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Ward Law
« on: September 02, 2012, 11:50:18 AM »
Ward Law

Ward Law is intended to provide a relatively safe and peaceful environment in the city, as well as keep organizations that might think to overthrow District Leaders in check. The City Ward gives way to District Leaders in their own District, but in unclaimed territories, Ward Law is the only official law. The City Ward also enforces Ward Law within the claimed Districts, but District Law overrules Ward Law in cases of direct conflict. In Districts where support arrangements have been reached with the District Leader, conflicts between the two levels of law have predetermined compromise conditions. Ward Agents assigned to work in these Districts are aware of both law sets and the compromise conditions.

  • Any supernatural being or aware human may be held accountable to their declared or known District Leader's law in addition to, or in place of, Ward Law.
  • No aware human or supernatural being may willingly share the secret of the supernatural without authorization by a District Authority, or a Ward Agent, granted such authority. Any accidental breaches of secrecy must be reported immediately to the relevant District Authority or to the City Ward for containment.
  • Aware human beings have only such rights as are issued to them by a supernatural person or organization; such a protection shall be valid for 365 days, must be registered with the City Ward, and shall not exceed the protections or privileges of a free supernatural citizen. Each supernatural person is entitled to one such issuance every 365 days, and the issuance of rights may be rejected by the City Ward without cause. Organizations that desire to obtain the ability to register rights must negotiate their terms with the City Ward Director. Any human bearing an authentic Risk/Venture tattoo is considered to have these rights indefinitely.
  • No supernatural being may deliberately cause catastrophic damage to any standing architectural structure within the city limits using supernatural means. In cases of accident or exception, contact the City Ward as soon as possible for evaluation.
  • Shape shifting is to be done privately and discreetly if possible. Cases of accident or exception are to be reported to the City Ward or a District Authority immediately.
  • Werewolves who do not make sufficient arrangements for themselves, or attend a facility provided to contain them during their change, will be collected and kept during the period of their transformation at Haven Crest, or a designated facility. Repeated failure to attend a containment facility during the full moon will result in action as determined by the appropriate District Authority or Ward Agent. Accidental transformation must be reported to the City Ward or District Authority as soon as possible.
  • Under no circumstances is a werewolf to pass the curse on to another.
  • Any being who does not appear to be a normal human may not appear in public without taking proper precautions to disguise their appearance.
  • No organization or agency is permitted to claim territory in the greater metropolitan region without the express authorization of the entire District Council.
  • The claims, laws, and authority of all other supernatural organizations will be considered secondary to the Ward Law and the District Laws. All supernatural citizens of the greater metropolitan region are subject only to the authority of the District Council, District Leaders, the City Ward, and such private contracts as they create amongst themselves.
  • Any public venue that wishes to provide an open environment for supernatural beings without concealment must register itself with the City Ward and all relevant District Authorities. These venues will be subject to security requirements appropriate to their clientele and setting.
  • Murder of any individual recognized as a supernatural being or having the rights associated with a supernatural citizen will be brought before the appropriate District Authority if the crime occurred in a claimed District. In cases occurring outside the jurisdiction of District Law, the case will be investigated as deemed appropriate and punished by death.
  • The City Ward and its designated Agents are empowered to take such action as they deem necessary or appropriate in the course of duty to keep peace and enforce basic principles of law and order.
  • No supernatural being may engage in wholesale slaughter of any population including, but not limited to, the human population.

In quick summary form, the City Ward's rules are as follows.

  • District Law overrules Ward Law.
  • You must get approval from a District Authority or a Ward Agent before revealing the supernatural to a human. If someone finds out, report it immediately.
  • Mortal humans have no rights unless issued them specifically by a District Authority or the City Ward. The Risk/Venture tattoo also grants these rights.
  • Supernaturals may not destroy buildings or other noticeable structures in a way that can't be explained to mortals.
  • Do not use any supernatural abilities in front of the unaware unless they can be explained away.
  • All werewolves are to contain themselves properly and responsibly during the full moon. Any accidental transformation must be reported to a District Authority or to the City Ward.
  • Passing the werewolf curse is prohibited.
  • Gang activity and anarchist movements will not be tolerated.
  • Murder of another supernatural is prohibited.
  • Any reckless activity that the City Ward deems to be a threat to secrecy or peace will be dealt with as the City Ward deems appropriate.
  • The City Ward may do as they see fit in the Unclaimed Territories to maintain a basic level of peace and safety.