the time and the broken bone healed over.

Lips: His lips aren't full but they wouldn't be considered thin either, they would mostly be overlooked due how crackled and plainly they sit on his face. Yet when a victim is about to die his lips are the thing they concentrate on most. 

Frame: Mitchelletto has an attractive lithe build, he's not afraid to show off his six-pack abs but only when he wants something. He stands at a luscious six feet and five inches, he easily tower's over most people.

He has arms and legs are a massive coil of muscle but he retains the flexibility of a panther. His slim shoulders and narrow waistline are very pleasing to the eye. His hips are small and petite but he has a nice rock hard ass. A dark olive hue is the colour of his skin which has come from age due to his bloodline, he would almost be the colour of obsidian by now but he had a nasty encounter with the sun when he was younger. 

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks:

His nose is visibly crooked, his dark skin is also scarred with a variation of white marks from his days as an assassin. The least noticeable remains on his arms and legs, a few thin scars on his arms and shoulders. His left leg has a large scar on his shin, while his right has three small scars, one on the shin, above the knee and on the outside hip.

The one most notable is on his right hand, the skin from the middle of his palm, back past the wrist is burnt. His skin is a ghostly white. It happened when he was much younger battling to assassinate and devour another vampire's Vitae after he had chosen his Assamite sorcery path: "The Lure of Flames."  He wasn't careful with the rules of wielding such a flame and was to close when he released his fiery inferno on the vampire.

His most recent scar was from a man named Jake and his katana. A black scar from the tip of Jakes blade remains on his chest. Barely escaping Jake's compound when he was captured, the wound took months to heal into a scar. It is a sore spot for Mitchelletto and a hard lesson he learned.     

Mitchelletto can be a very charming fellow and he seems quite normal once you start talking to him. His voice makes you feel safe as he says all the right things so that no bells go off and with his cunning, he can get your guard down in a mere matter of seconds. He is a pathological liar, he'll say anything to get you interested in him and that's what he wants while keeping the bullshit under your radar. If he has an interest in you it's for a more dark and sinister reason for behind this seem-ling normal and trusting face lie's a monster.     

The most horrifying feature about Mitchelletto is his complete lack of empathy for anyone. He is incapable of loving another, incapable of caring about anyone especially mortals and he is incapable of feeling sorry for anyone but himself. Everyone except his few followers is nothing but objects to him. Waiting to be exploited and manipulated for his own profit and pleasure. He'll use anything to seduce you into his trap, money, booze, drugs even sex. Nothing matter's to him but his own selfish needs. He'll even get violent if he's not getting what he want's from his prey. He knows right from wrong but he really doesn't give a shit.   

He feels no guilt for his actions or has a lick of remorse left his body. His conscious died long ago which allows him to stay cool in uncanny situations that would make others break out in a cold sweat. He can commit the most unspeakable atrocities with cool, rational judgment and once he has you, either you die quickly or by his hobby. Experimental torture. It gives him more pleasure to commit harm on another that gives him the drive to commit his gruesome acts on the world. He also really hates woman and they are often the unlucky ones that end up as his guinea pigs. They are only second class 'playthings' to practice his most deviant acts on that often end in death.


Mitchelletto's father died in a war against their rivals in his mortal homeland before he was born. His mother was a domineering religious fanatic that often beat her only son, by the time he was thirteen he had enough of his mother and killed her in her sleep. Mitchelletto ran away from home as he knew he would be exiled from his village. Seven years later in the year 1420, he would find himself in the clutches of an Assamite that would come to claim him for his own when the Anarch Revolt reached its peak. Long after the Assamite Elders had sacrificed their childer to the flames, and a few years during his mortal birth the Lasombra Antediluvian perished in a combined Anarch/Assamite assault. Mitchelletto would remain another sixteen years with the Clan. Finally being let go as an apprentice and gaining full Assamite status. What was to come for Mitchelletto would make him the most hated man in the masquerade.

