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Caden Rask
« on: August 21, 2012, 04:39:21 AM »
Name: Caden Rask
Age [appearance]: Mid twenties
Age [actual]: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Were-wolf
Hair: Caden’s hair is a dark brown, usually kept cropped short and in a messy style. If he’s been out in the sun a lot he gets blonde highlights easily.
Eyes: Caden has large, dark green eyes which are flecked with brown, framed with dark lashes.
Frame: Standing a little taller than average at 6 foot 4 Caden takes good care of his body, working out at the gym a few times a week and running most days, aiming to have a healthy body rather than being too bulked up. His muscles are well defined and he has strong arms which look good in a short sleeved t-shirt.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Caden has the scar of a bite mark on the back of his right calf. Although it’s an ugly scar and took a long time to heal it doesn’t give him any issues now. On the back of his left shoulder he has a tribal tattoo of a wolf.

Personality: Caden is a confident young man who works hard to get what he wants. Things haven’t come easily to him, but he doesn’t let downfalls get in his way. Sometimes he may seem overly cocky, but he acts more like this when he’s less sure of himself and what he’s doing. He’s headstrong and hates having people tell him what to do.

He has a good sense of humour but when he’s focused on something important that sense of humour goes out of the window and he’ll become short and cold, seeming emotionless in an attempt to shut down the emotions which might make his body react badly. Caden doesn’t often let many people get close to him, worried that his curse might affect them badly. Some of the people he knows best are other werewolves he’s met on his monthly trips to the Oligarchy.
History: Caden’s father was locked up in jail before he was born for murder and he was raised by his mother, Jane, alone. When he was five she started a relationship with a man named Dave, who she barely knew and one night after heavy drinking they argued and Dave shifted into a werewolf. Jane managed to escape without harm but in her drunken state she forgot Caden was upstairs. Hearing the commotion downstairs Caden has wandered down to see what was happening and was lucky to have escaped with just a bite on the leg as he fled the monster destroying his living room.

Caden and Jane struggled to cope with the curse after Dave changed back and explained what it meant. Jane sent Dave away and although Caden had many questions for the werewolf she forbid Caden from talking to him again.

Every month Caden was locked in the basement which they re-enforced until he was thirteen and was getting too big and strong for the tiny room under their house. Jane began to take Caden out into the forests surrounding the city and then picking him up in the morning.

When the Oligarchy took up control of the city Caden received notice that he was to report to the Oligarchy every month which the teenager did not take well. After no one apart from his mother giving him any help for so long Caden had no intention of going and being counted in and out. But when he was taken in to the Oligarchy by force the next day Caden realised he didn’t have much choice in the matter. He’s skipped a few nights at the Oligarchy so his name is known by the lycanthrope Oligarch and he’s on his last warning.

Caden left school with good grades and began working in a bar, taking management courses at the university in his spare time. He’s worked his way around a few bars and now manages one. He would like to own his own one day and is working to save up for it. Caden tried to take care of his mother when he left home, but she committed suicide a few years ago when she decided she couldn’t cope with Caden’s condition any more. He now lives in a flat by himself in the city
Awareness of Supernaturals: Caden is aware of demons, vampires and shifters through his experiences at the Oligarchy.
Occupation/Job: Manager at a busy bar in the city.

Hobby/Hobbies: Caden is skilled at bar tricks and makes a mean cocktail. He practises regularly to keep his skills up. He can play guitar as well, but rarely plays for anyone other than himself.
Likes: Getting his own way, freedom, playing guitar.
Dislikes: Having to conform to what is demanded of him, especially by the Oligarchy.
Strength: His self-reliance and determination.
Weakness/Flaw: Stubbornness, pride and resistance against people getting too close.