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« on: August 28, 2012, 05:22:10 PM »

    Dusk till dawn.
    Tuesday to Sunday
    Availble for private functions on Mondays.

    • No vampire feeding or sex of any kind in the main areas.  There are rooms provided for such a purpose.
    • Those vampires who wish to drink from a drunken mortal are requested not do so on the property.
    • No killing.  The punishment for breaking this rule is a permanent ban and a report to the District Leader.

    • Cameras of any kind won't work as soon as someone steps onto the property.  This includes but is not limited to; phone cameras, digital and film cameras, spy cameras, movie cameras and so on.  If someone records something using this kind of equipment, they'll get a black screen for their trouble.
    • There are a few noise-dampening spells.  One contains the music from the upstairs nightclub, one contains the music from the downstairs lounge bar, others contain all sound within to remain in the building.  These magic spells aren't perfect, as the beat and vibration can be felt when in the queue, but it is hard to know if this is a failure on the spell-caster's part or a mind-blowingly good special effect.
    • Anyone with hostile intentions while attempting to enter the building will find themselves hitting an invisible but very effective 'wall'  (i.e., if your character is looking to make trouble, Sabrina's dark binding magic will stop them from entering).
    • Anyone who is ignorant of vampires will be stopped at the door by mind-reading bouncers.

    Originally an unused commercial offices building, the outer facade has kept it's stark modern and anonymous face.  The windows have been tinted an extremely dark black, so even when there are lights inside, the building doesn't glow unnecessarily brightly.  The queue posts come out at dusk and are brought back in at dawn by their non-vampire staff.  The security folk on the outside are the younger vampires with basic mind-scanning and communication skills, only there to disallow mortals who don't know what's going on to come in, but are happy to let in those who merely suspect.  Vampires are immediately allowed into the club.  The bouncers at the door are mostly head-counters, to let in three mortals for every vampire that's in there.  If the mortals are early, they'll let them in en masse, until the club is a quarter full, to allow for movement later and to attract early vampires.

    There are a few parking spaces out the front of the building, on the property.  There are enough to cater for roughly thirty cars, which aren't many spaces at all.  Getting a park later in the night is a  miraculous occurrence.  Public transport is much better here than it had ever been at Risk, as there is a taxi rank a short walk away, and another couple of minutes walk beyond that, a subway station.


    There is one entrance for the public. The main doors in the rounded section of the building allows customers to choose between  nightclubbing (upstairs) or lounging (downstairs).  In the short foyer where there is a manned cloakroom, a very wide spiral staircase greets them diagonally to the right of the main doors as soon as they walk in. Moving past the staircase and out of the foyer, they'll enter the lounge bar which takes up a large portion of the lower floor.

    Feeding rooms on the right behind a curtained doorway (down a corridor), cinema and entertainment rooms on the left behind an open hallway.  Cinemas to the left, entertainment rooms on the right.

    There are a few private cinemas on this level, to the left of the lounge bar and down a long corridor.

    After seeing that the booths were always sought after, the entire seating plan around the dancefloor now consists solely of booths and bench seats.

    These are a great deal different to the conservatively designed rooms found downstairs.  The back wall (opposite the dancefloor and DJ booth, not seen in the above photograph, as it is to the left of it) is made up entirely of mirrored glass.  There are several mirrored glass sliding doors that break it up, always open.  Within these glass rooms is a place to feed from.  The glass doors can be shut.  They are two-way mirrors.  To the occupants within, they can see the club, and there is an exhibitionist quality to these rooms, due to the fact the occupants will feel like they can be seen by those walking past (though those on the other side will only be able to see their reflections)[/list][/list][/list]