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Risk F.A.Q.
« on: December 04, 2006, 06:41:12 PM »
Q: How do supernaturals and people find out about Risk?
A: Risk advertises in supernatural magazines, available at the Oligarchy or other supernatural only venues, already established.  Humans mostly find out from word-of-mouth.
Q: What\'s the Oligarchy stake? (Pardon the pun)
A: The Oligarchy get 10% of profits, so it\'s in their interests to make sure Risk remains profitible.  This was negotiated between Risk owners and the Oligarchy when the club changed hands.  In exchange for the 10% of profits, the Oligarchy provides their Mimic Demons for bouncers.
Q: How are the ignorant stopped from being let in?

A: The Mimic Demons are able to screen out the ignorant from the knowledgeable.  Sometimes, they let an ignorant in, depending on who they\'re with.

Q: How are willing victims provided?
A: Where there are vampires, there are vampire groupies.
Q: What stops the groupies from getting killed?
A: Nothing, that\'s why the club is called Risk.  If a Risk groupie is marked with a tattoo on the wrist, then they are not to be killed.

If an unmarked groupied is killed, the corpse is taken away by one of the demons who guard the club.

If a vampire kills one with a mark, they will be banned from Risk and reported or ushered immediately to the Oligarchy for appropriate punishment.

Q: How does a groupie get a tattoo?

A: Three vampires have to nominate them, and they have to be recognised by Risk staffmembers.
Q: What happens to the groupies who are drunk from?
A: There is a refreshment area available with free food and drink for those who have been drunk from.  There is also a free shuttle bus to take them home if they are too faint.
Q: Is everything free?
A: Alcoholic beverages are ridiculously expensive.
Q: Why is the alcohol so over-priced?
A: Risk has to make their money somewhere.  There\'s no cover charge.
Q: Does the club have a dance floor or is it all about drinking? What kind of music gets played there?
A: There is a dance floor, yes. Industry and grunge, punk and alternative, hard rock and experimental is dominant.  Every now and then there are theme nights, so the music would be dramatically different, and there would be a cover charge on those nights.  If there is a costumed theme night, you wouldn\'t get in without being appropriately dressed.
Q: Are there cosy places to sit and be fed from? Any other places to sneak away to?
A: There is the Umber Lounge downstairs, with lots of cushioned seating and a smaller bar.  Decorated in woods, sable and camel colours, with glass and stone furnishings, with a smaller bar, this is a relaxing area for anyone to enjoy.

There is a VIP Lounge at the back of the club, where curtained partitions used to be.  The VIP Lounge is for donating members of the Risk Annual Benefector\'s Committee.  A Risk VIP can bring one guest with them into the VIP Lounge.

Upstairs is where the private rooms are kept.  There are twenty private rooms in all.  Though small, the rooms hold a queen sized bed, a two person sofa and a small built in wardrobe.  Music is piped into the room via a wall speaker, which can be turned up, down, or off.

Q: How does one become a VIP Member?

A: It costs $12K annually to get a membership card.
Q: Who owns/runs this place?
A:  They\'re rather secretive about themselves.  They call themselves Sacramentum.