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Re: Plunge
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Ami nearly let go of Cicero, she was so startled by his shouting. It was a good first thing to hear him say, and the way he said it pretty much summed up her feelings on the situation as he broke the kiss and took them away from cliff wall – but damn it was strange to hear his voice (windblown though it was). As he set them down (and almost botched the landing) part of her hoped it wouldn't become a regular thing.

Her face was painted with a mix of want and residual surprise as he looked at her, but she managed to school her features into a semblance of her normal placid expression as Tucker spoke. She shrugged off his question, trotting over to retrieve her discarded tank top and pull it on over her head.  A quick glance saw Cicero staring at the youth with that same heated expression, and she quirked a brow, confused. What now? Had the vampire changed his mind so quickly?

"Blow this popsicle stand," it was spoken as a suggestion.

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Re: Plunge
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Tucker would likely bear the brunt of Cicero's frustration with Ami.  He'd ended up desiring from her what he hadn't expected to, on both counts, and after delivering her to the surface had realised that Tucker would likely protest if Cicero decided to make good on his desires.  He didn't normally care what humans wanted, but he was only just setting up his little fucktoy, and it wouldn't be a good start to keeping his loyalty.  Really he could have them both.  He didn't normally indulge in such ways - perhaps it was Lazarus' influence.

No, there was no blaming his sire when it came to desiring a woman.  The hedonism, maybe, but when Cicero had selected Tucker at the club, he'd always meant to set him up in his own apartment.  That was how he'd met Ami, after all.  She was about to steal him (and such a thing might still occur, he thought with bemusement), while he'd been looking the Detour over.  Other than being interesting and feeding the artistic side of his nature, he'd had no plans for her.

How quickly things changed.

When she made her remark he believed he'd lost her for the night.  No matter, he had his backup here.

Wanna fly? he asked Tucker, though his gaze sidled over to Ami, putting on her clothes and looking wet and out of sorts.  He grazed her mind, to see what she was thinking, and read her confusion at the look she'd caught him giving Tucker.  Ah well, maybe next time he tried anything with her she'd push him away.  He'd find out sometime, just not tonight.  He looked back at Tucker, who had been faced with quite the question.