Mitchelletto was embraced fourteen years before the Toreador Rafael de Corazon makes his famous speech which leads to the founding of the Camarilla and the establishment of the Masquerade. He had been a treasure in the eyes of his clan as a sorcerer, he was free to do whatever he pleased after serving his sire for almost sixteen years. The Convention of Thorns is signed, signalling the end of the Anarch Revolt. The Sabbat movement is birthed and for the first time, the location of fortress Alamut is compromised. He had to fight tooth and nail to leave this holy site under the permission of his Elders.

Mitchelletto left the clan because of the movements that were going on with Alamut at the time, for a while he went on to being apart of the slave trades. Not only slave trades but bringing in western vampires to annihilate entire tribes in one night. Thin blood was in high demand to any supernatural plantations in America, thin blood was easier to control and much more hearty than a human. This brought him lots of money and his first real taste of the western world. Even meeting a male Demon named Laurent, spending a few nights filled with sex and drugs before selling his soul to the Demon. Laurent granted the greedy Mitchelletto the knowledge of Dark Blood Sorcery, the forbidden art.   

He never wanted to go back to the independent clan and after he had returned home in the 1600's he learned of a fate that was worse than death itself.

The Treaty of Tyre is signed three years after Mitchelletto had left to participate in the slave trades. A great Curse is placed upon clan Assamite by the Tremere inner circle. Rendering the Assamites unable to drink Cainite vitae. He would escape this fate and when he returned from the slave trades in the 1600s, he refused to succumb to this curse and left the independents to join arms with the Sabbat. Under the notion of the Clan of Kings that he was a spy in the Sabbat only, a silly mistake. He would have been considered an unofficial Assamite antitribu. The Sabbat once giving him the freedom to be the vampire he always wanted to be. Since the 1600's Mitchelletto has been up to no good and remained loyal to the Sabbat.

Now with the Sabbat marching onto the middle east to fight the Antediluvians and the Assamites joining the Camarilla, his own plans have changed. Remembering a city he once visited that was under internal strife, but was driven away by a vampire named Jake. Mitchelletto would never forget his face nor the katana the vampire had in his possession. The city in his mind was weak and ripe for the picking to return to the city once again. 

Awareness of Supernaturals: Human Beings, Vampires (Both Infusco and Masquerade.) Werewolves, Shape-Shifters, Demons, Angels, etc.   

Occupation/Job: Unemployed. He was once an assassin for the Sabbat. Once coordinating blood hunts and killing illegal or undesirable childer. Since the Assamites joined the Camarilla he has gone rogue for good. He hates his own Clan and despises the Camarilla outwardly. He is slowing building followers that share his idea's, along with a few Assamites. In his disgust towards the Assamites, he now kills their fledgling's and anyone who follows the Camarilla just for fun. He also is good at infiltrating enemy power bases and hopes to infiltrate the city once again. 

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Mitchelletto visited the city more than once as the Sabbat had claimed an interest in the city. But because of the Mimic Demons power the could do nothing, so instead Mitchelletto went on a killing spree, 90% of the targets were a woman. He returned on a rumour that the political standpoint in the city had changed again. On the information that the mimics were gone. That information was correct but he was driven out by a man named Jake. Now he seeks to visit the city once again with the word it is weaker than last time. 

Hobby/Hobbies: Torture is the main hobby for Mitchelletto, he likes to kidnap humans and abandoned vampire fledglings to use them as vessels to practice his ultimate discipline Quietus. He loves to have sex and do drugs, his drug of choice is cocaine. He also dabbles in the Human Trafficking trade on the side as it's good money, he knows the Brazilian Quarter is a poor and low-risk area; this was his regular hunting ground before Jake's encounter. He also makes poisons of different strengths from his blood to sell. Great for killing enemies you might have on your back or making them extremely sick for days. He is also immune to most poisons thanks to his sick and twisted sire using poisons on Mitchelletto when he was an apprentice many years ago.

