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Lamar Dejulio
« on: September 12, 2012, 02:14:34 PM »
Name: Lamar Dejulio
Age [appearance]: Mid-twenties
Age [actual]: 26 years old, August 12th
Gender: Male
Species: Earth Nymph
Hair: His hair is dark brown, almost black. He sports a layered haircut that is a few inches shy of being a shag but otherwise follows that specific haircut. He tussles his hair to get that 'just rolled out of bed' messy look, though his hair does appear to be washed and taken care of otherwise.

Eyes: Frighteningly bright green

Frame:  Extremely fit but not 'bulky'. He's got the body of a dancer...because he is a dancer. 5'10
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: None

Clothing/Style:Lamar's clothing style is extremely varied; it depends on whose clothes he stole when he rolled out of their bed that morning and what his mood is. He tends to own a lot of faux leather products including gloves, jackets, hats, etc. He'll wear business shirts from t-shirts to wife beaters. He'll go around wearing no accesories at all one day to another day where he has on a scarf, hat and a tie.

Personality: Lamar buries himself in an alter ego that is super confident and conceited. He thinks highly of himself and makes a point to let others know that he does; he’s often ‘too good’ for a particular person or specific situation. He enjoys cutting less-liked people down and making fun of their faults brutally in order to make himself feel better, since he is unable to take a joke about himself. He may not always do this publicly; often he makes critical judgments of others behind their backs, taking solace in gossip triangles. He rarely apologizes for his malicious behavior in public, though he may be persuaded to do so in private conversations in order to appeal to someone.

In order to gain people’s trust, he often falsely opens up to them by telling them lies that he thinks will emotionally bode with them. He rarely shares his true self or true memories out of subconscious protection; if he is ever hurt, it isn’t him as a person who is being attacked but an image he’s crafted of himself. Consequentially, Lamar is a very lonely person. 

He always has to be doing something. Lamar is never found sleeping in his bed unless he’s lying down with someone else, specifically because, “If I go to the bedroom at the end of the day to go to sleep, I always feel like I haven’t done enough; I feel that I failed.” Thus, often times he will be found crashed on the living room floor in the middle of doing sit ups. He doesn’t have the ability to slow down to take care of himself as well as he should unless it’s absolutely critical of him- so those who know and love him tend to have to push him to sleep or take a lunch break from whatever he’s preoccupied himself with.

He's an elitist; Lamar can find a ‘class’ issue with any conflict he encounters, whether it’s bad service at a coffee shop or road conditions. He looks down on poor people and blames them for the condition they’ve gotten themselves into, even when it’s not inherently their fault. Often he refuses to associate with people of a lower economic bracket, believing that doing so will tarnish his reputation.

History: Lamar was born into a gated community in Pinecrest, Florida to his wealthy family. His father owns a chain of home improvement stores in Florida and a couple of bordering states which had been started by his Great Great Grandfather. Despite being half Arab, he never really got cultured in that way. His mother was a second-generation American who’d been raised Catholic who married a Catholic man so he never learned anything stereotypical to what people think Arabs might know. Sure he sent postcards to some distant relatives in Pakistan growing up, but it never really seemed much different than people who had relatives out of state. Too, his mother had another secret; she was an Earth Nymph, a trait that he inherited despite his inter-species background, being that Lamar's father was human. 

Lamar has always been aggressive and ambitious athletically. He got particularly bland and average grades in school and when he got into High School he was flunked again and again due to his severe lack of interest in doing any school work. He spent his time in dance lessons rather than doing homework and whilst his parents were concerned and attempted to remedy the situation by hiring tutors, the problem was never solved. Daniella, his sister, was particularly troubled and sucked up a lot of parental attention so that Lamar was never under much scrutiny. Needless to say, Lamar’s graduation of High School was a just barely type situation and employers have forever frowned on his school records.

It was then that he began to develop a superiority complex. While on one hand he felt sorry for the poor and wished they could do better, on the other hand he began to think that perhaps they were poor just because they were lazy and that he, being born into riches, was somehow better. His classism has stuck with him and he takes titles ( royal titles, manager, etc.) extremely seriously.

