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FUN! Character Insights
« on: August 10, 2012, 08:03:44 AM »
I was thinking to myself:  what would my characters think of my other characters, and thought it was interesting enough to start a thread!  I would like to know what all of YOUR characters would think about each other.

Not all my characters actually know each other, but if they did.... here's what they would think:

Charon: "This one is attracted to power."
Cicero: "His mind is arrogant, but he's polite to Ancients.  That's his one saving grace."
Helio:  "He's made connections with very important people in this city.  I would be wary."
Jenna: "He's intelligent, but he seems stand-offish and cold."
Lazarus: "I've had him, you know.  Quite a number of times.  He has no inhibitions.  I highly recommend him."
Quin: "He's a good-for-nothing snobby whore."
Vincent: "He has noble pursuits, he can't be all bad."

Ben: "I wouldn't mess with him."
Cicero: "I wouldn't mess with him."
Helio: "I wouldn't mess with him."
Jenna: "Imagine the stories he could tell!  He's fascinating!"
Lazarus: "He's not very pretty, is he?"
Quin: "I wouldn't mess with him."
Vincent: "I wouldn't mess with him."

Ben: "I wouldn't mess with him."
Charon: "As long as he stays out of my way, I'll stay out of his."
Helio: "He's gorgeous!  Where's he been hiding away?"
Jenna: "There's something very scary about him."
Lazarus: "The sex is so good he brings me to my knees."
Quin: "Shame he's a vampire.  Why do vampires get all the pretty ones?"
Vincent: "I wouldn't mess with him."

Ben: "He's a hedonist.  He hasn't really amounted to much because of it."
Charon: "He would've loved Roman times.  Almost everyone was into orgies then."
Cicero: "He behaves like my sire.  He could be Lazarus if he survives another thousand years."
Jenna: *wrinkles nose* I don't care for his choice of lifestyle.  It's indulgent and shallow.
Lazarus: "He goes to orgies at a party house?  I demand to know where they are!"
Quin:  "Sex is a vice for him, it seems.  Drinking is less messy, though we seem to consume the same amount of fluid!"  *falls to ground in laughter*
Vincent: "I have no time for shallow creatures such as him."

Ben: "I'm intimidated by her, but I don't know why."
Charon: "It's so hard to find the culterally aware in someone so young.  She's lovely."
Cicero: "I'd rather stay away from someone who can set me on fire with her mind."
Helio: "Oh, I would love to have her as my ticket into the next party!"
Lazarus:  "She's a woman.  Why would I think anything about her?"
Quin: "I'd hit that."
Vincent: "I think she'd make for a wonderful friend."

Ben: "Just another fickle fae.  He's worse though, because he's also a drunk."
Charon: "The imps are an interesting species.  I would like to get to know Quin better."
Cicero: "I've never had imp blood.  Is it poisonous?"
Helio: "I like his tail.  I wonder if he does sexual things with it?"
Lazarus: "I've never had imp blood.  Is it tasty?"
Vincent: "He would make for a more interesting creature if he wasn't so drunk all the time."

Ben: "He's interesting.  I would like to make friends with him."
Charon: "He has the right idea, and seems to be unknowingly following in my footsteps."
Cicero: "I like the fact he thinks before he speaks."
Helio: "He's a prude!"
Jenna: "He's interesting.  I would like to make friends with him."
Lazarus: "He reminds me of Halen, and Vomas, and Kerr."
Quin: "Eh, just another vampire who thinks he's better than me."
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Re: FUN! Character Insights
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2012, 08:17:58 AM »

Lisa-Joe Hampton- He's a power hungry monopoly loving, narcissistic bastard. I love him so...
Benny- Annoying, mean, abusive, and all together a piece of pretty shit. However, he pays me a lot for information.
Bryant- Jake is sweet, one you get past the bullshit.
Flick- A rebel who fights only for his own sanity. I pity him and see good deep down.


Jake- He's the best at what he does no question. He can't help being hideous.
Lisa-Joe- Deplorable rat. He's the worst of even his own species.
Bryant- Is that a mask? He's really that ugly?
Flick- He was given a great gift from nature that most people see as a curse. We have much in common.


Jake- He's so lost and so sad. He needs a boyfriend.
Lisa-Joe- We understand each other. Too bad he's male and the child of Conner.
Benny- Another Toreador brat. Just what the underworld needs.
Flick- Vanity and loneliness will be his undoing. He is a lost boy.


Jake- A reliable friend, also someone I would not want to piss off.
Benny- She owns a bar and beats people up. Big deal.
Bryant- She's the nicest vampire I ever met.
Flick- I don't use the term bitch lightly, however with Lisa-Joe it applies.


Jake- He has no purpose and is therefore useless to me and to all other vampires.
Benny- Good guy, if you like dogs. My face doesn't bother him at all.
Bryant- He is so hot!
Lisa-Joe- I don't let animals into my bar.
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Re: FUN! Character Insights
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2012, 10:20:39 AM »
Dear me, Dee! I'm surprised you don't let your children play together more often. Once you get passed the mental headache, it's so much fun!

Nikolai: "You know what this guy needs? A nice, hard dick up the ass. Fucking idiot."
Alexia: "Why does he have so many names and which one do i call him?"
Pierre: "Oh, hey! I know you."
Quinn: "He'd be really sexy if he didn't look so miserable all the time."
Zoheret: "So what's so special about this one? "
Levinia: "He's how old!? He doesn't look old enough to be baby brother!"