* The Sabbat and their morals and beliefs.
* Demons. Except for Mimic Demons.
* Loves to receive and cause extreme pain during sex.
* Soft and hardcore drugs. Mitch Loves Cocaine.
* Lots of blood and is quite addicted; more so than cocaine.
* Torturing his targets, the poor, the gullible and just for kicks.
* Human and young vampire pets, so easy to control.
* Fallen Angels. He likes to fuck with them just like humans.
* Absolute chaos is where Mitch thrives, no rules, and the weak die while the strong survive.
* Pinning one species against another. He has incited a ton of civil wars over the years, and a few major wars throughout his lifetime.


* Human's (Likes to drain them dry)
* Hates women
* Order (Divine or Not)
* Both Light Angels and Dark Angels.
* The Camarilla and Anarchs
* The Assimite Clan
* Authority from anyone (He can submit and play along to move his plans along.
* When Anything Doesn't Go To Plan
Strength: His lack of a conscious gives him the ability to stay cool in a shit show situation. This always allows him to make rational judgements in time of severe distress, whether it be torturing a victim or getting out of a tight situation. Mitchelletto is an expert in lying and he uses this talent to gain your trust, he will tell you whatever you want to hear. He'll also get whatever you want with his smooth talking mouth.

He doesn't care about you as a person, his lack of empathy and caring makes him a dangerous individual. All he cares about is his sweet vitae and the amount of money he is paid. Everyone is an object to him to either be snuffed out (killed) or to keep his object of desire to be severely abused for deviant reasons. It's what makes him such a good assassin.     

Weakness/Flaw: Mitchelletto has a big problem called false pride, he believes he doesn't have a weakness and in this mind frame he thinks he is indestructible. The fact is once someone sees through all his bullshit and lies he becomes very vulnerable, this will cause him to fly into a rage. Another weakness he has and refuses to admit is he is quite greedy, especially when it comes to a vampire's vitae, drugs and money. He will betray someone outside of the Sabbat if the price is right.

In order for Mitchelletto to use his sorcery disciplines he must be in an into some sort of altered state of consciousness in order to focus his magic's, hence the use of drugs. His aura also cannot be hidden from other vampires, for an aura of magical lust surrounds the fibre of his being; letting others know he can practice blood sorcery. He cannot refuse an offer of magical power if it sustains his lust for magic in the long run.     


Quietus: This is one of Mitchelletto's strongest and the signature discipline that grants him the influence over the blood of others. He is able to alter the internal chemistry and alchemical balance of vitae (or blood) whether it be his own blood or his victims.

Silence of Death: Makes the area around you completely silent.
Scorpion's Touch: Can create a contact poison that greatly debilitates a victim physically.
Dagon's Call: Can cause harm from afar to a person who he has touched within the last hour.
Baal's Caress: Can create a poison that can be coated onto weapons.
Taste of Death: Spit acidic blood at a target.

Blood Sweat: Can force his target to sweat blood and dwell on the horrible things they've done.
Purification: He can cleanse an individual or himself of mental or emotional influences over them, even curses and other magical effects. Can only use this once a day.
Rapturous Touch: Able to drink a small amount of blood through touching them in.
Ripples of the Heart: He can leave emotions in the blood of a mortal that will be transmitted to any vampire that feeds from them.
Selective Silence: Similar to Silence of Death, except he can designate certain people to be able to make a sound.
Thin Blood: Able to make a vampire unable to heal their wounds with vitae. Good against other sorcerers.

Blood of the Cobra: Can use any Quietus power and be able to spit on the target.
Dam the Heart's River: Can take control of the target's blood.
Leech: Drain larger amounts of blood from a target through skin contact.
Poison the Well of Life: Can make a mortal's blood dangerous to drink by anyone except Mitchelletto.