Poor grades ended up meaning excellent dancing skills. Lamar’s dream always was to be a professional dancer, the type that teaches people in musicals how to do the moves and star as back up dancers in music videos. Unfortunately the field is particularly competitive, and even if he were to get a job, it would never be full time since dancing was seasonal. When he was eighteen and sprung from the nest, none of this really occurred to him and so he got to California and found out that things weren’t as easy as they seemed and experienced long stretches of no work. It was no bother, since he was living on his parent’s money, but the inactivity absolutely killed him. Thus he got into fitness training at the age of nineteen, going through the motions of certification and working with other instructors at gyms until he worked up to the point of leading classes and training people one on one. It kept him busy when there were lulls in his dancing career and he’s never felt like he needs to do anything more to fulfill himself.

While in California at the age of 21, he practiced a music video gig at a local theatre for an entire summer. During this experience he met Emil Elwira, the somewhat older and eccentric owner of the establishment. Always having been attracted by older men, Lamar instantly fell into lust and attempted to charm his way into the man’s bed. He’d always been somewhat promiscuous and hadn’t been in much of a serious relationship before, simply because he was too busy to want to have to worry about ‘love’ and ‘dates’ and all of that feminine nonsense. Over time he began to feel a real connection with Emil and somehow was persuaded into a relationship that lasted about a number of years. After breaking up, Lamar was staying in Emil’s apartment in NYC when he experienced an injury on the job and was rendered in a cast. Though he did make a full recovery, he expressed the desire to take a break from the smoggy, corporate-greedy NYC to Emil. Emil insisted he come out to the nameless city for a few weeks and stay in his house to take a ‘little vacation’, which has ended up in a permanent residency. Lamar has no idea how it happened and he plans to move back to NYC, he’s just been “too busy” to do that yet.
Awareness of Supernaturals: Lamar is aware of Nymphs extensively due to his own heritage. He is mostly familiar with his own element but holds adequate enough information about the other elements to get by. The next species he knows the most about is Vampires. Due to personal relationship with a vampire for the course of five years Lamar has extensive knowledge on vampire customs and traits. Despite his knowledge he has a habit of ignoring typical vampire greetings and the general hierarchy of things, particularly if he thinks someone 'wronged' him in some way.

Occupation/Job: Personal trainer and part time dancer when he can find work

Interesting Facts / Quirks: If he's not driving/riding in a hybrid, he refuses cars altogether and opts for bicycles or walking.
  River rafting
 Water Sports

•   Techno music, pop music
•   Dancing- particularly hip hop
•   Yoga and Pilates
•   Nature and being outdoors
•   Aged, expensive Wine
•   Being eco-friendly- recycling, riding his bike places, etc.
•   Watching American Football (but not participating!)
•   Scarfs
•   Humidity
•   Expensive things, especially extremely expensive wrist-watches
•    Vegans and vegetarians
•   Affluence and power
•   Anything to do with the jazz-era,
•   Working out

 •   Voodoo and superstitions
•   People who speak about things that they’re clearly not informed about
•   Extremist religious people
•   People who are wasteful
•   Liars
•   Horror Movies
•   Synthetic drugs
•   When he isn’t ‘doing anything’- staying still
•   Computers (prefers to use his cellphone to access the internet and whatnot)
•   Writing academic papers
•   Black and white movies
•   Hand-outs and discounts
•   Criticism; it’s hard for him to take, he’s sensitive.

Strength: Lamar is physically fit and often capable of outperforming his peers. This can be used towards helping a friend move furniture to a new place or wild sex. His fair chunk of wealth affords him the social status he needs to visit the finest dining establishments and familiarity be invited to elite parties.

Weakness/Flaw: He doesn't think before he leaps. Lamar's arrogance can get him into a lot of trouble; he seems to think he's better than 99% of all people he encounters. His petty desire for revenge results in childish behavior such as a making a fake dating profile for an ex-partner suggesting that they have HIV.

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Re: Lamar Dejulio
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