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City Central Laws
« on: September 03, 2012, 02:39:06 PM »
Laws and Their Punishments:

1. Do not violate the Masquerade. This encompasses everything from speaking about supernaturals in front of the ignorant to grand displays of otherworldliness. If you think an action might violate the Masquerade do not do it, or contact District Headquarters to ask. This includes revealing your supernatural nature to a human if they are ignorant. The punishment ranges from a fine to banishment for the worst offenders.

2. Vampires should not sire without permission from the District Leader - Jake McCloud. This classically would result in the death of the fledge, however, Jake is more compassionate than most. Banishment is the likely sentence. In some circumstances no punishment will be given if the creation was deemed an emergency. Jake alone makes such judgements. Pets may be taken if the human is not ignorant to vampires. You must register your pet within a week of taking them.

3. If you feed on the pet of another vampire without express permission from the vampire and human you will be punished.

4. Humans in the know are expected to uphold the Masquerade. If a human violates this, their memory of supernaturals will be erased. No harm shall come to them.

5. Non vampire supernaturals are held to the same expectations regarding the Masquerade as vampires. Punishment is banishment and a report to your species leader. 

6. Killing humans is illegal unless as a feeding mistake. In those cases, report your encounter for cleanup. Punishment for mass murdering humans is death. Punishment for accidental feeding death is that you may not drink from live humans until you can demonstrate control. If you are a fledgling your sire will be held accountable.

7. Killing other vampires is illegal. Punishment is banishment or death.

8. Killing other supernaturals is illegal. You will be imprisoned and then turned over to the relevant species leader for punishment.

9. Political refugees will be investigated, but most likely turned over to their pursuers. If Jake deems a judgement truly unfair he will offer asylum.

10. All violators of laws should be reported. Punishment for not reporting a crime will attract the same punishment as the guilty party.

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