Blood Awakening: Able to communicate with blood in one's system, either receiving insight from a mortal's memories or causing a vampire to become confused and disoriented.       
Blood Clot: Can cause a victim's blood to clot, becoming unusable.
Blood Curse: Able to make it harder for a vampire to heal wounds at all.
Blood of Destruction: Make the blood in one's body incredibly acidic.
Songs of Distant Vitae: Can force their difficult flashbacks on a target of their victims' experiences.
Obfuscate: This discipline is mentally based and his powers are achieved by manipulating the minds of others. Mitch has just recently (within two hundred years) mastered the discipline Obfuscate, while his lower powers are easier to use, his higher powers have a much shorter span than most of his clan. However, do not let that fool you he is still a dangerous man. Vampires with Auspex may also bypass the effects of Obfuscate.

Cloak of Shadows: Standing perfectly still Mitch can blend into his surroundings; providing he doesn't make a sound and doesn't move. This does not work against mechanical or supernatural means.

Silence of Death: With this Mitch can nullify all sound made by his victims, he must be within earshot and it only works on the victim's sense of hearing. This does not work on microphones or other electronic sound detectors.

Unseen Passage: Mitch can now move around while staying hidden. However, in doing so he can not emit any foul odours or no sound louder than a whisper. Mitch also cannot use this ability to disappear from view, if he is being observed the ability fails.

Ghost in the Machine: Mitch can now transfer Obfuscate into electronics, allowing him to appeared masked on live feeds, photographs, or in some cases invisible to the eye. If the video or picture is viewed later images, the effect will be lessened and they can appear blurred and identification can be difficult.

Mask of a Thousand Faces: Instead of disappearing from his enemies, Mitch can make himself appear as a nondescript stranger, someone whose presence is expected in the area. Unlike other Obfuscate abilities, this allows the user to interact and communicate with those he might run into, arousing little or no suspicion, depending on how plausible their presence is at the time.

Clothes take on the same kind blandness depending on the environment, you might see someone in a security uniform or office clothes. This power also does not provide any personal identification or anyone viewing this vampire sees a forgettable face, of the same build, height and gender of the user.

It will not fool people who do not expect anyone or would be hostile against anyone they didn't know.  This power also does not provide any personal identification or other ways of misleading an identify check.

Conceal: This ability allows Mitch to conceal an intimate object such as a door, a car or a small house. It also conceals anything inside the objects as well, long as the viewer remains outside. This does not make the object invisible, rather it creates a hypnotic effect that causes most people to simply ignore; unless someone were to bump into it or point it out. But objects don't cause attention to themselves so this is rare.

Vansim: Mitch can now activate Cloak of Shadows and Unseen Passage even while under direct observation, he can now vanish in a blink of an eye. When vanishing in front of a mortal, the observer will sometimes begin to question whether he was there at all, and the topic will become foggy. Or he can vanish entirely from the observer's memory leaving no trace at all. On vampires, it does not affect their memory, but Mitch can remain hidden.

Cloak the Gathering: Mitch can use this to shelter his companions under a cloak of Obfuscate. Everyone in the group has it cast on themselves, members of the group can still perceive each other while under the effects. If anyone besides Mitch is revealed, whether it be through their own doing, or a perceptive observer spots them, the rest of the group remains hidden. If Mitch is revealed, so is everyone else in the group.

Imposters Guise: With some preparation, Mitch can make himself appear as a specific individual, of any build and gender. Mitch must carefully study the subject or victim, otherwise, the charade fails when meeting someone with more than just a casual relationship; they will automatically know something is amiss. Mitch can only appear as a human, he cannot appear as an animal.

Dur-An-Ki: Is a form of blood magic practiced by his Kindred in the Middle East and in Africa, particularly the sorcerers of the Assamite clan. It is a very old form of magic, drawing from a huge variety of mortal religious traditions. They say their magic pre-dates blood sorcery, which it resembles in many ways. Mitchelletto has practiced more than one path of Assamite sorcery.

