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« on: August 26, 2012, 01:47:07 PM »
The week that passed after the scene at the Masquerade was as uneventful as any other.  After sharing a few laughs with Nikolai after she arrived back at her home, the event had almost slipped her mind—other more immediate distractions taking precedence over her thoughts.  Sonya heard nothing of Ker or any of the Oligarchs and she assumed that nothing had changed.  It wouldn’t surprise her if nothing happened at all in response to the incident—that the papers would be conveniently silent on the matter and the general public of supernatural would have nothing but hearsay to go on. 

The ancient had awoken before Nikolai had begun to stir, taking a few moments to stare up into the ceiling and listen to the mumblings next to her.  He had been speaking with more frequency in his sleep, fractions of words and the occasional hissing.  It was nothing that she could make out but she took the time to listen curiously nonetheless, in the event that he did say something worth listening to.  Slowly she disengaged his fingers from her upper arm and slid out from underneath his body.  It was always interesting to her when he remained asleep, which was not as often as she would have liked lately.  The sun was almost at the horizon when the Queen slithered, completely nude, from her side of the bed and down into the living room on the first floor.  As expected, one of her servants had the newest edition of the supernatural newspaper sitting neatly folded on the coffee table.  Sonya sat at one of the couches, picking the paper up and glanced through the pages.

Keeping up with the newspaper was a habit.  Once in a great while there would be something of interest to her printed inside.  Most of the time, the paper was filled with rumors, announcements to rule changes courtesy of an Oligarchy press release, small politics and things that the ancient rarely cared about.  This time was beginning to prove no different. 

About half way through the paper, the words MIMIC and SUMMON caught her eye.  Something about how to summon a Mimic Demon using some ritual on the night of the night of the new moon, which was in two days.  The entire thing was most likely untrue—the ancient couldn’t imagine the Oligarchy allowing this to be printed if it were, not without consequence anyway.  Another piece of garbage.  She finished reading through the article as the younger vampire had come down from the room.  As amusing as the article was, there were more interesting things to attend to. 
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Re: Momentum
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When he felt the sun fall behind the horizon to the west, Damien opened his eyes to take in the room around him. The room was pitch-black as it always was, but his eyes could always adjust. Delilah had nosed open the door and sat near his toes waiting for him to get out of bed so that she could enjoy her nightly run. The young woman next to him had her eyes closed and her lips parted as she slept lightly and warmed his sheets. Her cheek warmed the cold flesh of his chest under her and kept him from falling asleep for most of the day, but he didn’t mind; at least she was sleeping peacefully.

Rachel and he had crawled between his sheets at nearly two in the afternoon, talking until the human had fallen asleep on him. He couldn’t say that he really minded the affection, new as it was. The awkward in-between state that had them both wondering where they were going from their (second) kiss the night of the Masquerade Ball had melded into a much more comfortable state of going with the flow. He kissed her when he gathered the courage and stamina to resist the pull of her blood. It was the first time that he had shown even an inkling of affection since Lucretia had died and the feeling was very much like a dam breaking. They weren’t lovers – Damien couldn’t get past the nauseous wave of guilt that gripped him when he even thought of such a thing – but having her there was better than anything he had felt in a very, very long time.

With a bit of hesitation, he shifted under her until her head was back on a pillow and her body faced him. Damien watched her, still enthralled by the way she slept – her breathing, her murmuring, even her flickering eyelids when she dreamt – until a protest came from the end of the bed from his number one woman. Shyly, he kissed the human’s forehead, finding her skin to be hotter than he remembered. She woke and wrapped her arms around his neck in an attempt to hold on. Damien smiled and kissed her again. When he said her name, she groaned, sucked in a yawn of air and looked at him sleepily, stretching her human body.

“Come on,” he said gently, enjoying the way she moved to snuggle back into pillows that have always smelled like him. “We have a lot to do tonight. We have to go shopping for you before the supermarket closes.”

The vampire waited for her to push herself up and out of bed before he did the same – it made both of them feel too vulnerable to just leave her there in his bed. She stopped off at her own bedroom to get fully dressed for the night and he did the same, meeting her downstairs after he had walked down to the end of the driveway with Delilah and got the day’s mail. He sorted through the handful, tossing the bills onto his desk in his office for him to contend with later, and took the immortal newspaper with him into the sunroom.

Rachel had no severe circles under her eyes like she usually did and Damien was more than happy to point it out, receiving a small blush in response. He liked this very much, having Rachel as a companion. They weren’t lovers, and both of them understood both reasons why and it remained an unspoken thing between them – at least for now. Rachel ran a hand over his back as she entered the kitchen, making him smirk and feel just a bit better about this situation. Every night when he woke up, he thought that it would be a dream ending and find himself alone in his bed, but find Rachel back to avoiding him like she did before the night of the Masquerade.

He opened the paper and read as Rachel fixed herself an apple and a plate full of cheese slices and crackers for breakfast – now that she had started to adjust to his sleeping schedule. The two of them sat at the island with very few words between them.

Today’s paper was full of the usual things – blood bars, ratings and reviews for the newest clubs for immortals, campaigns of the latest human immortal-friendly candidates for the upcoming elections. Damien spent a few minutes glancing over the most interesting article about the Mimic demons – the ones who helped out the Oligarchy and worked to protect humans at Risk. It was interesting and Damien thought humorously about summoning a Mimic demon before he flipped the page and was onto the next article about health clinics in the county dedicated to helping werewolves in their first change.

When Rachel slipped her arms around his shoulders and put her head on his shoulder to look at what he was reading, Damien determined that he had had enough of the news. He kissed her cheek, enjoying the warmth that lingered on his lips before he told her to grab her shoes. Damien plucked his keys off the counter and headed out the door with Delilah and Rachel at either side without any further thought about anything that he had just read.