Damien: "Arrogant prick! I could snap his spine in half if I wanted to."
Alexia: "Yeah, he's definitely a fucking nut case."
Pierre: "Selfish piece of shit! How were we ever friends?"
Quinn: "God, what a fucking douchebag!"
Zoheret: "His youthfulness is attractive but he's too chaotic to be of any good to me."
Levinia: "Yeah, he's actually kinda frightening!"

Damien: "Her youth and need to be the center of attention is actually quite annoying. I would hate ro be her parent."
Nikolai: "Who the fuck is this kid?"
Pierre: "Holy tits, Batman!"
Quinn: "Oh hey, she's like every high school girl who I absolutely couldn't stand! Bring her near me and I'll rip het damn tits off!"
Zoheret: "Cute, I suppose. That's about it, I'm sure."
Levinia: "She'd be fun to hang out with if she were, like, ten years older? Her hair's cute though. And I'm a bit jealous of her tits."

Damien: *shrugs* "I feel like I've known this man my entire life. He is my right hand and I wouldn't be here without him."
Nikolai: ... No comment
Alexia: "Uhm, yes please!"
Quinn: "I see it comes in French, Gorgeous, and Not-an-asshole. Does it come in Naked?"
Zoheret: "Gorgeous, even if he is a heathen vampire."
Levinia: "Where do I sign?"

Damien: "I'm sorry, he does what?!"
Alexia: "He sounds fun!"
Nikolai: "Sounds easy enough."
Pierre: "Oh. Ok. I guess everyone's gotta make a living."
Zoheret: "I'm sorry. What's your name again?"
Levinia: "Oh my God, he sounds kinda fucking rad. We should get coffee together."

Damien: "She's too arrogant and she looks a bit like Lucretia..."
Alexia: "God, what a bitch!"
Nikolai: "She looks good enough to fuck. Too bad she's a fucking cunt."
Pierre: "I wouldn't ever go near her if I didn't have to. She's too much like Lucretia."
Quinn: "God, what a bitch!"
Levinia: "God, what a bitch!"

Damien: "Oh. Ok. He... I mean she seems nice enough..."
Alexia: "Oh my god, so he's like a tranny, right? That's so rad!"
Nikolai: "She's cute, I guess."
Pierre: "Whoa, she's kinda hot. You sure she was a guy?"
Quinn: "She sounds awesome. I'd love to meet her."
Zoheret: *raises eyebrow and laughs hautily at her*

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Re: FUN! Character Insights
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2012, 01:32:07 PM »
Ransom about Emil: long as he stay away from me... I guess he's okay? He's kind of...touchy.The nicknames are kind, my name is Eric...nothing else. He's really, I guess I don't understand...why is he so happy?

Emil about Ransom: Oh, he's just a tad shy, isn't it? Why all he needs is a bit of encouragement, methinks! Oooh mayhaps a ballroom gathering thrown in his honor! Mmm, I could spruce him up with some better clothing and a nice haircut and I'm quite certain he'd be the life of the party!

I've thought of throwing them together because I know a lot of people weave their characters' lives like that, but I decided against it, mainly because I think that Emil would scare the shit out Ransom so completely that Ransom would probably faint.

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Re: FUN! Character Insights
« Reply #4 on: August 26, 2012, 01:38:11 PM »
Hmm.. Guess I'm a bit late to the party.

Rachel- "Ugh.  Cold, elitist bitch.  I don't know why Damien hangs out with her."
Mal- "Can be quite temperamental, but not too difficult to deal with."
Jerry- "Damn!  Her and that fledgeling would make an excellent threesome."
Laurent- "She could make me a lot of money."

Sonya- "Timid and shy as a mouse.  At least she bows her head and keeps quiet when she should."
Mal- "Kind of precious.  She clearly needs friends."
Jerry- "I'd tap that"    ((Mal: "You'd tap anything." -.-; )
Laurent- "If I ever find you, you are never getting away again."

Sonya- "Talented, polite, and attractive.  Can't argue with that."
Rachel- "He seems nice.  But a little intimidating."
Jerry- "I DID tap that."
Laurent- "He's certainly attractive."

Sonya- "Disrespectful twit who doesn't know how to keep his dick in his pants or his mouth shut.  Stop gawking."
Rachel- "Um......."
Laurent- "Needs to be gagged.  And bound."

Sonya- "Reeks of filth."
Rachel- "I don't want to talk about it."
Mal- "This guy's fucked up."
Jerry- "What?  He's hot, who cares?"
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Re: FUN! Character Insights
« Reply #5 on: August 29, 2012, 10:19:50 PM »
Cain: He's inspirational.  I'd like to be happy all the time.
Ash: He's a fucking weirdo.
Isaac: I'm extremely interested in what he has to say, but I'm concerned about the rubbish in between the gold.

Digital: He is to Kerr what fire is to me.  Beautiful, hot and damaging.
Ash: He's fuckable.  I wouldn't mind tapping that.
Isaac: Just a standard vampire worshipper.  The only interesting thing about him is that he doesn't want to be one.

Digital: The cigarette man!  He'll meet his match very soon.
Cain: He's really sexy and not dark like the others.  I'd love to hang out with him.
Isaac: Tormented by his own existence.  He fails to see how easily he can turn his life around.

Digital: He's a man with a million faces.
Cain: He has kind eyes but I find him dark and intimidating.
Ash: He guards his emotions and wonders why I don't tell him I love him.
Digital: I drink from the poison chalice
Lan Bao: I reap the harvest of my people
Cain: I am the instrument that vampires play
Shan: I take what is mine and what is yours