Path of Blood

A Taste For Blood: He is able to gather a variety of information from a blood sample of his intended target.
Blood Strike: Can use a projectile to strike his victim, it may return with stolen blood.
Blood Rage: Can force a target to expend their vitae to raise Mitchelletto's attributes.
Purge: All nearby enemies will vomit blood, causing damage to his victims.
Blood of Potency: He can temporarily lower his own generation for more power.
Blood Shield: Can produce a damage-absorbing shield that surrounds the caster.
Theft of Vitae: Can steal blood from a target from a distance of 50 ft.
Blood Salvo: The same as Blood Strike, but affecting multiple targets.
Cauldron of Blood: Cause a victim's blood to burn them from within. Great for torture or interrogation.
Blood Boil: The target's blood is heated to a boil, causing them to explode, damaging nearby targets. Instant death.

Lure of Flames: Mitchelletto also has the path called, "The Lure of Flames" or "The Hand of Magi." This allows him to create a sort of Bale-fire that can be used against his enemies, however, this flame must be released in a safe manner as Mitchelletto could still get burned by his own magic. He can manifest the Bale-Fire any way he wishes. A small ball of fire on his hand, creating fire through a weapon, creating a wall of fire etc. He controls the flame and he can wield it any way he can think of to his advantage.

The Forbidden Discipline:

Dark Blood Sorcery: Mitchelletto learned this from an old demon, it was the main reason Mitchelletto took so long to master Obfuscate. By making a bargain (depending on the demon), in order to learn this secret type of blood sorcery he willingly accepted the demon's demands. His soul for the knowledge of dark blood sorcery, the ultimate forbidden fruit. For most vampires t, the price is too high. However, no price of magical knowledge is too high for Mitchelletto.

Hands of Destruction

Decay: He can cause an inanimate object to age years in seconds making structures unstable over a matter of time.
Gnarl Wood: Can ruin an object of wood with a just a look. A table or chair etc.
Acidic Touch: His hand can dispense a powerful acid, not lethal but very painful.
Atrophy: Can cause a victim's limb to become useless for a few hours.
Turn to Dust: Make a vampire age a few years in seconds, holding onto a mortal for a period of time will kill them. It's considered a nasty death for mortals.

The Faux Path

Hello, Goodbye: He can temporarily cause listeners to believe a true statement to be false.
Disciplinary Identification: He is able to recognize what Disciplines have been used or identify what they are.
Thaumaturgical Nomenclature: Able to identify what blood sorcery powers and rituals are being used. Useful against the Tremere Clan.
Ritual Madness: Gives the target the fake sensation of a particular blood sorcery power or ritual without actually inducing the effect.
Sanguinary Affection: Can produce an illusion that gives the effect of a particular Discipline power.

Path of Conjuring

Summon the Simplest Form: Conjure a very simple object.
Permanency: It becomes easier to permanently conjure an object.
Magic of the Smith: Conjure a complex object.
Reverse Conjuration: Banish objects conjured.
Power Over Life: Conjure living (though mindless) beings for a temporary duration.

Path of Curses

Stigma: Make an individual suffer socially for an evening.
Malady: Will curse a victim with an illness, reducing their Physical Attributes for a few hours.
Pariah: Can make others see his target as their worst enemy.
Corrupt Body: Can temporarily reduce one of his target's physical attributes for a few days.
Fall from Grace: Can make a victim gain a weakness to all actions.   

Major Role Play's

The Solitary Hunter- Mitchelletto returns to the city. He has an encounter with Jake McCloud. Captured then later escaped, fleeing the city for quite some time.

Time Jump to the Present:

Something Stirring in the Dark- Mitch meets an old sex flame named Laurent and also learns he has a fledge that has survived.
A Less Than Welcome Reception- Laurents attempt to bring Mitch to Zeus falls miserably, leaving him to send his own letter.
Sire Bond- Laurent sends his fledge Nikolai to Mitch; his fledge has a terrifying time.
All is Fair in Death and Chaos- Mitch has a meeting with Zeus and as a result, now has permission to roam the West.